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Best Way To Build Shoulder Muscle Mass

DB Front Raise Done Right BIGGER FRONT DELTS

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, AthleanX . Today I'm going to show you how to start buildingyour front delts by not overlooking one of the most important elements of any lift. That is eccentric overload; creating tensionwith ecentric overloads so we have a stretch on the muscle that we're working. What happens with the delts most often iswe never do exercises that place our delts on stretch at any point in the range of motion. If you think about it, when you're doing anoverhead press there's really not a lot of

stretch placed here – talking about thefront delt – on the front delt, in any position. Unless you go way down low, and that couldjeopardize your shoulder. If we do a side lateral raise, or a frontraise out of a regular position, there's really no stretch placed on the working muscle. We can do it just by changing the matchingand the setup that we put ourselves on. We don't need machines, we're just using abench. If we put a bench here up on an incline andwe realize that the function of the shoulder is to flex, or raise the arm up in front ofus we can extend it and we know that now we've

got to stretch on the front delt. We can dothat with an inclined bench just by leaning back on it, grabbing our dumbbell and doingour front raise at this position. You can see now, with myself leaned back here,about 30 degrees from vertical; now I've already got a stretch on the front delt because myarm is in extension here behind my body. When I do my front delt raise, I'm going tobring the dumbbells up – again, tension here. Now, as I come down, there's tension,tension, tension, even as I went to stretch there's tension. That's a much different feel than what you'reused to, especially if you've never done this

exercise because you probably haven't stretchedyour front delts out in any exercise you've been doing. Again, you bring it up, come down, and stretchall the way down. You're fighting it all the way down. You don't want to just let itswing and drop down here. Now, you're defeating the purpose of whatyou're trying to accomplish. You want to have, and make sure that you're focusing on thetension all the way down and into this stretched position. You come out all the way up like that. Again,you can see, as I bring the dumbbell up, I've

got a lot of tension. I don't have to evengo as high because at that point it's – I can stay here all day. I've released all the tension. I'm kind ofat the angle where I'm almost pointed at you guys, and then I'm down here again, stretch,stretch, and I've already got tension still in this position. You can see it all the way down through thefront delt that I've got good work going on. Guys, I hope you find this helpful. Remember,the main concept here is: start utilizing everything in your surroundings to changeup your workouts.

Right here we used a bench, we used our dumbbellsand things that we commonly use in our workouts, but we're combining them in new ways, withthe same old exercise like a front dumbbell raise, to create all new results. If you're looking for a way to start gettingmore out of your training by putting the science back in what you do, I invite you guys tohead to AthleanX to get our AthleanX training system. My job as a physical therapist and coach isto make sure that I can do that for you. To provide all new ways to get you interestedin working out again and along the way, get

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