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Best Way To Gain Muscle When Working Out

8 Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever HIT EVERY MUSCLE

What's up guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. We're going to continue our series today ofour 8 Best Exercises. This time covering the 8 Best Bodyweight Exercisesyou can do. And we're going to mix it up guys, it's notjust strength training exercises but conditioning as well. If you want to be an Athlete, you've got totrain like an Athlete. We're going to combine both strength and conditioningto cover each of these 8 exercises. And guess whaté

We're going to cover your whole body too andthe only piece of equipment that you'll need to manipulate your own bodyweight for a fewof the exercises is a single Pullup Bar. Guys if you don't have one already, investin one. 10 to 15 bucks is well worth your development here. So let's get it started. The 8 Best BodyweightExercises you can do. Alright let's kick this list off the rightway, with the old classic Pull Up. There's no way that we can get through an8 Best Exercises list without including this one

because it simply is one of the best thingsyou can do for your upper body and it is a great Bodyweight option. Now let's say you are not getting enough outof a Pull Up. Or you're looking for something more advanced or more difficult, we can involve more muscles in the exerciseby simply switching our grip. And the thing here guys you will see, thecommon theme with all these exercises is there are certainly ways to modify to make these exercises more of a regressionto make them easier or make them a progression

to make them harder. And being able to master that is the key. Because you never want to get stagnant withany of your upper body exercises or any of your Bodyweight exercises period. So here if I switch my grip up to what wecall the Commando Pull Up. Now I've got a Core involvement because mybody wants to twist in one side as soon as you take this over under grip. You can't let that happen.

We're going to let our Core kick in and actuallyhelp us to stay stable while we Pull Up to each side of the bar. Of course a little bit extra Forearm involvementhere, a little bit of Biceps, never a bad thing here when we're trying to Amp Up theintensity of the exercise. Let's stick with that theme though, as wemove to number 2. Let's get those Biceps a little bit more involved. And of course let's get that Core a littlebit more involved too just by flipping the grip all the way over to what we call a ChinUp Knee Up.

And you can see as I do this exercise, it'stwo parts. The first part is getting my head up over that bar through a natural Chin Up. Which we know that positioning will work ourBiceps a lot more than it would in a normal Pull Up positioning. And of course, let's involve those Abs aswell by finishing with the Knee Up. Guys a great way to get more out of your BodyweightExercises and Training is to put more in them. And you can see this exercise gives us thatopportunity. Add a few more muscle groups, make the movementa little bit more complex but you're going

6 Muscle Gaining Mistakes SLOW OR NO GROWTH

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavalier, AthleanX . Today I'm dishing out the truth to the reasonswhy you might not be building muscle. I think I'm more qualified here to speak about thistopic than anybody because I lived that. I lived those problems, I've had those samestruggles. I couldn't build muscle. This was actually me. You guys have asked to see whatI looked like. This is me. I dug up some old footage the other day. I was looking throughsome old home movies. That's me, in high school. Painfully thin,unable to put on muscle. Things have changed for me though, because I've learned from alot of my mistakes. I think if I can talk

about some of those mistakes then you mightbe able to avoid them, too. The very first thing that I learned quickly,early on was that I was overtraining. Overtraining, I've talked about in many tutorials before. It'sa very real thing and a very real thing that sets up a roadblock for many guys that considerthemselves to be hard gainers, or just unable to add muscle. You see, we always think that more is better.We've been conditioned in this society to think that more is better. When it comes totraining, more is not better. More is not better. Only the right amount of the righttype of training is better. As soon as you

start going down that path you become evenmore likely to continue to go down that path because you try more and that doesn't work. So what do you doé You do even more, and thenyou do even more. Before you know it you're doing 55 sets for chest alone and your chestlooks like shit. So you want to try to follow and find the fastest way for you to cut backon what you're doing. If you're going to train – this is a very important point, this tutorialencapsulates what we're all about here at AthleanX. If you're going to be a drug free, unassistedlifter then you'd better find ways to enhance

your recovery. Most of us are not able to.Without the assistance of drugs, we're unable to recover nearly fast enough to allow ourselvesto go back to that gym to do another 55 sets, and another 55 sets and we wind up hittinga wall. It's a very real wall. Don't let anybodytell you differently. There is a wall that you hit hormonally, neurologically. You can'ttrain. You can't even bring the effort that you need to produce the gains that you'retrying to see. That leads me to my next point. Guess what most people do wrong when they'retrying to build muscleé You may be shocked when is ay this; you'reundertraining. How can you be undertraining

and overtrainingé Because undertraining iswhen you show up at the gym thinking that just by walking into the gym and gracing everyonewith your presence, swiping your gym card, grabbing your protein shake and then headingover the leg extension machine that you're going to build muscle. If you head to a gym and your goal is to countreps, count to 12 over and over and over again I could save you a trip. You could have stayedhome and counted with Sesame Street as opposed to going to the gym and wasting gas if that'sall you're going to do. The numbers that you're doing in the gym, the reps that you're countingdon't mean shit. If you want to build muscle,

the only thing that ever matters is the intensitythat you're bringing to those numbers. If you're at 12 and it seems like you're tryingto lift a house on the 12th rep and you've got nobody around to help you, that's a goodeffort. If you're at 12 and you're doing this and you're looking around and you're puttingthe weights down and waiting, you go back and can do it again and you're looking forwardto the next set, you go down and you're looking forward to the next set just because it'ssooner for you to get out of the gym; you're not training with nearly the intensity thatyou need to make changes. So how do you manipulate the twoé How do youmanage the twoé It's actually kind of easy.

The Best Way To Build Muscle Mass When You Hit A Plateau

Hey, what's up guysé Troy here with WeightGainNetwork ,chilling out here in Palos Verdes, Southern California. Absolutely beautiful location take it all in from every angle. They actually supposedly filmed a bunch of scenes from thePirates of the Caribbean movies along this coastline through here, so a pretty badasslocation. Thought you guys would enjoy it. I want to dive right into how to build musclefast once you've hit a plateau, and this is something that I personally experienced ata few different times in my life. I want to really dive right in and tell you guys what'sworked for me and what helped me burst through these plateaus because you guys want thosegains, man. You want to keep on gaining muscle

mass; you want to keep on increasing yourstrength levels as high as you can go. I know that when you hit a plateau, you lose motivation,you stop getting excited about going to the gym, and when you're not excited about goingto the gym, it's just not fun anymore. So I want to keep you guys excited. So these are little things that I've doneto burst through a plateau. I recently hit a plateau I'd say six to eight months ago,and a lot of the tips from this tutorial are actually things that I just kind of came upwith on my own to get through the plateau. I actually increased my bench press by 50pounds. Now I'm the strongest I've ever been,

and I was able to burst through the plateau.So let me dive right in and teach you guys how to do the exact same thing. First and foremost, the single, most importantaspect to getting through a plateau where you just ramp up your muscle building andyour strength gains again, is to go in the gym for one month and do not repeat the sameworkout at all. I'm talking about literally the exercises and the rest periods and justthe whole workout. Go on the gym for one month and do not do the same thing ever, two timesin a row. You can do this in a lot of really creativeways. You can do you have your supersets,

you have your drop sets, you have your prefatigue,your reverse negatives. Get really creative with just coming up with different strategiesthat are going to help you guys build muscle, help you guys pack on strength. One thing that I started going, I was stuckon my bench press for a year and I was just not bench pressing any more weight. I wasgoing in the gym and I was doing the same routine over and over again, and I was justpretty much I've load up 185, do a little warmup set, and then I'd throw on two plates.Almost like every single workout I was just seeing how many times I could do 225, andI noticed I was not getting any stronger.

I was pretty much staying at the same fora really extended period of time. So what I did as I was just like, quot;Screw it.I'm going to completely change it up.quot; So I started doing really heavy reverse negativesets where you're going down really slow, and you have someone actually press down andtry to resist them. I was doing heavy reverse negative sets focusing on the eccentric portionof the set when you're going down slow. This actually elongates the muscle mass and helpsyou get stronger. So I started focusing on that. I started doingreally crazy drop sets where I would do four drop sets in a row. I did one where I waslike 275, 245, 225 and 185 some really,

really hardcore drop sets and yeah, it wassuper challenging, but I started getting strong instantly. I started just feeling like a beast,and I literally was increasing my bench 5 to 10 pounds every single week, and I starteddoing this with everything. Now a lot of you beginner weightlifters, Idefinitely don't recommend doing drop sets and supersets like the squat and the deadliftand exercises like that. But with things like the bench press, it's a lot easier and a lotof the upper body exercises, it's a lot easier to do this.Get really creative; do prefatigue sets. Maybe you do a bunch of pec fly before youhit the bench press; maybe you do leg extension

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