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Best Workouts For Building Pectoral Muscles

Post Workout Nutrition For Muscle Growth Meal Tips For Bigger Gains

Yo, what's going on guysé Troy here, WeightGainNetwork .We're going to talk about post workout nutrition in this tutorial. I'm going to give you guyssome radical, outsidethebox tips on how you can really speed up your muscle growthat the most important time of the day, that is post workout. You go in the gym and you'rebreaking down, creating all these healthy microtears, hitting those compound exercises,doing that advanced training, doing all that good stuff I know you guys are doing rightnow. If you don't have the proper post workout nutrition, if you don't really maximize thatinsulin spike for a 60 to 90 minute period following your workout, you guys are not goingto grow as fast as you could. This actually

all came from the book, Nutrient Timing. Iknow some of the stuff I'm going to dive into in this tutorial, you guys are going to be like,oh, that's broscience, that shit doesn't work, blah, blah, blah. This is actually scientificallyproven. Everything that I cover in this tutorial has got all hard science from Nutrient Timing.Some of this I actually got from the Encyclopedia of bodybuilding and a little bit, a few ofthese tricks are just from different fitness models and bodybuilders that I brush shoulderswith. This is my routine. If you guys are naturally skinny, this is really going tomaximize your results because insulin, even states it in here, is the most anabolic hormonefollowing a resistance training workout, so

you guys got to spike that insulin. It's goingto help you shuttle all those amino acids into your cells. It's going to shut down yourcortisol production and it's going to be really effective for speedy muscle growth. I've gotsome crazy stuff here on the counter. I'm going to dive into exactly why I have allof these here. What I do here immediately after I work out is most of the time I'llhave a protein shake. I finish my protein shake. Then after that as I'm cooking up mypostworkout meal what I'll actually do here is I'll have some branch chain amino acids.I'll add in a little bit of creatine powder. I will add in some EmergenC, now this oneis really important because cortisol is really

high, especially after a really intense resistancetraining workout, so you want to blunt that cortisol production. You want to have VitaminC. Vitamin C blocks cortisol and then we have DAspartic acid. I'll put about 4 grams ofthis in. This is by far and away the best allnatural testosterone booster. Then whatI will do here is I'll mix it in some Gatorade. Now, Gatorade is really high in potassiumand electrolytes. It's got the simple sugar. You want to have the simple sugars, so yourbody absorbs all these ingredients. The simple sugar is what's going to give you that insulinspike, which is what we want post workout. Now, when I'm really trying to bulk up andgain muscle mass quickly, I will consume about

60% of my daily calories post workout. Anotherlittle trick that I do is, this is my goto right here. Actually I put these in a littlebaggy and I actually bring them to the gym. Why gummy bears. You want a combination oftwo things post workout. You want those speedy carbs and you want highquality protein andyou want hardly any fiber and any dietary fat. Gummy bears are literally pure dextroseand glucose. If you look on the back, we've got corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, dextrose.They have absolutely no fat and they are all simple carbohydrates. I will eat actuallytwo servings of these. That's about 60 grams of carbs, so between the Gatorade and thenbetween my gummy bears, I have about 120 grams

of carbohydrates and literally zero gramsof fat so far. Then I have my natural tea booster. One more thing also, I put 5 gramsof micronized creatine. Creatine is awesome post workout. A lot of guys thinking you'reonly supposed to take creatine before you work out, but it actually takes a day or twoto load creatine into your cells in your body. On top of that, you need some sugar to reallyload that creatine in so that's why when you have an insulin spike, that is the most effectivetime of the day to take creatine. I'll put all these ingredients into this little Gatoradebottle. I'll sip that as I'm cooking my postworkout meal. Then I'll also munch on these fat freegummy bears. Then getting into the actual

Lower Pec Punishing Exercise NO MORE SAGGY CHEST

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX . The marker's coming out today so I can showyou how to understand better the anatomy of the chest so you can start getting betterresult in specific areas of the chest – or at least trying to influence different areasof your chest. There are different areas of your chest, rightéWe know that the pec muscle is divided into different heads. There's actually three headsand when it comes to the lower pecs, a lot of times people either ignore, or don't realizethat here is a head really down low. It's called the abdominal head of the pecmajor. There is a way to influence its pull

so you can get a little bit more favorableactivation there. The pec is going to contract, we know that, but we can get different activationbased on the angle of pull. So now, when we look at the pec, if I justpull out the cable here in front of me you can see right away that there is a line – let'ssee if I can get this human anatomy chart working here. There's a line right here thatwill divide the basic sternal portion of the pec. All these fibers are coming from my arm andattaching right here to my sternum like this. So we have the line that comes up here andthat pretty much makes all the sternal fibers

come this way. Then above that line, if I start to bringmy arm up, you can see here on my clavicle, all these fibers that are coming down offof that, feed into the pec this way. Down, kind of at an angle swooping down into myupper arm, okayé So you can see that. Now, when I come all the way out here – rightthere – you see that little lineé Dividing right to here. Below that is the abdominalhead. So this little band that comes from here, up and around to here is the abdominalband and it inserts right here into the top of the abdominal muscles and around here tothe side of the obliques into this area here

that they call the aponeurosis. Right into this area here. Understanding thatyou can actually determine how to get more of an activation upper, mid, or even in thiscase, lower. So we know if we want to go upper we do something called – I call it a UCVRaise. You want to be doing your crossovers or you're pushing up and across. Down below and across, because we're liftingup here. If the angle goes from here to here, in order to contract this, you would pullat that angle and you would do this, okayé That's what you want to think about if youwant to target the upper pecs. So that angle

of pull. That's not this if you're looking for lowerchest. For the middle of the chest we'd be out here more, coming across. That direction,again, trying to put the fibers in line here. Form the lower portion, to get a more favorablecontraction from the bottom you can't be doing what people try to normally do. That's these lower cable crosses. That's notgoing to do it. You actually have to go the other way. You have to go up tall here sothat now, when I grab – let me give this a little more weight – when I grab herewe're going to want to get from this direction

– from here, righté They're running fromhere to here. So we want to get our humerus from here tohere, okayé We want to follow that. So we're actually pulling down that way. Now here'sa good tip for you: in order to get a better stretch you should try to externally rotateyour shoulders so you set your shoulder back. If you're already internally rotated, you'realready bringing this attachment across, so you're already bunched up; what you want todo is externally rotate your shoulder by getting your hand underhand. This way. Now don'tworry about anything else. Worry about your elbow because your elbowis obviously going to be attached here to

Chest Workout Finisher BEST PEC PUMP EVER

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. If you are looking to absolutely punish yourpecs the next time you train your chest, then this is going to be the tutorial for you. I'm going to give you not one but two waysto finish your next chest workout to ensure that you didn't just pound your pecs intosubmission, but you pretty much left them for dead. So, we're going to go about this a littlebit strategically here. At the end of your chest workout before you call it quits, Iwant you to go back to the bench.

And I'm going to show you both a unilateraland a bilateral version of this. The unilateral version is going to be perfect for the guysthat maybe can't feel their chest working as much as they should, or they don't get the activation they feelthey want when they train their chest. By doing the unilateral, you're going to haveone hand free to be able to touch and feel and make sure that you're gettingthe contraction that you want. But first off, we're going to start with the bilateral version,and you're going to start with a compound movement here.

So, we're going to do an Incline DumbbellBench Press. You're going to do this to 1012 rep failure as I'm showing you here. Pushyourself. Go as hard as you possibly can. This is goingto kick off your finishing complex right here. Now, you go to failure. You drop your dumbbells.You come running right over. Now we've got to go and stretch out the musclesthat you just worked. A great way to do this is to do it in the bottom portion of a Dip. My feet are actually touching tippie toestouching the floor here to support my body weight. You should be in a prefatigued statealready. You've done your chest workout. This

is just the end. So we're not looking to load your pecs understretch, guys. If you need your toes down on the ground to offset some of that, fine.But get into that bottom position. Feel the nice big deep stretch. Spread out that muscle as large as you can.Get the blood flowing in that muscle because we're going to take advantage of that in thenext leg here, and in the final leg of this complex. And that is, as you can see here, a lowerthird Cable Crossover. So now, with all the

blood pumped to that muscle, we've already allowed all the blood to flowin in that stretch that followed our compound movement. Now we're going to get in thereand we're going to work our Cable Cross. Right here I'm demonstrating with bands becauseI want to show you that yes. You can do this at home guys. If you didn't have a Dip Station, you couldjust use the corner of a countertop in your kitchen. You get into that bottom positionthere and you pump out the bottom one third of the reps.

Do we advocate partial rep training all thetime here, guysé Absolutely not. We're doing it for a purpose here. You want to basically create your own miniocclusion in the muscle here by not allowing the blood to continue to sort of flow outfreely as we stretch the muscle all the way back out. So, we're doing this by keeping the contractedposition going for higher reps. You're going to want to drop the weight from what you wouldnormally use here, and pump away as long as you possibly can.I think I get to about 20 reps here. And by

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