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Big Muscle Beta Alanine

Best Home Workout For Men To Build Muscle Do This Anywhere To Get Jacked

Hey, what's going on guysé Troy here withWeightGainNetwork . I've got an awesome, fullbody, athome workout that you can doanywhere and all you need is a pullup bar. Now I know what you guys are thinking no,I do not live at the beach. I'm just at the beach, enjoying a beautiful day and obviouslyyou guys are going to see this workout, you can see that you can do it absolutely anywhere.So I thought it'd be cool to show you guys this cool, little pullup bar section we haveon Manhattan Beach, California and all you really need to do this entire workout is oneof those doorwide pullup bars. This is the onetwoblast. Almost every singlemuscle group in your entire body I'm going

to show you all the exercises in a row, butideally what you want to do is three sets of everything and you guys will be completelyfatigued. This is an incredible musclebuilding routine, so let me go right into it. So first up, I'm going to do these UnderhandClose Grip PullUps and what this is going to do is this is going to work our lats, ourbiceps, and also our upper and midback. Keep it slow and controlled. And that's how that looks. Now we're goingto go right into Diamond PushUps, so we're going to put our hands like this, we're goingto be working upper chest and our triceps.

And that's how that looks. Now we're goingright into Wide Grip Pullups one of the most challenging back exercises that's goingto hit our lats, hit our back as well our biceps. So I'm just going to put my handsabout as wide as I go. And that's how the wide grip pullups look.Now next, we are going to do what I call Maximum Time Under Tension PushUps. So what you'regoing to do is you're going to do a bunch of pushups in a row to complete muscle failure,and you want to keep the muscle under tension the entire time. So here's how it looks. So never do this keep it under tension theentire time like I'm doing right now.

And you guys get the idea. So that is goingto blast your entire chest. You're going to feel it in your arms everywhere. Next up,we got one of my favorite beach body exercises, and this is going to hit your biceps, alsoreally hit your abs. So what you're going to do is you're going to go on an underhandgrip, hold this position here, and you're going to bring your knees to your elbows. And that's how that looks. Last but not least, got to get our lower bodyinvolved, so we're going to do a good, oldfashioned wall sit. This is one of the most challenginglower body exercises that almost nobody does.

So what you're going to do here get downto about 90 degrees, and you're just going to hold this position. You're going to feelit in your hip flexors, your thighs, your hamstrings you're going to feel it all over. You got to control your breathing. And that's how that looks. That is a complete,fullbody, athome workout or atthebeach workout that you guys can do anywhere withjust a pullup bar.

Beta Alanine Benefits For Bodybuilding

Hey what's up, this is Sean Nalewanyj of EliteImpactLabs and today I want to talk about the muscle building benefits of Beta Alanine and howto incorporate it into your supplement plan for the best results. Now, finding musclebuilding supplements backed by reliable research and solid real world evidence can be a prettydifficult task these days, but Beta Alanine is one of the rare muscle building compoundsthat really does deserve your attention. So what is Beta Alanineé Well, it's a nonessentialamino acid (meaning that the body can produce it on its own, it doesn't literally mean thatit's not essential) and it's a precursor to a substance called carnosine which is foundprimarily in fast twitch muscle fibers. Carnosine's

main function is to buffer hydrogen ions,which are a by product of muscle contractions. When hydrogen ion levels increase the musclebecomes more acidic and this is what causes that burning sensation you feel in your musclesas your set progresses. You start feeling more and more fatigued, and eventually youhit muscular failure, which is the point when your muscles basically give out and you haveto drop the weights. So this is where Beta Alanine supplementation comes into play. BetaAlanine increases intra muscular levels of carnosine, which buffers those hydrogen ions,which prolongs the point of muscular failure. And as a result, you're able to lift moreweight, perform more reps and recover quicker

in between sets. Although Beta Alanine isa relatively newer supplement when compared to others like creatine or branched chainamino acids, the research is pretty solid. At a dosage of 3.2 to 6.4 grams daily betaalanine supplemention has been shown to increase intramuscular levels of carnosine by up to64 percent in just 4 weeks, and after 10 weeks those levels can increase by much as 80 percent.But the real question is does that increase in carnosine translate to a boost in gym performance.Again the research is pretty solid in this area as well. Now I'll provide you links inthe description box for you to check out, to read about the studies in more detail,but just to summarize a couple of them. One

study showed a 16 percent increase in workcapacity during a period of high intensity cycling when 4 grams of Beta Alanine was usedover a 6 week period. A second showed that Beta Alanine increased quot;PWCFTquot;, which is physicalworking capacity at threshold fatigue, 61 percent greater than a group using creatinealone. A third 10 week study on collegiate football players showed a significant increasein muscle mass as compared to a placebo group which showed that in addition to enhancingperformance, Beta Alanine might also have direct effects on body composition. And finallyan 8 week double blind study on collegiate wrestlers showed superior results in anaerobicpower based on 300 yard shuttle time in comparison

to a placebo group. Now this is just a smallsample of the available research and again you can check the references in the descriptionbox for more information or do some more research on your own. Keep in mind that Beta Alaninesupplementation isn't just limited to bodybuilders either. Pretty much anyone performing anyform of high intensity exercise will benefit, including powerlifters and athletes. So againthe formula is simple, when hydrogen ions increase, muscle contractions shut down. Bysupplementing with beta alanine you buffer those hydrogen ions and you prolong the pointof muscular failure which allows you to push more weight for more reps and improve yourbottom line muscle gains as a result. In terms

of specific dosages, I recommend going withabout 3 grams of beta alanine per day. Most of the research has been done using 3.2 to6.4 grams daily, but the lower dosage does appear to be just as effective as the higherone, so I typically just go with 3 grams per day. For the very best results I'd also recommendcombining your beta alanine with 3 grams of creatine monohydrate, as the two appear tohave synergistic effects on strength and performance. You can take this mixture once a day, thetiming really doesn't matter, you can take it preworkout, post workout, really wheneveryou want, and after a couple of weeks you should notice a clear improvement in youroverall gym performance. If you want to check

No BS Pregains CreaGains Supplement Review

Hey, man. You want to build some muscleé Youdoé That's good, man. Hey, what's up guysé Sean Nalewanyj here SeanNal – BodyTransformationTruth .I'm going to be doing one more supplement review here and then get back to my regulartraining and nutrition topics. But a few people out there requested this one and I reallywanted to do it. Because these supplements come from one of the biggest fitness channelson YouTube with a huge outreach, a lot of influence. But again, I couldn't reallyfind any accurate objective reviews of them. So I've figured I'd post one up here forthose who just want the unbiased facts. So the supplements being reviewed here are CreaGainsand PreGains, and they were created by the

Hodgetwins of TwinsMuscleWorkout, which I'msure a lot of you guys are familiar with. Before I go further here, keep in mind guysthat these reviews are put up with good intentions. With the goal being to give up honest informationto help the people out there make better decisions. And it has nothing at all to do with hatingon anybody or trying to put anybody down. People are searching for information on thistopic and I'm just providing that information that they're looking for. If there's anythingthat I say in this tutorial that you think factually incorrect, then please free to post in thecomments below. Because I do read and respond to pretty all of the questions that I get.So the first supplement here is CreaGains.

CreaGains is actually a very simple product.All it really is, is flavored Creatine Monohydrate. Now creatine is a great supplements. It'seasily the most effective natural muscle building compound out there. I do use it. I do recommendit. So there's nothing wrong with the CreaGains products itself. The big issue here is justthe cost. You're getting four grams of creatine per serving and sixty servings per bottle.Which is going to work out to 240 grams of creatine per bottle for $33. So without theshipping cost coming into play, you're paying about 14 cents per gram of creatine and thatworks out to being about five to seven times higher than what you would pay for a typicalpure Creatine Monohydrate product. Now CreaGains

is flavored, so you are paying a bit of apremium for that. But keep in mind that creatine itself is completely tasteless and you caneasily mix it with anything you want. Whether that's juice, water, coffee, a preworkout,a protein shake. It's really not hard to just add a small teaspoon of creatine to oneof your drinks at some point during the day. So paying five to seven times the cost justfor some added flavoring doesn't really makes sense in my opinion. Now if in buyingthis you just want to support the Hodgetwins, you're aware of the points that I'm making.That's totally fine, but keep in mind that you can also just get pure 100% CreaPure CreatineMonohydrate for about two to three cents per

gram at most supplements stores. For exampleon bodybuilding you can get a 2,000 grams of CreaPure from Optimum Nutrition for fortybucks. That's going to last you over a year and you're going to pay less than two centsper gram. And I'll link that in the description box below. If you do want to check it outbecause that's what I used personally. And the second supplement is the PreGains Preworkout.Which honestly after looking at the label here, I was kind of a bit confused at theingredients that are included, and the dosages. Because the formula here is kind of bizarre,for lack of a better word. The PreGains Preworkout is based off of a proprietary blend, whichas I mention in my last tutorial and as I've

talked about before, means that you reallyhave no way of knowing what's actually in it. You get the total volume per scoop andyou get the ingredient list, but you don't get the actual individual dosage per ingredient.Now the reasons why the companies do this, in most cases, is so that they can go aheadand list a bunch of ingredients on the label. But then underdose them and most people weren'treally know. And that's just the way to reduce production cost. But if you do understandthe proper dosage for the ingredients then you can just look at the total volume perscoop and you can usually get a pretty good idea of what's going on in there. So inthe case of PreGains, the size of the blend

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