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Calisthenics Explained Are Bodyweight Exercises Good For Building Muscle

Exercises that uses only the weight of yourbody as resistance are known as calisthenics. And, just as any other quot;resistancequot; training,the goal in performing calisthenics is to promote muscle growth and strength. Originatingfrom the Greek words quot;kalo,quot; which means quot;beautyquot;, and quot;sthenosquot;, which means quot;strength,quot; calisthenicsrose into prominence in the 19th century by the quot;father of gymnasticsquot; Freidrich LudwigJahn, and fitting enough, there's nothing really that is a better embodiment of quot;beautyquot;and quot;strengthquot; than gymnastics. Since calisthenics uses your body's weightas resistance, it's also known as bodyweight exercises. And the big question about bodyweightexercises is how effective it is for building

muscle and strength, or if it's as effectiveas lifting weights. To understand this, we need to understandhow our muscles grow and get stronger. Muscular and strength adaptation occur when a stimulus,or resistance, is applied to the corresponding muscle at a high enough intensity to invokemuscle overload. Simply put, the more weight you move with your muscles, the more yourmuscles adapt and become bigger and stronger. But it doesn't mean that any type of weightmovement will work. Take jogging, for example, although can be very taxing on the heart musclesand promote cardiac muscle growth, it will not promote much skeletal muscle growth, noteven in your legs. The problem here is that

the stimulus is not strong enough to targetall the leg's muscle fibers. If you've watched the muscle fibers tutorial before, you will understandthat we have three different muscle fiber types, one of which is used for endurance,known as type I, and the other two are used to provide great amounts of force, known astype 2 fibers. Since running doesn't require large amounts of force from your legs, type2 fibers are hardly fatigued and not a lot of muscle growth occurs. It's also the reasonwhy many do not consider jogging as a calisthenics exercise even though it only utilizes yourbody's weight. But other calisthenics exercises do, in fact, illicit high enough of a demandto hit those larger muscle fibers. Take a

pullup, for example, where on average, peoplecan hardly even do 5, the movement demands all fiber types to fire and eventually exhaust,thus promoting muscle growth. Pushups is another good example of a calisthenicsexercise that can illicit muscle growth, especially for beginners that struggle to do even 10.But eventually you will run into the problem of not having enough resistance. As toughas it may be to get to your first 10 pushups, eventually 10 will be just an easy warmup.When you start hitting 20, 25, or 30 pushups easily, then we run into the same problemas we saw with running. Of course, you can definitely modify the pushup to make it tougher,such as elevating your feet on a platform,

but ultimately you're not changing the amountof demand on the muscle groups involved in a standard pushup, instead you begin shiftingthe muscles involved in the movement. With feetelevated pushups, you anterior shouldersbegin taking the brunt of the resistance instead of your chest. So if you wanted to build yourchest, you won't have enough resistance. And you might be thinking, quot;Why not just add someweight on your backéquot; Well, at that point, it's no longer just bodyweight, thus no longercalisthenics. The next natural progression is using weights.As great as calisthenics can be, there will a point where certain muscle groups, especiallythe strong muscle groups such as your chest,

legs, and hips, will eventually need greaterresistance. Also, since calisthenics require you using multiple muscle groups to performan exercise, which isn't a bad thing at all in terms of natural and functional development,but it does make it tough to isolate certain muscles. Now, that's not to say that calisthenicscannot build an aesthetically appealing body. After all, you have guys looking like thisfrom performing just bodyweight exercises, but when you compare them to this, there'sa clear difference in muscle growth between the two regimens. Heck, even Olympic gymnastshave to use weights to push their maximum potential.

How to Grow Bigger Muscles WARNING NOT COMFORTABLE

The follow through jump out is an exercisethat we used to develop and train the breaking system in the shoulder. Sure it's importantto develop the muscles that actually accelerate the shoulder and shoulder ball, but just asimportant is to develop the muscles that slow down the shoulder and protect it. It's all about the deltoids today. We're goingto break down the anatomy of the front, the side, and the rear delt to help you decodeand understand any exercise that you're doing. Guess what we're going to do to make thata lot easieré That's right! We're going to break out Jeff Cavaliere's marker. Not theYouTube account, thank you for that by the

way, but we're actually going to break outJeff Cavaliere's marker to show you exactly how this works. Hey, guys! Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX . Today I'm going to show you a really greatway to not be a boring son of a bitch in your tutorials and make people not want to watch you.You see, wow! That's gross right there. That was actually me six or seven years ago andme now. I can assure you this, though; I'm the same guy. Inside, the same guy. If anybodyknew me on or off cameras they knew that I was the same guy I am today. But the ideais, I wasn't comfortable being on camera.

You can see it. It's readily apparent. I certainlywasn't comfortable trying to convey the information or knowledge that I had. I did have the knowledgethough. I had it. I just couldn't get it out to you. But guess whaté If I never got comfortablebeing uncomfortable, this channel never would have happened. Think about that in your ownlife. How many things do you think you could be capable of if you just got comfortablebeing uncomfortable. If you were able to step out and do what youthink you're capable of, or know what you're capable of, but you just are afraid to try.If I didn't start doing that, guys, there wouldn't be the growth that we see in thischannel. From that one, sorry ass solo – and

apologize to you for having to sit back andwatch that old Jeff try to teach you something – to the over 1.7 million subscribers now,who I hope enjoy every minute of what we do and can really gather a lot of great informationfrom every tutorial I put up on this channel. If you become uncomfortable that makes youvulnerable, and when you're vulnerable you either do one of two things. You either runaway and hide, or you step up, be a man, and take on the responsibility of what it is that'sin front of you and kick its ass. That's what I decided to do and I want you guys to dothe same exact thing. I don't care what it is that you're facing at the moment. Youhave to become comfortable being uncomfortable.

Again, I went out there and I was making tutorialsfor 10 people – because really, that's what we had; 10 views. But I knew that the information that I hadwas going to help you out so I persisted. It was embarrassing. It was embarrassing togo out there with 10 views and try to make it work, but the audience began to grow andas the audience began to grow, guess what else happenedé My physical growth was happeningas well because look back at these tutorials. This is six or seven years ago; a guy in hisearly 30s. Versus the guy who is now making your tutorials for you who's 40, touching 41.Now, according to – it depends on who's

watching – some people will say quot;Wow! Thatguy's really old,quot; or quot;He isn't so oldquot;. It depends on how old you are watching, butI can assure you it's not an age where people think you should be able to continue to makegains. I flatly deny that. You have to be able to make gains at any age if you do onething. Start becoming comfortable being uncomfortable. I got too comfortable being comfortable inmy workouts and everything else. Meanwhile, when I started this channel I said quot;If I'going to make you do something, if I'm going to stand here and look you right in the cameraand say quot;Hey! I want you to do this to build this! I want you to do this to lose this.I want you to do this.quot;

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