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Build Arm Muscle Fast With Dumbbells

6 Top Arm Exercises To Build Bigger Biceps Triceps

Whats going on, guys. Sean Nalewanyj here, SeanNal BodyTransformationtruth and in this tutorial today I'm going to be going over six of my favorite direct arm exercisesfor biceps and triceps. Like I'd mention before it is true thata very high percentage of your arm growth is just going to come as an automatic resultof adding weight overtime to your compound chest and back exercises but direct arm trainingis still important when it comes to optimizing your upper arm gains and achieving as muchmuscle hypertrophy as possible. I have covered each of these exercises inseparate tutorials in the past, but I wanted

to make one tutorial here just to condense itall down into one place and to quickly go over the benefits and proper form for eachone. So the first exercise for biceps is goingto be the standing single arm cable curl. So to do this one you'll stand facing awayfrom a cable machine, grab onto a single handle attached to the very bottom. Take a small step forward and then performa regular bicep curl from this position. Now what's great about this variation isthe consistent tension that it gives you on the biceps throughout the entire range ofmotion.

With most regular free weight curls you endup losing tension in the bottom position, since the force of gravity is pulling theweight straight down toward the floor. But with the single arm cable curl like yousee here, the resistance is pulling your arm both down and back at the same time and soyour biceps have to be constantly working both at the top and the bottom. To maximize the stress on the biceps makesure to keep your elbows stationary and don't allow it to drift forward excessively as youcurl the weight up and don't let your elbow flare out to the side either.

And also make sure to keep your wrist in aneutral or a slightly extended position, that's going to keep the stress off of your forearmsand move more of it on to the biceps. Switching over to the triceps now, the firstexercise is going to be a triceps pushdown, which I'm sure you're all familiar with,but more specifically you're going to perform it using a rope attachment and instead ofjust pressing the ropes straight down you're also going to forcefully pull the rope apartat the bottom of each rep as well. This is a great movement for targeting thelateral head of the triceps, which is that outer portion that gives your triceps thatpronounced horseshoe look.

So add that little twist to the bottom ofeach rep. And you should feel a stronger contractionin the lateral head, which is usually an area that a lot of lifters have trouble targeting. It does take a bit of practice to get a goodmindmuscle connection going to really get the most out of this one, but play aroundwith it just using some moderate weight until you can really feel that lateral head beingactivated. Switching back to biceps, the second exerciseis going to be a supinating dumbbell curl. The basic function of the biceps that prettymuch everybody already knows is elbow flexion,

which is just curling your forearm towardsyour upper arm, but the biceps also have a second function as well which is forearm supination. Which means twisting your forearm until yourpalm is facing upward. So to get the very most out of your bicepstraining I'd recommend including a supinating dumbbell curl somewhere in your overall planjust like you see here, in order to target that particular function. This can be done seated or standing, and allyou're going to do is start with your hand in a neutral position and then curl the weightup while twisting your forearm at the same

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