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Building Muscle Lchf

14 years in ketosis you can build muscle on ketogenic diet Darthluiggi of reddit keto interview

What's up guys welcome the Primaledge Health Podcast I'm here with Darth mother f'n Luigi his username is darthluigi on reddit and he uh he moderates the reddit keto and the reddit ketogains board and I think the keto scienceboard as well so this guy has seen like all the questions people have about ketogenic diets and he's been doing a keto diet for how long now Luis it's been 14 years now

for all the types of keto diets do you feel like you're uh. you're missing out on all the carbs not really.that's cool so yeah Luis Villasenor is here darthluiggi! Uh we're gonna answer a bunch of your questions from Reddit, Facebook and um yeah we'll just, we'll jump into it I guess I'll start with uh but this one is like the most recent question that popped up to reddit how do you deal with stalls when lifting I found that the advice in the strong lifts program didn't work for me when I

started my games last November and it deluding stalled by twenty pounds or so and then increased my weight by five pounds a week instead of five pounds a workout however I don't know if that's considered optimal I wanted to hear your take. So here's a loaded question right off the bat how do you get gains when you stall I think that first we have to remember that any lifting program um that they're not thought of as you eating at a deficit

and then we have lots of people here that are lifting while eating at a deficit you won't be making any big gains when you're eating below your suggested calories. You gotta eat for gains, you can't just lift Exactly If you're not gaining it's because you're not eating. and really uh we have to stop like chasing the is unicorn you want to get ripped and lose weight at the same time

like because people uh mix getting ripped with getting huge there's one thing about losing body fat and there's gaining muscle you're not gonna be doing both really it's quite impossible unless you are taking steroids or a genetic freak or maybe you're very overweight and maybe you're eating less you're getting energy from somewhere that is your fat stores righté

Yeah. So to answer this question is If you're not really seeing results I will say uh concentrate first on that you are eating adequate protein and then just suck it up there's a variation of stronglifts that is for cutting and instead of doing 5X5 you end up doing 3X8 Yeah well also I mean the question it's hard to answer a question like this without knowing more about somebody so

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