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Burning Fat And Building Muscle Tips

Ectomorph Workout Skinny Guy Training Hacks To Build Muscle Faster Increase Strength

Yo, what's going on guysé Troy here with WeightGainNetwork .Tonight I am going to be watching my Oklahoma City Thunder win the series against the GoldenState Warriors. I don't know if you guys know this about me, but I am a huge basketballfan. My Oklahoma City Thunder are finally not choking in the playoffs. They're up threegames to one against the Golden State Warriors, who had the best record in NBA history thisseason. I'm calling it right now, they're going to win the championship, so hopefullyI don't curse them on YouTube right now, but they're going to steamroll the Cleveland Cavaliersin the championship. That is my bold prediction. I'm a diehard basketball fan. Literally theonly TV that I watch the entire year is the

NBA playoffs, so I am pumped to watch themtake home the Western Conference tonight. I'm also really excited because I just boughtthat yacht right over there. I don't know if you guys know this, but I make millionsof dollars making these YouTube tutorials for you guys, so thank you all for watching andhelping me realize my dreams. I'm going to actually start filming tutorials from that yacht.I think we're setting sail for France and probably Australia after that, so I'm goingto go on a really cool world tour, so I invite you guys in in my life. That is the officialWeight Gain Network yacht right over there. Today, what I want to dive into are ectomorphworkout tips. As you guys might know a quote

unquote ectomorph is a naturally skinny guy.I myself, way back in the day, was like 80 pounds. Actually a little more than that.One time I was 80 pounds, but I outgrew that and as I was a freshman and sophomore in highschool I was about 130 pounds, now I'm like 195 � 200. I've had to try every singlelittle trick in the book. These workout tips to increase muscle and increase strength,they are things that I've actually implemented into my life in the last few months. I kindof hit a plateau and I really had to assess what I'm doing with my workouts, what I'mdoing with my nutrition and how I can overcome that plateau. I've made some really big changesto my training just in the last couple weeks.

I wanted to share them with you guys becauseif you guys are at a plateau, you're trying to increase your strength, you're trying tobuild more muscle mass, I think these are going to be really powerful. My first workouttip is my new workout split that I'm on right now. I was doing a bunch of different workoutsplits. I know I've had a lot of different tutorials talking about these workout splits.I did the insane squat and biceps challenge, where I was hitting my squats, hitting mybiceps every single day for 30 straight days. I had a little bit of growth. I've definitelyimproved my squat a ton. My arms are definitely leaner, but I was trying to think about whatmy most developed muscle group was and what

my least developed muscle group was. I wouldsay my traps, my chest and my shoulders are way ahead of all the other parts of my body.How I've been training them for the last couple of years is I just hit them really hard oneto two times a week. The muscle groups I think are the least developed, I think I've actuallybeen training the most. Just studying what a lot of fitness models do and a lot of theguys with the best physique in the world do, I decided to completely change out my workoutregimen. What I'm doing especially for my biceps and my triceps to try to jack up myarms is I'm only allowed to work them out one time per week, but during this one workoutI have to do 40 sets, so I literally script

out like an insane workout for biceps andtriceps and then the entire workout, I don't deadlift before, I don't do squats, I don'tdo benchpress, I don't do any other activity that's going to drain me physically. I focusall my energy and intensity on that one muscle group. I literally did like a 43set bicepworkout last week Monday and then I did it this week Monday and my biceps are more sorethan they've been in over two years, so just putting more overload, more intensity, moretraining volume and all of these different exercises that go into a 42set bicep workout,I feel like I'm going to make more progress on my arms over the next few months than Iprobably have in the last year to year and

Build Muscle and Burn Fat at the Same Time Is it Possible to Lose Weight and Bulk Up

Building muscle or losing fat. It's usuallyrecommended to do one or the other, especially if you're not a beginner. But is it possibleto do both at the same timeé Two training routines dominate most fitnessand bodybuilding circles. Bulking, where you eat a caloric surplus to gain weight and buildlean mass, and cutting, where you eat a caloric deficit to lose weight and burn fat. Usuallyyou have to choose between one or the other for months and cycle them back and forth toreap their benefits. But, there are some experts that have touted and promoted the possibilityof reaping both benefits at the same time. Now, for beginners, it's very possible todo both simultaneously because their body

is at a state in which there is a lot of roomfor improvement on both ends of the spectrum. Especially overweight beginners, even if theyeat a caloric deficit, they are primed for building muscle since they don't have muchto begin with and burning fat since they have so much stored away.For nonbeginners, however, this is much harder to achieve. You might have to resort to recompositioning,or as fitness expert Alan Aragon calls it, quot;culking,quot; a playon word of bulking and cutting.And such a routine comes in all different shapes and forms. Some recomp routines suggesta small bulking for a few weeks alternating with a moderate cut for one week. Some routinesrecommend switching between the two on a daily

basis. Some try to influence the effects ofPratio, which deals with how your body breaks down or stores fat relative to muscle mass.Some recommend weekly refeeding phases, or quot;cheatquot; days. Some suggest eating just maintenancecalories while maintaining some form of resistance training. And others suggest eating at a surpluson your lifting days and a deficit on your cardio or off days. The concept for all arepretty much the same. No long phases of bulking nor cutting and maintaining a specific desiredweight range yearround while burning fat and building muscle.And for the most part, the science supports this possibility. In fact, the physiologicalchanges in a recomp routine is not much different

than the changes from bulking and cutting.During bulking, hormones and body chemicals all start to shift towards anabolism, whichis to say that your body becomes very good at growing. Only problem is that this meansnot only growing muscle but also growing in fat. Also muscle building slows down the closeryou are to your genetic myostatin limit, the protein that inhibit muscle growth, whichmeans you end up storing a lot more fat than building muscle the more fit you are. Duringcutting, the opposite is true. The body's hormones shift to catabolism, which meansbreaking down body stores to use as energy, and initially most of it is from fat. Butonce you reach a level of leanness, your hormones

begin signaling your body to keep as muchfat for survivability's sake while shifting to protein and lean mass for energy instead,which means you'll lose muscle. When doing both at the same time, your bodydoes indeed shift between anabolism and catabolism. The only problem here is that this repeatedshifting doesn't allow much time for your body to respond to the hormonal changes. You'llend up getting the benefits of anabolism, as well as the bad, and the benefits of catabolism,as well as the bad, but not at its most significant rate. You can build muscle, but it will takea longer time to do so compared to someone bulking and you can lose fat, but take a longertime than someone cutting. And it only gets

tougher and tougher the more lean and muscularyou become. So to say that it can't be done would be alie, but doing so, you have to understand that getting it to work takes careful planningand will be a slower (pause) process. Ask your health and fitness question in thecomments. Please also come check PictureFit on Patreon and support this channel to keepmoving forward and answering all of your great questions. Thanks for watching!.


What's up, guysé Jeff Cavalier, AthleanX . Today we're going to commit a murder. We'regoing to kill four nutrition myths that need to die. They needed to die a long time agowhen it comes to building muscle. Okay, let's start off with our first one andthat is quot;Fats make you fatquot;. Guys, eating a lot of fat makes you fat, just like eatinga lot of carbs will make you fat, eating a lot of protein will make you fat, and eatinglots and lots of food in excess of your caloric maintenance level will make you fat. We've talked about, in order to lose fat youhave to be in a hypocaloric state. Eating

fats on their own is not going to cause aproblem unless you're eating them in excess. Here's a little caveat when it comes to fats,however, that maybe confuses people. That is that fats on a gram by gram basis– you've probably heard this a million times – are more calorically dense than a gramof carbohydrates or a gram of protein. For every gram of fats you're looking at 9 calories,versus the 4 calories of protein, or 4 calories of carbohydrates. Because of that you can't eat as many fats,or at least as much food containing fats as you might be able to of the other two. Peoplethat indulge in a lot of fats might find that

eating high quantities of these can make themfat. It's not the fat molecule itself that'smaking you fat. Please, don't avoid healthy fats. They are a major constituent of everycell in our body. You need them and you need them for optimal growth and hormones to beable to produce maximum muscle growth. Do not make this mistake; let's kill thisone right away. Next up, one I can't wait to actually personally throw a shovel fullof dirt on is this idea or concept that you can't eat past 6:00 PM, or you're going toget fat. You're going to turn into a big fat pumpkin because you eat after a certain periodof time in the day; you're cut off at night.

It's garbage. Guys, remember your body willutilize those calories if you're within your caloric maintenance level. If we still have6001000 calories, we don't have to get into the nuances of calorie counting. I cantell you all about how we can keep that much simpler, but we'll do that in a whole othertutorial. The idea is, if we're still below our caloricmaintenance levels, whether or not we eat those calories after 6:00 PM, or even 8:00PM, or as I can even vouch for myself, I've been eating dinner almost every single nightat 10:30 for the last three months. It has had no impact on my body fat levels. If anything,I feel I'm leaner in the last few months than

I have been at any point in my life. It doesn't all of a sudden trigger justbecause the clock says that it's after a certain point that you're going to start putting onbody fat. Your body is still utilizing those calories regardless of what time in the dayyou eat them. I will give you one big caveat, though when it comes to your delivery andyour timing of your meals. From a blood sugar stability standpoint – Imade this point very clear on this channel multiple times – your blood sugar stabilityis paramount as a guy who trains athletes, when it comes to optimizing performance. Youdon't want to be in a low blood sugar state

when you're trying to drive and illicit greatperformances from athletes. I think the same thing should apply to usas human beings. If you want to optimize your function, your level of focus throughout theday, supplying your brain with the fuels it prefers at a regular interval by keeping yourblood sugar stable is done by providing yourself with more frequent meals. It has nothing todo with your ability to either store fat, or burn fat because you're eating later inthe day. So let's quickly, please, throw one more shovelof dirt on that one and bury that forever. The next myth up is one that actually comesin the form of a question often. That is:

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