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Develop Stabilizer Muscles


Hi, my name's Julian, I'm 26 years old and currently a student. My whole life I've had problems gaining weight, maintaining my bodyweight or gaining muscle in general. I've always been very skinny but also always had the dream of gaining weight, being stronger and having a good physique. I went to the gym for a while, quite regularly. But this didn't change anything and left me pretty frustrated. About half a year ago I went travelling around the world.

During this time I realized how out of shape my body got from not doing any sports or exercising. This showed in how super skinny and gaunt I became. Freeletics Gym is a free app that creates you a personalized training plan every week. It guides you through every training session and teaches you all the movements. This was perfect for me as I didn't have any experience with barbell training. It adapts to your goals and experience and programs the training accordingly. Check the description for a free link.

I've been training with Freeletics Gym for the last 18 weeks now. The first couple of weeks I focused on learning the exercises but soon after I was able to increase my weights on a weekly basis. I have become stronger than I ever could have imagined especially since I went to the gym for years before and never saw a real change. Don't forget to like and share the tutorial :).

8 Best Band Exercises for Mass DONT IGNORE THESE

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX . Today we're going to start building some massand our weapons of mass construction are going to be these two bands. You see, a lot of peoplehave a misconception about band training. They think that there's no way that you canbuild mass with bands. It might be true if you're focusing on thebig exercises and the big muscles, but the bands are actually the perfect tool to trainthe small muscles that support the big muscles to help you make those muscles bigger. Today I'm going to show you the eight bestexercises you can start doing – you need

to start doing – if you want to start increasingthe amount of weight that you lift on your bigger exercises by paying some attentionto those often overlooked muscles. Okay, first up is our band pull apart. Thisis one of those exercises that targets the shoulder girdle. Get used to it because thefirst five exercises are going to target this area of our body. The band pull apart is goingto help us to strengthen our rhomboids. For anybody that has any kind of scapularinstability – especially a winging of the scapula, where they start to come off yourback, the middle portion of the scapula can't stay fixed onto your back – that causessome major instability issues when you try

to go bench press. Now, it can be due to a weak serratus thatthe next exercise here will address. These are our serratus punches. Now, right hereall we're trying to do is keep a straight arm and just straighten it even further. Ifyou think you've reached out as far as you can go, try to reach out even further. You do this because you're trying to makesure that the serratus is strong enough to hold your shoulder blade up against your ribcageno matter what happens with your arm, no matter how you're moving your arm. You want thatstability against your ribcage, even if it's

rotated up or down. It needs to be able to stay in contact withyour ribcage if you want to be able to press strongly. Remember, if you're trying to executea push with some serious strengths behind it you have to have a stable base to workoff of. If I was trying to push this wall and my feet gave out, guess whaté I have noability to push with any force on that wall. The same thing is happening here, with ourbenchpress. If you want to be able to push away and you don't have any stability downbelow you're not going to be able to push as hard. So these two exercises are criticalto work out that 12 combination. Next we

have a more dynamic version of this we callthe over and back. So what we're doing is working on both elements again. Rhomboid strength and serratus strength, butwe're doing it a little more eccentrically. We need this dynamic control. As I move theband in front of me I can't allow it to snap either in front of me too quickly, and I haveto make sure it keeps its distance away from my body. The same thing when I come back behindmy head. We're going to work our rhomboids again, but we're working them dynamicallyand also with control. We can't allow it to just snap back and touchmy butt with the band. I want to be able to

keep some distance away from my back as Imake this transition front to back, okayé So another very important component – again,very often overlooked and not blaming people because a lot of people don't know to do this.Of course, here, when we train like athletes we've got to incorporate these things intoa complete training program. Moving on, we're still on the shoulders, butwe want to work on different areas of the shoulders. This time you've got to work onthose lower traps. The lower traps are going to kind of pull down and back. So it's goingto keep your shoulder blades tucked down and back. Again, a very essential part of executinga proper benchpress, or at least a safe benchpress.

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