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Do Pull Ups Build Arm Muscle

Pull Up Problems SOLVED

What's up Jeffé It's your boy, Lodell Parks coming to youfrom the Gateway to the West, St. Louis Missouri. I've got one question. As you can see my wide grip pullups and Istart to fatigue, I lose my form. I've tried weights to bring me down to 8 to10 reps. I've tried negatives, nothing seems to work. When I get fatigued my shoulders will notlet me stay under the bar. Do I continue Pullups or do I stop and getready for the next set, once I start to lose

my form. I signed up with your program 5 years agowhen I retired so I could get in shape and enjoy my great grandkids. I don't have any before pictures because Iwould not let anybody take them but I never expected to look like this at 70. Before! After! I love you man. Hey Lodell. Thank you for your question. It'sactually a very good question.

It's a common problem not just with pullups,but any time you have to hang from a bar. A lot of it has to do with strength and stabilityand maybe not necessarily in the areas that your thinking. Your thinking, your shoulders but really it'smore your back and your shoulder blades. And specifically what is the stability andthe strength in your lower traps or possibly even your serratus, to be able to keep your shoulder blades attachedand in contact with your rib cage as you go up and down.

What happens is, the fatigue starts to setin and you lose the ability to keep your shoulder blades together and they start to drift out. That allows you or causes you to start driftingaway from the bar. Because your shoulders just can't stay inthat pinned back position as you go up and down. We want to be able to rotate our scapula upand down as we raise up but stay in contact with our rib cage. So there's a couple thing that you can startdoing.

Number one, first of all too let's get a disclaimerout here. A lot of times people can't steady themselvesunder a bar because their Core is not strong enough. I would say, check that first to make surethat you have adequate Core strength. If you find that when you're swaying, youtighten your Abs you can immediately find yourself much more steady, then you might want to work on building upyour Core strength by doing some hanging Ab strengthening exercises.

But if we go back to the extra work that Iwas going to prescribe for you here, you go to a Bench and you do what we callsort of a Stable Y. The Stable Y it forces you to first stabilizeand engage the lower traps by really pinching your shoulder blades down and back together. And then performing a Dumbbell Y. Up and overhead. You don't do any single rep unless you'vefirst set and established the stability and the contraction there between your shoulderblades before you do the move. You would do this in a few extra sets, a fewextra times per week to try to start developing

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