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Easy Ways To Build Up Arm Muscle


Hi, my name's Julian, I'm 26 years old and currently a student. My whole life I've had problems gaining weight, maintaining my bodyweight or gaining muscle in general. I've always been very skinny but also always had the dream of gaining weight, being stronger and having a good physique. I went to the gym for a while, quite regularly. But this didn't change anything and left me pretty frustrated. About half a year ago I went travelling around the world.

During this time I realized how out of shape my body got from not doing any sports or exercising. This showed in how super skinny and gaunt I became. Freeletics Gym is a free app that creates you a personalized training plan every week. It guides you through every training session and teaches you all the movements. This was perfect for me as I didn't have any experience with barbell training. It adapts to your goals and experience and programs the training accordingly. Check the description for a free link.

I've been training with Freeletics Gym for the last 18 weeks now. The first couple of weeks I focused on learning the exercises but soon after I was able to increase my weights on a weekly basis. I have become stronger than I ever could have imagined especially since I went to the gym for years before and never saw a real change. Don't forget to like and share the tutorial :).

How to Build Muscle 5 Easy Steps

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you exactlyhow to build muscle FAST, And more importantly, how to do it withoutgaining any unnecessary FAT in the process while even burning some fat instead! All in 5 easytofollow steps… So let's get started! If you're NOT following the 5 steps I'mabout to share with you, you will either end up gaining a bunch of unnecessary FAT, or notgain any muscle at all…

So if you want to build muscle, listen carefully… STEP 1 Consume More Calories Than You Burn To build muscle, you need to be consumingmore calories than your body burns throughout the day… You can be doing everything else right, butif you skip this most crucial step, your muscle building goals will surely suffer. Ya, you may be able to build a bit of musclewithout consuming more calories than you burn

if you're a beginner, and new to workingout… But your results will stagnate soon after,and you'll end up looking the same, week after week… So if you currently have trouble buildingmuscle, this is probably the MAIN reason why… You're simply NOT consuming enough qualitycalories, every day. Think of it this way… If you want to build a bigger house, you'regoing to need more building material…

If you want to take your car on a 10hourroad trip, you're going to need more fuel… Or else your car will break down along theway, and never reach it's destination. Same holds true for your body… If you want to build your body, by buildinglean muscle mass, you will need to add some more quality calories to your diet… And the key word here, is QUALITY! But not TOO MUCH more… Since you don'twant to end up FAT! Most people trying to build muscle get thispart wrong, and end up gaining a bunch of

unneeded FAT in the process, by eating anything,and everything in sight… Some people call this a ‘dirty bulk…' But if looking lean and uncovering your sixpack is your goal, you DEFINITELY don't want to go on a ‘dirty bulk…' Or else the only thing you will uncover, isa big old belly! To make sure that doesn't happen to you,you will want to find out how many calories you need a day to simply maintain yourcurrent weight. …As I discussed in my previous tutorial about‘How to Burn Belly Fat…'

Once you know what that number is, simplyadd about 200 more calories per day, and that should be enough to build some lean muscle,without all the unnecessary FAT! If you add too many more calories, your bodywon't be abel to use all of it towards building new muscle, and will store the excess calories,as FAT. If your body doesn't need to use it, itstores it! So, if you follow that advice, you shouldbe well on your way to building lean muscle mass without all the added FAT! You will also want to make sure you're gettinganywhere between 12 grams of protein per

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