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Eating More To Gain More Muscle

Workout Plan for Skinny Guys Hardgainers THIS BUILDS MUSCLE

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX . I'm talking to the skinny guys today. Nowdon't worry, it's going to be helpful for all, but I'm going to get inside the mindsof the skinny guys because I know what the hell you're thinking. I've been one and Iknow how to get you a lot bigger than you are right now because I know the things thatyou should be focusing on. Today I'm going to tell you exactly what tofocus on in your workouts if you don't want to be skinny anymore. The first thing I'mgoing to tell you to do – shocker – is get your ass to the gym. Now, it's not abouttelling you to start working out. You already

know that. You're probably already doing that.I'm saying get yourself to the gym. Face your fears. Remember I said I was goingto get in your headé I know what you're thinking. You're maybe a little nervous to go to thegym because you're afraid of the ridicule being the skinny guy. You look around, yousee all these guys lifting heavy weights, grunting, groaning, intimidating. You're sittingthere holding 20lb dumbbells in your hand thinking you're not going to measure up tothem. You know what, guysé Screw that and screwthem because anybody at the gym that would ridicule you for the weights that you're liftinghas no bearing on you. It doesn't even deserve

your concern because that's a dick. Nobodywho's been where you've been at – all of us have started somewhere and most guys inthe gym are going to respect your pursuit. They're going to respect the fact that you'rethere despite how thin you might be, doing what you need to do to change that. I cantell you that right away, that 99% of the guys that you maybe think are intimidatingare probably respecting the shit out of you because they know what you're been through.If they've been there themselves they know more than that. The idea is, make yourself accountable andface your fears. Unless you have to work out

at home for a particular reason then get there.I'm telling you, you're going to find more out of getting there because facing your fearsin just that one move of arriving at the gym is going to set the stage for everything else.Now, when you're there, the most important thing to do is simplify. Find one exercise per major muscle group tofocus on. What am I talking abouté Well, major muscle groups are your chest, your back, yourshoulders, your legs, and your arms – your biceps and triceps. Obviously your core isthrown in there as well, but we're not going to worry about that so much. We're tryingto build as much muscle as we can. So of those

six major muscle groups, pick one exercise. I'll give you a head start. I think you shouldfocus on a bench press. Not necessarily with dumbbells because you might not have the coordinationyet to handle the independent dumbbells, but use a bar. Do a bent over row for your back.Do a squat for your legs. If you can't do a squat because you've either got knee problems,or back problems, then maybe try a dead lift. I personally prefer dead lifts more than Iprefer squats for my particular case for my knees. Do an overhead press. Do a barbellcurl and do a lined tricep extension, okayé These are exercises that have two things incommon. One: they're compound. They usually

involve multiple joints. We want to starttrying to build your coordination on these movements and allow you to become stronger,allowing different muscles to work together. The second thing is, they allow you to eventuallyoverload. So let's just look at a case of the arms. A barbell curl is always going tobe the heaviest bicep exercises that you will ultimately be able to do. You're not goingto be able to do more on a concentration curl than you are in a barbell curl. So I wantyou to focus on those bigger exercises, okayé Now, how are we going to break them upé Iwant you to start by simplifying again. I know that people will probably tell youto start doing total body workouts because

6 Muscle Gaining Mistakes SLOW OR NO GROWTH

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavalier, AthleanX . Today I'm dishing out the truth to the reasonswhy you might not be building muscle. I think I'm more qualified here to speak about thistopic than anybody because I lived that. I lived those problems, I've had those samestruggles. I couldn't build muscle. This was actually me. You guys have asked to see whatI looked like. This is me. I dug up some old footage the other day. I was looking throughsome old home movies. That's me, in high school. Painfully thin,unable to put on muscle. Things have changed for me though, because I've learned from alot of my mistakes. I think if I can talk

about some of those mistakes then you mightbe able to avoid them, too. The very first thing that I learned quickly,early on was that I was overtraining. Overtraining, I've talked about in many tutorials before. It'sa very real thing and a very real thing that sets up a roadblock for many guys that considerthemselves to be hard gainers, or just unable to add muscle. You see, we always think that more is better.We've been conditioned in this society to think that more is better. When it comes totraining, more is not better. More is not better. Only the right amount of the righttype of training is better. As soon as you

start going down that path you become evenmore likely to continue to go down that path because you try more and that doesn't work. So what do you doé You do even more, and thenyou do even more. Before you know it you're doing 55 sets for chest alone and your chestlooks like shit. So you want to try to follow and find the fastest way for you to cut backon what you're doing. If you're going to train – this is a very important point, this tutorialencapsulates what we're all about here at AthleanX. If you're going to be a drug free, unassistedlifter then you'd better find ways to enhance

your recovery. Most of us are not able to.Without the assistance of drugs, we're unable to recover nearly fast enough to allow ourselvesto go back to that gym to do another 55 sets, and another 55 sets and we wind up hittinga wall. It's a very real wall. Don't let anybodytell you differently. There is a wall that you hit hormonally, neurologically. You can'ttrain. You can't even bring the effort that you need to produce the gains that you'retrying to see. That leads me to my next point. Guess what most people do wrong when they'retrying to build muscleé You may be shocked when is ay this; you'reundertraining. How can you be undertraining

and overtrainingé Because undertraining iswhen you show up at the gym thinking that just by walking into the gym and gracing everyonewith your presence, swiping your gym card, grabbing your protein shake and then headingover the leg extension machine that you're going to build muscle. If you head to a gym and your goal is to countreps, count to 12 over and over and over again I could save you a trip. You could have stayedhome and counted with Sesame Street as opposed to going to the gym and wasting gas if that'sall you're going to do. The numbers that you're doing in the gym, the reps that you're countingdon't mean shit. If you want to build muscle,

the only thing that ever matters is the intensitythat you're bringing to those numbers. If you're at 12 and it seems like you're tryingto lift a house on the 12th rep and you've got nobody around to help you, that's a goodeffort. If you're at 12 and you're doing this and you're looking around and you're puttingthe weights down and waiting, you go back and can do it again and you're looking forwardto the next set, you go down and you're looking forward to the next set just because it'ssooner for you to get out of the gym; you're not training with nearly the intensity thatyou need to make changes. So how do you manipulate the twoé How do youmanage the twoé It's actually kind of easy.

Cant Eat Enough Calories To Bulk Up Gain Muscle 4 Tips

Hey guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of SeanNal and BodyTransformationTruth and in this tutorial lesson I want to give you a few pointersif your goal is to gain muscle but you're having a tough time hitting your total dailycalorie needs because you just aren't hungry enough throughout the day. So there are severalsmaller details that go into planning out your complete muscle building diet from startto finish but your total daily calorie intake is going to be the ultimate bottom line. Consumefewer calories than you burn, and you're going to lose weight. Consume the same number ofcalories that you burn and your weight is going to stay the same. Consume more caloriesthan you, than you burn, and you're going

to gain weight, which is obviously what yourgoal is here. Now this is known as the “Law Of Energy Balance�, and I've talked aboutthis many times before but if you aren't creating a consistent calorie surplus everyday in order to fuel new muscle growth, your gains are going to be virtually nonexistent.Now if you have a naturally big appetite, or your individual calorie needs in orderto gain weight just aren't that high, then accomplishing this on a daily basis is notgoing to be a huge deal. For others, however, it can be more of a challenge. So if you'relooking to gain quality muscle size and strength but you're having trouble consuming enoughtotal calories each day because you just feel

full all the time basically, here are 4 quicktips to help you out. So, Tip 1 is to optimize your meal frequency. As long as you are consistentlyhitting your overall calorie and macronutrient needs each day then the specific way in whichyou lay out your daily meals is really just a matter of personal preference. From a puremuscle building and fat burning perspective, it's really not going to make any measurabledifference to your results. So, if managing hunger is a problem for you then you're goingto want to play around with different meal frequencies and dietary layouts to see whatboosts your appetite to the highest level. Is it 3 meals spaced farther apart throughoutthe dayé Is it 4 meals and 2 snacksé Is it

6 or 7 small mealsé Now everyone is goingto be a bit different but for most people, eating smaller portions more frequently throughoutthe day is usually going to be the most effective option but you can go ahead and test out afew different approaches and just see what works best for you. The 2nd tip is to includesome caloriedense food items in your meal plan. If all you're eating throughout theday is boiled chicken breast, brown rice and spinach then good luck trying to consume upwardsof 3 or 4 or 5000 calories every single day if you have a small appetite. Yes, consumingleanhigh quality proteins and high fiber carbs is certainly an important aspect ofa wellrounded diet, but if you're having

trouble meeting your total calorie needs withoutfeeling sick to your stomach then you've got to mix in some more caloriedense itemsas well. Now there are a ton of possible options here. Have a handful of dried fruit or nutsas a snack in between meals. Instead of water with 1 or 2 of your daily meals have a glassof fruit juice. Have some dark chocolate as a dessert after one of your meals. Mix somehealthy oils like flaxseed oil or extra virgin olive oil into your protein shakes. Have somefatty fish, such as salmon, as a protein source a few times per week. You get the idea here.But use traditional “clean� bodybuilding foods as the underlying foundation of yourdiet, but then go ahead and combine them with

a few especially high calorie items here andthere in order to bump up your total daily calories to the level that you need. Tip 3is stop trying to eat clean 247. Now this ties in with the previous tip, but a smallportion of those high calorie items don't even necessarily have to come from “clean�sources. Assuming that around 8090% of your diet is comprised of nutrientdense, quot;cleanquot;fitness foods then the other 1020% can ultimately come from whatever sources you'd like, thoughI would recommend that you minimize the consumption of partially hydrogenated oils, as long asit fits into your total daily macronutrient intake. Including a small amount of high calorie“cheat food� here and there is ultimately

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