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Exercises To Build Muscle On Your Legs


What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. An ATHLEAN XPRESS Tutorial for you. Taking youbehind the scenes once again. A leg workout. My leg workout. For those of you guys who don't know, I'vebeen dealing with some pretty bad leg issues my whole entire life. Having an athletic background, I pretty muchtrashed my knees back in, oh, I don't know, 1993 or so. And then never really recovered since, butI've still got to train my legs. And as all

athletes, we've got to find ways around ourailments. If you've got bad knees, figure out movesthat don't bother them so much because the moment you stop working your legs period isthe moment you've got nothing left at all because you're legs are going to anchor you throughevery single thing you do. I don't care what upper body workout you're doing. You better have your legs underneath you.So, that being said, I'll take you through my workout.

What I did here was, I start off with my squats,of course, always. But I do something a little bit unique for me. I do an isometric hold, I start down at 135.My goal here is to literally just try to hold this for about 20 seconds if I can. and I'm just trying to build up some realgood stability to feel like I have a good foundation because again, every time I approach my leg workouts, I neverknow what I'm going to get whether my knees are really marking or if they feel prettygood on a certain day.

I've got to test it, and I usually do thatright here with this isometric squat hold. Today, they felt pretty damn good so I movedup to 225. And again, I'm not looking to push heavy,heavy weight like I used to guys. For me, it's all about stability and strength, and to be able to hold my own body in thepositions I know I'm going to need them in. And for an athlete, that's going to be waydown deep in this squat position. And we'll do it here with pause squats with225. Ultimately, I work my way up to around 350 and again, I'm going for pause squatshere.

I've got to make sure that my legs alwaysfeel good, I always feel in control of what I'm doing because I've had too many issuesin the past. Secondly, probably my alltime favorite andhere, I'm actually able to load up on it because I found a version of the Lunge that does nothurt my knees. and that is here in the Reverse Lunge. I liketo do it with a barbell. I feel like I'm moving bigger weights, and I don't have to worryabout, necessarily, my grip giving out. So, I load up 225 and I go into Reverse Lunge.Again, I'll do that and I'll move onto my, and I say 'my alltime favorite', this mightbe my alltime favorite.

Again, for an athletic carryover, I love theDumbbell Bulgarian Split Squat, and here I'll try to load up and do something a little bitunique. Again, this position, I don't feel a lot ofpain in my knees because my weight is traveling down and back. Any time I try to move my weight down andforward as I move with a forwardstepping lunge, it bothers me. But if I can go backwards, as I do in a BulgarianSplit Squat, I don't really feel the pain so much.

Leg Workout Finisher QUADS KILLED

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX . As if leg training wasn't hard enough on itsown, along comes a finisher. Today I'm going to show you exactly how to punish your legsand put that finishing nail in the coffin when it comes to leg training. One of thethings we're going to incorporate right off the bat in our finisher is a very overlooked,but important element when it comes to leg training. That is, speeding things back up. We're goingto do that here with explosive leg training. A lot of times we tend to train our legs slowly.Especially if you're doing heavy squats you're

not moving the bar all that fast. So whenwe do our finisher we kick it off here, the way I think we should if we're not just tryingto train like athletes, but get the most out of our leg development. We're going to do that with a weighted squat– a weighted jump squat. Now, I'm not advising that we do this with a barbell across ourback because even if we get the least amount of separation from the bar off our shoulders,or off the back of our neck it's going to come crashing back down when we make contactwith the ground. I also don't like the axial loading right through the spine directly ontop of the spine that we make contact with

the ground. So we can do it with dumbbells and it actuallysets itself up pretty perfectly with the rest of the finisher because we're going to usea mechanical drop set here. Weighted jump squats go right down into dumbbell front squats.So we're going to do eight weighted jump squats. You pick them right up into a dumbbell frontsquat as soon as you get done with those. Then you go and you do 12 reps of those, okayé Then you come and go right over to the wallhere and now it's really a test of your manhood. What kind of balls do you have to get throughthe rest of this workouté Because you're going

to do a wall sit and you're going to do yourwall sit with those same dumbbells – 40lbs in each hand – until you can't do it anymore.Then guess whaté It's not over. You drop those dumbbells, you've got a little bit more leftin you to see how much more you've got to really put the nail in the coffin. This finisher complex can be done three timesat the end of your leg workout. I know you're probably not looking forward to it, but Ipromise you, it's what your legs need to really put the finishing nail, like I said, in thecoffin. So, starts off with a jump squat load. If you're squatting, whatever your regularsquat weight is for a one rep max – let's

say it's 350lbs – using 25% of that splitacross two dumbbells. So let's say 80lbs. Split across two you've got 40lb dumbbellsin your hands. How are you jumpingé You're jumping from abouta shoulder width, or slightly outside of shoulder width stance. You're not going to try to getyour legs right out here and jump because you wouldn't do that anyway, but secondly,you're going to get your dumbbells hitting the outside of your legs. So you want to makesure your legs are right in here, shoulder width. Then, the key; you don't want toshort leg your jumps. You don't want to basically come out of this position and whenyou jump you still have some bending in your

legs. You want to be able to forcibly explode offthe ground. Yes, land softly again, but explode all the way up into triple extension so thatyour legs are completely straight. You do that now with the dumbbells, remember, eightof these, then we go right to the front squat. You only have to go down a quarter of theway into the squat, but it's that forcible change in direction that makes all the difference.Okay, so here, we're going to squat. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.Come right up, front squat for 10. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight,nine, ten. Right over the wall. Now rest.

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