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Foods To Eat To Help You Build Muscle

Top 5 Muscle Building Foods What to Eat to Gain Muscle Muscle Mass Building Diet Bodybuilding

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What's up, guysé Jeff Cavalier, AthleanX . Today we're going to commit a murder. We'regoing to kill four nutrition myths that need to die. They needed to die a long time agowhen it comes to building muscle. Okay, let's start off with our first one andthat is quot;Fats make you fatquot;. Guys, eating a lot of fat makes you fat, just like eatinga lot of carbs will make you fat, eating a lot of protein will make you fat, and eatinglots and lots of food in excess of your caloric maintenance level will make you fat. We've talked about, in order to lose fat youhave to be in a hypocaloric state. Eating

fats on their own is not going to cause aproblem unless you're eating them in excess. Here's a little caveat when it comes to fats,however, that maybe confuses people. That is that fats on a gram by gram basis– you've probably heard this a million times – are more calorically dense than a gramof carbohydrates or a gram of protein. For every gram of fats you're looking at 9 calories,versus the 4 calories of protein, or 4 calories of carbohydrates. Because of that you can't eat as many fats,or at least as much food containing fats as you might be able to of the other two. Peoplethat indulge in a lot of fats might find that

eating high quantities of these can make themfat. It's not the fat molecule itself that'smaking you fat. Please, don't avoid healthy fats. They are a major constituent of everycell in our body. You need them and you need them for optimal growth and hormones to beable to produce maximum muscle growth. Do not make this mistake; let's kill thisone right away. Next up, one I can't wait to actually personally throw a shovel fullof dirt on is this idea or concept that you can't eat past 6:00 PM, or you're going toget fat. You're going to turn into a big fat pumpkin because you eat after a certain periodof time in the day; you're cut off at night.

It's garbage. Guys, remember your body willutilize those calories if you're within your caloric maintenance level. If we still have6001000 calories, we don't have to get into the nuances of calorie counting. I cantell you all about how we can keep that much simpler, but we'll do that in a whole othertutorial. The idea is, if we're still below our caloricmaintenance levels, whether or not we eat those calories after 6:00 PM, or even 8:00PM, or as I can even vouch for myself, I've been eating dinner almost every single nightat 10:30 for the last three months. It has had no impact on my body fat levels. If anything,I feel I'm leaner in the last few months than

I have been at any point in my life. It doesn't all of a sudden trigger justbecause the clock says that it's after a certain point that you're going to start putting onbody fat. Your body is still utilizing those calories regardless of what time in the dayyou eat them. I will give you one big caveat, though when it comes to your delivery andyour timing of your meals. From a blood sugar stability standpoint – Imade this point very clear on this channel multiple times – your blood sugar stabilityis paramount as a guy who trains athletes, when it comes to optimizing performance. Youdon't want to be in a low blood sugar state

when you're trying to drive and illicit greatperformances from athletes. I think the same thing should apply to usas human beings. If you want to optimize your function, your level of focus throughout theday, supplying your brain with the fuels it prefers at a regular interval by keeping yourblood sugar stable is done by providing yourself with more frequent meals. It has nothing todo with your ability to either store fat, or burn fat because you're eating later inthe day. So let's quickly, please, throw one more shovelof dirt on that one and bury that forever. The next myth up is one that actually comesin the form of a question often. That is:

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