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Foods To Eat While Trying To Gain Muscle


What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Would you get pissed if I called you a cheateréNow, don't take offense because we all are to some degree. See, if you're working out and you're liftingweights, you're cheating. And it's not because you're consciously trying to do it, guys. I made a point a couple weeks ago in a tutorialwe did on ab training and specifically how our hip flexors take over for our abs where I said one comment, that our bodiesare masters of compensation, and I think it

might have blown by that too quickly. See, the fact of the matter is our bodiesare so damn smart. And in order to get them to respond to ourtraining, we have to force them to not be so efficient with what we're doing in theweight room. We have to make our workouts inefficient froma standpoint of, we can't let our bodies tell us the movement patterns they want to movein because guess whaté They'll cheat. They'll cheat around your strengthdeficits. They'll make every single move we do easier.

So what I wanted to do was just showcase afew of them to show you just how our bodies take over and make exercises that should be done oneway make us do them completely different and at the same time they rob us of the resultsthat we should be seeing while doing them. So, right away, if you're going to do yourshoulder training, you can pretty much guarantee that unless you're consciously examining howyou're doing each rep, you're probably cheating on those reps, andI can tell you you're probably costing yourself some shoulder size in the process.

First of all, I call it the Traps Trap. Whenwe're doing a Side Lateral Raise, what likely happens hereé What we know, and you can alwaysanalyze this part of the exercise, you're just trying to work that dumbbell fromsomewhere down at your side to out at your side because you know that's how the exerciseis executed. But we don't know how we get there and whatmuscles are helping us do it. And a lot of times, anything that's in the area of themuscle you're trying to work will try to contribute. In this case, the traps take over to a largedegree. The Traps Trap is that while I'm trying to get this dumbbell up, I let my traps shrugand help pull up.

You can see that just by shrugging, I'm ableto elevate this arm higher, but it's not really focusing on the side delt that I'm tryingto really have do the exercise. So, we don't want that to happen. That cheatis one that's not going to help you in the long run. So what we try to do is let the arm stay,I've demonstrated this in a previous tutorial, stay low and almost like it's going undera fence. Try to reach up and under the fence. If you at least do that, you're depressingthe shoulder on this side, try to keep the trap out of it, and reachup and out. You can still bend a little bit

at the arm, but that is even a little bitof a cheat. I'm ok with it because you have to adapt byallowing for a little bit heavier weight if you do that because you're basically shorteningyour movement arm here, ok. But, if you're going to keep it straight outthen obviously now you've got more gravity here pushing down on your arm that way itbecomes essentially heavier, ok, so, that's 2 cheats in 1. Next is another area of the shoulder. It'sthe front delts, and we've done this before, too.

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6 Pack Diet Plan Disaster CALORIE CUTTING

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, AthleanX . Today I'm going to break out the Smart Boardto discuss a dumb mistake that a lot of people make when it comes to dieting for a 6 pack. You see, if you rely on calorie restrictionas your main and sole method of getting to a lower body fat level, you're going to runinto a brick wall a lot harder and faster than the one behind me. Here's the problem: we know that in orderto create a body fat loss you have to create a caloric deficit. We talked about that alot of times before. There's a thermodynamic

law that states that we need to do that. That's a given. It doesn't mean it has tocome from calorie restriction because the biggest mistake people make – let's saythey're arbitrarily going to pick a 2000 calorie daily maintenance level; that's what yoursis. You want to create a 500 calorie deficit becauseyou know you need to do that in order to lose some weight and lose body fat. A lot of peoplewill do this completely through a 500 calorie restriction on what they eat. That's the easy way to do it and it's thefastest way because a lot of people will find

that they'll get results doing this, but thenall of a sudden they hit that wall and they stop seeing results. It's extremely predictable because as you'redoing this, think about the calories that you're also restricting from your muscles.Your muscles are going to be your best friends; your metabolically most active tissue to allowyou to raise this set point. Not from 2000, but maybe to 3000 in a day.If you have the metabolically active tissue, like muscle, to stick and allow you to burnmore calories throughout the day just because of the muscle you have to maintain, you'regoing to allow yourself a lot more dietary

flexibility in the long term. That is how you get this thing done 365 daysa year like I preach. So you don't want to do it that way. What you want to do isif you're at 2000, maybe what you do – and a lot of people may not like to hear this– they'll restrict their calories by a little bit. Take the obvious thing out of your diet. You'reprobably already pretty low as it is. This is probably not what you're eating in a day,but again arbitrary numbers. Take something obvious out of your diet that you know youprobably shouldn't have from calories and

then go burn 400 extra calories to get yourselfdown here. That is going to create a much more effectiveplan because you're still supplying key calories to the muscle that you're trying to build.Maybe you're not even working out and if you're not doing that, that's an even bigger disasterthat we can talk about in a different tutorial. You'd better be working out at the same timebecause otherwise you're going to become skinny fat. You're going to get thin, but you'renot going to look very good. It's like getting abs, but having no muscle. It's like the oldsaying quot;Having tits on a bull.quot; There's no purpose for it.

If you want to have a much more effectiveplan, unfortunately for some, maybe uplifting for others; you're going to have to get yourass into the gym and you're going to have to work out and start burning some calories. Our burst training workouts that we have plentyof here at AthleanX are geared to do exactly that; help you to burn a lot of calories quickly.You don't have to spend all day to burn 400 calories. You're not going for a slowjog here through the park. As a matter of fact, if you've seen one ofour tutorials here we actually did a 10 minute workout – I'll link it right here – wherewe did nothing but burpees. 10 different variations

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