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Forearm Muscles Bodybuilding


What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Would you get pissed if I called you a cheateréNow, don't take offense because we all are to some degree. See, if you're working out and you're liftingweights, you're cheating. And it's not because you're consciously trying to do it, guys. I made a point a couple weeks ago in a tutorialwe did on ab training and specifically how our hip flexors take over for our abs where I said one comment, that our bodiesare masters of compensation, and I think it

might have blown by that too quickly. See, the fact of the matter is our bodiesare so damn smart. And in order to get them to respond to ourtraining, we have to force them to not be so efficient with what we're doing in theweight room. We have to make our workouts inefficient froma standpoint of, we can't let our bodies tell us the movement patterns they want to movein because guess whaté They'll cheat. They'll cheat around your strengthdeficits. They'll make every single move we do easier.

So what I wanted to do was just showcase afew of them to show you just how our bodies take over and make exercises that should be done oneway make us do them completely different and at the same time they rob us of the resultsthat we should be seeing while doing them. So, right away, if you're going to do yourshoulder training, you can pretty much guarantee that unless you're consciously examining howyou're doing each rep, you're probably cheating on those reps, andI can tell you you're probably costing yourself some shoulder size in the process.

First of all, I call it the Traps Trap. Whenwe're doing a Side Lateral Raise, what likely happens hereé What we know, and you can alwaysanalyze this part of the exercise, you're just trying to work that dumbbell fromsomewhere down at your side to out at your side because you know that's how the exerciseis executed. But we don't know how we get there and whatmuscles are helping us do it. And a lot of times, anything that's in the area of themuscle you're trying to work will try to contribute. In this case, the traps take over to a largedegree. The Traps Trap is that while I'm trying to get this dumbbell up, I let my traps shrugand help pull up.

You can see that just by shrugging, I'm ableto elevate this arm higher, but it's not really focusing on the side delt that I'm tryingto really have do the exercise. So, we don't want that to happen. That cheatis one that's not going to help you in the long run. So what we try to do is let the arm stay,I've demonstrated this in a previous tutorial, stay low and almost like it's going undera fence. Try to reach up and under the fence. If you at least do that, you're depressingthe shoulder on this side, try to keep the trap out of it, and reachup and out. You can still bend a little bit

at the arm, but that is even a little bitof a cheat. I'm ok with it because you have to adapt byallowing for a little bit heavier weight if you do that because you're basically shorteningyour movement arm here, ok. But, if you're going to keep it straight outthen obviously now you've got more gravity here pushing down on your arm that way itbecomes essentially heavier, ok, so, that's 2 cheats in 1. Next is another area of the shoulder. It'sthe front delts, and we've done this before, too.

Bodybuilding Exercises Bodybuilding Forearm Reverse Curl With Straight Bar

Alright. What you'll be performing here, isthe forearm reverse curls. Pretty much, I usually take a barbell without any weights.Again, if it's too heavy it can cause injuries to the wrist. What you want to do, is youwant to lift it up. It's all forearm and wrist action. You don't want to move your shouldersor your biceps into this. So, pretty much keep a straight posture. So, move the wristsupwards and then curl it in. So, that's your reverse curl right there. When you bring itup, you give a good flex. That hits the outside. When you curl it in, that hits the insideof the forearm. You want to do about three sets and ten reps each. Now, if you wantedto you could also switch it out and you can

do it. This is the non reverse way. All theway, bring it all the way down to your fingertips. Flex it in. Bring it all the way down, againto your fingertips. So, you could do whichever way you want. I prefer, actually the reverse.You get a better squeeze and a better flex. So, again that was the reverse forearm curl.

Forearms Workoutfor Mass Prozis TV

Hi! Welcome to Prozis TV. I'm your host, Ian Lauer, EditorInChief of MensPhysique ,and I'm here today to help you develop your forearms. It's one of those areasthat often times is neglected. And don't get me wrong, you can develop good forearms doing exercises like deadlifts and pullupsand things like that, where you're really working your gripand your two forearms. So, if you want to get that midforearm right here and get that good development to the top of the forearm,

you need to focuswith a couple specific exercises for the forearm. So I'm going to take youthrough some of those right now. First, it's going to be a really basic forearm curl. So we're going to take the bar, and you can do this with or withouta pad on your forearms, but I like to use it to keep my forearms perpendicular, rather parallel to the floor, let it roll down into your fingersand curl up. Let it roll all the way down into the fingersand curl up.

This is working the underside of the forearm. We're going to hit about 5 sets of 10 to 12 reps and then we'll switch to the next exercise. Once you finish the curls with the forearm that way, we're going to turn the grip over. So, before we're usingwhat was called a supinated grip, now we're going to pronate it,with the hands down. And this going to be reverse curl.

So, here, forearms are resting in place,locked in, and lift. It's down and up. And you should seethe tops of the forearms really working. All the way to the forearms,even the brachioradialis is kicking in. The brachioradialis, just so you know,is this muscle right here. Up for more reps. Here we go. In between the two of those exercises, we're getting some great work on the topand bottom of the forearm.

We're going to hit again about 5 sets,anywhere from 10 to 12 reps per set. Now, once you wrap those two exercises, one of my favourites is right here. The barbell behind your back. And what this does is,it takes the concentration. You don't have to worry aboutfocusing on keeping your arms parallel, you just let your arms hang naturally,just behind you, and you let the weight roll down on your fingertips

and then crunch right back up. Let it roll down, not too farthat you loose grip, of course, and then bring it back up. Down and up, you should see the bar pushing those forearms, getting a good flex. Stretch and then flex at the top. And with this exercise we're going to knock out 5 sets, 10 to 12 reps.

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