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Gain Muscle Mass Macros

12 Minute Workout for Muscle Mass HIT EVERY MUSCLE

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX . This is what happens when you forget to filmthe intro before you do the workout, but it leads to an important point. What happenedin this workout you're going to see today is what left me in this position right nw.out of breath, barely able to talk. I'm doing it with just a barbell and a set of dumbbells. Guys, you can build muscle mass if you wantto trade in some of that workout length for intensity. Let me show you exactly how it'sdone. Alright, so first exercise we're going heavy. Mass building the exercise. Start withthe cornerstone heavy exercise like the deadlift.

The deadlift, for me, it's a leg exercisefirst and foremost. That first push and pull off the ground – it'sa push – I'm pushing with my legs and then of course I've got my low back, triple extension,my gluts, my traps, everything helping me to power this up. Pretty heavy here for me.An 8 rep max. I'm trying to get heavy weights done quickly. Now I come over here, now wehave to shift the focus. I'm shifting to a pushing exercise to giveall my pull muscles and my lower body a break. So we're going to a classic dumbbell inclinedbenchpress. So rom here I'm trying to go for about a 10 rep max here. Now, there isa metabolic carryover from the deadlift that

I just did. So it's going to make what's traditionally,maybe, might be your traditional 10 rep max; it might be a little bit less. Especially as you pile up round after round.So, here I'm working on my 10 rep max, I drop down, and I grab one dumbbell and I bringit over with me to do a really cool exercise. It's a hybrid of what we call a dumbbell shovelcurl. The shovel curl is done with both hands on the handle and it basically mimics a crossbodyhammer curl. So we're working forearms and biceps, brachialis,but then we've got to make it a little more difficult by going over the top with our press.In the press there's a lot of core strength

and stability through your abs, through yourobliques, to be able to maintain that position. I put myself on the ground, on my knees inorder to demand that my core do most of the stabilization. I don't have the benefit of my feet to dothat. Again, about an 8 rep max. It's just whatever you can do with the weight hat you'vechosen from the benchpress. Now, I'm at about 1:40 for that first grouping. I take advantageof some extra time here. I don't want to go into my deadlifts tired, okayé Again, it'smetabolic in terms of what happened from those other two exercises.

They were not really impacting the musclesI would use here on the deadlift.t so they've had a good amount of time to rest and recoverfrom that. I just want to make sure I have my breath so I'm not doing this in a fatiguedstate. So now I'm back to, in this case, the 405. Again, drive up. By this point, the workout,one round in and I'm kind of geared up and ready to go. Of course, I started with a littlebit of a warmup to get myself ready, but here I am now in the second works and I'mcranking now. Again, notice that first pull is just a straightleg movement. It's like a leg press up from the ground. Then once I get to the knees;boom! Shift right into the hips and make the

hips drive through and drive your whole bodyforward and pull the bar up. Now, back to the dumbbell bench again. So you can see,again, there's a few elements at play here. By stacking the exercises the way we're doingit we're actually allowing muscles to relax and rest without wasting time. Remember, it's 12 minutes. You don't havea lot of time here, but I'm trying to prove a point. You can definitely build muscle massdespite the fact that you may not have that much time. Sometimes there are more challenging.These are quot;density workoutsquot; we like to say. We're condensing what all is done here – 5rounds – which is basically 5 dead lifts

The Best Lean Bulking Macros For Building Muscle

Hey guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of SeanNal and BodyTransformationTruth and today I'm going to outline my recommended lean bulkingmacros for gaining muscle while minimizing fat gains. So there are many smaller detailsthat go into planning out a complete and well rounded muscle building diet, but your overalldaily macronutrient intake is at the very foundation of the entire process. Everythingelse that you do stems from that, and quite frankly, this one basic factor alone is goingto be responsible for probably up to 90 percent of your results from a dietary perspective.Now, there's two things that you're going to want to keep in mind before we go any further.Number one, any time you try to add a significant

amount of muscle to your frame, you're alwaysgoing to end up gaining some body fat in the process. This is a totally natural resultof remaining in a calorie surplus over time, and there is no way for you to divert 100percent of that surplus to pure muscle growth. Some fat is always going to be gained, andyour goal is simply to minimize it. And number two, there is no such thing as one absolute“best� set of bulking macros that are going to produce optimal results in everysingle person. Everyone is going to respond a bit differently to varying levels of protein,carb and fat intake based on a multitude of different factors. What we can do, though,is to establish a solid, reliable starting

point that will work extremely well for virtuallyall average natural trainees who are looking to gain muscle size and strength in an effectiveway. So, there is nothing “magical� about this particular breakdown, but this is whatI would recommend that you go with. First off, you need to determine your total dailycalorie intake. Your body's total net energy balance is going to determine whether youlose weight, maintain your weight or gain weight, and we need this number in order totranslate it into concrete gram amounts of proteins, fats and carbs. So in order to createa 15 to 20 percent daily surplus, this amount is high enough to maximize muscle growth andlow enough to prevent excessive fat gain,

I'd recommend using, what's called the HarrisBenedict formula, which I'll copy and paste into the description box below. This formulatakes into account your basal metabolic rate, your activity level, your age, your height,your weight, etcetera, to give you a reasonably accurate calorie maintenance level which youcan then increase by 15 to 20 percent to get your own individual calorie surplus for optimalmuscle growth. Secondly, we're going to break that total calorie intake down into specificamounts of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. While your total daily calories are goingto determine your overall weight gain or weight loss, your macronutrient breakdown is goingto influence what type of weight is gained

or lost, whether it be muscle or fat. So,here's a highly effective macronutrient breakdown that you can use in order to optimizeyour body composition. So first off, protein intake is going to be based on your body weight.Anywhere from 0.8 to 1 gram per pound of body weight daily will be a good figure for mostpeople in most situations. The number can vary from person to person depending on leanbody mass and several other smaller factors, but anywhere in this range is going to workwell in most cases. The currently accepted figure based on a metaanalysis of the availabledata on protein intake in athletes suggests that 0.82 grams per pound of body weight dailyis all that is needed. Now I like to go slightly

higher just to be safe, it's not going tohurt you, and I usually just stick with a simple clean figure of 1 gram of protein perpound of body weight daily. So, if you weigh 160 pounds you'll want to consume 160 gramsof protein per day. This is going to provide you with enough protein to maximize proteinsynthesis and optimize recovery in between workouts without consuming any unnecessaryexcess. Secondly, your fat intake is going to be calculated as a percentage of your totalcalories. Consuming sufficient fat each day is very important when it comes to optimizingtestosterone levels, your mood and your overall health, and 25 percent of total calories isa good figure to shoot for. So fats contain

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