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Gaining Muscle Gym Routine


Hi, my name's Julian, I'm 26 years old and currently a student. My whole life I've had problems gaining weight, maintaining my bodyweight or gaining muscle in general. I've always been very skinny but also always had the dream of gaining weight, being stronger and having a good physique. I went to the gym for a while, quite regularly. But this didn't change anything and left me pretty frustrated. About half a year ago I went travelling around the world.

During this time I realized how out of shape my body got from not doing any sports or exercising. This showed in how super skinny and gaunt I became. Freeletics Gym is a free app that creates you a personalized training plan every week. It guides you through every training session and teaches you all the movements. This was perfect for me as I didn't have any experience with barbell training. It adapts to your goals and experience and programs the training accordingly. Check the description for a free link.

I've been training with Freeletics Gym for the last 18 weeks now. The first couple of weeks I focused on learning the exercises but soon after I was able to increase my weights on a weekly basis. I have become stronger than I ever could have imagined especially since I went to the gym for years before and never saw a real change. Don't forget to like and share the tutorial :).

How to Gain Mass for Ectomorphs Workout Routine Prozis TV

Hey, guys, we're back again, here, for another episode of the workout show. I'm Rob Riches, you're watching ProzisTV. We're here at Powerhouse,Dave Fisher's Gym, in Southern California. And again, we're addressing questionsthat you guys have been posting on the comments and other social media pages around. So, today's question is basically about ectomorphs, people looking to gain a little bit more mass,

a little bit more size and, potentially, they're new to the gym. So, which three exercisesare going to be the best exercises for you to really help starting to add some muscle and gain some sizeƩ Well, this really is a loaded question and there's so many more variables that have to come into play, including nutrition, training, rest, and the quality of the actual movements you're doing.

But, let's focus on the question here. 3 exercises. I'm going to start off and say bench press. It's got to be one of the best upper body exercises, utilizes the chest, the core, the shoulders, works the arms, engages the back, it really does include all muscle groups. With this one, don't start going too heavy.

First of all, focus on your form. Focus on keeping that bar directly over the center of your chest as you bring your elbows down, a powerlifting move, or, like me, Fitness, I keep the elbows out, keep the knuckles pointing upright. And then, as you extend the arms, you're squeezing and engaging the muscle. Don't just focus on the movement,

focus on the feeling in the muscle. Ok, exercise number 2. For back, typically people say deadlifts for the lower back, For me, personally,the deadlift is a great strength exercise. If you're looking to get real mass and size in the back, I choose bent over barbell rows. You can add a lot of weight for the actual movement and the form,as long as you've got the hips pushed back,

keep the knees soft. You want to allow for long armsto stretch out those lat muscles and then retract the shoulders, squeezing the back, and allow the arms to pull that weight up or row towards the lower chest. So, don't bounce this one. Keep that upper back fixed like a table, all of the movement originates in the back.

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