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High Carb Diet For Muscle Gain

How Many Reps to Build Muscle BODYWEIGHT EXERCISES

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, AHTLEAN.COM. What is the perfect number for a bodyweightexercise for you to do to get the best results from ité That's a good question here, guys. It's atricky question. Actually, I'm setting you up because that answer should be, 'It depends,quot;and it's going to depend on a lot of things. When you're working bodyweight exercises intoprogramming, you have to take into account a lot of different things, namely, the strength level of the person you'reprogramming it for. And secondly, their body

weight because the body weight is acting asa resistance. But there's so many times, there's so manyprograms that I come across where I see specific numbers being laid out there for you to doon a bodyweight exercise, and it's doing 1 of 2 things. We know it'sdoing a disservice to you, but it's doing it in 1 of 2 ways. Either it's setting the bar too low becauseif it's recommending 20 Pull Ups and you can do 30, guess whaté You're not really getting pushed hard enoughto cause an adaptive response. If it's saying

20 Pull Ups and you can only do 3, guess whaté You're being set up for failure, right, tofail in a bad way. So, what we want to do is, I wanted to kind of dip in to some ofour programming tactics here. One of the ones we use throughout a lot ofour NXT Programs which are our advanced monthly program that we have a lot of our guys havealready graduated from AX1 and AX2. And also, a lot of the foundation of whatwe do with the ATHLEAN XERO PROGRAM which has allowed it to help guys build muscle, much more than any other bodyweight programout there. So, it's this tactic that we have

here basically it's a multiplier effect. So, the way you want to really do this, andthis is kind of cool because you can actually take a bodyweight exercise by the time thistutorial is done, challenge a buddy, and see who does a betterjob on getting to this number. I'll show you how we calculate it. So, you take your bodyweight exercise, thefirst thing you want to do is, you want to do that exercise to failure. So, whether we're talking about Push Ups,or whether we're talking about a Pull Ups

or talking about Dips, you want to do yourfirst set, give it your best effort that you've got. Now, the cool thing again is, it may varyfrom day to day. We know that some days we show up to the gym feeling great, being ableto give us your best effort, and other days, not so much. So, we want tomake sure that we're talking apples to apples. We want to make sure that on the day thatyou've got your best, that we're going to get the best out of you.So, you take your first set, you do it to failure. Warm up really, really quickly. Youdo your first set to failure.

Once we've got that number, let's say it'sPush Ups, and I get 50 out, ok. That's my number. Now, how do we get a workout off of thatéWell, we look for 3 different stages, or 4. We've basically got a solid effort. A solid effort for me is basically a C+. Youknow, a C+ and B, C+, B probably. We've got 150. So, if you do 150 Push Ups for thatworkout, and again, the parameter of rest time is importanttoo. And I always say, let's keep this in a minute and a half or under.

Mass Gaining Diet Try This High Protein Breakfast

Hey, Hey, what's up guysé Troy here with WeightGainNetwork .I'm going to prepare for you guess one of my favorite muscle building breakfast. Thishas 70 grams of protein, about 40 grams of slow digesting carbohydrates, it's reallyhigh in Omega3s and it's also an really easy solution to those dry left over chicken breasts. What I'm going to show you guys here is I'vehad these chicken breasts from about 2 days ago and you know how they get dry and kindof gross after a while, so what I'll do is the next morning I usually prepare them ina high protein omelet sort of meal. What I'm going to do here is I got a skillet lowmedium,I've been cooking with coconut oil recently,

its got a lot of health benefits. It alsohelps you burn fat. If you guys are looking to trying to shred and lose a little bit ofbody fat I recommend you cooking with coconut oil versus olive oil or canola oil. I alsohave some asparagus and broccoli. I'm going to make this a really healthy breakfast, throwon some antioxidants. Throw on a little bit of asparagus here, some broccoli and takea handful of this chicken here this is going to add about 40 grams of protein from thechicken, equivalent to one large chicken breast. Throw some seasoning. What you're going todo first is you're going to let the chicken and vegetables cook; it's going to take about,I'd say, between five and ten minutes. So

you want to letthose cook. I'm going to see you guys back here in a few. Alright, we are back in the kitchen here.As you can see we got the vegetables and the chicken seared nice and we're going to pourthe liquid egg whites on top. This stuff is pure protein. If you guys want to do wholeeggs that's fine, when you're cooking something like this it's just super convenient justto use liquid egg whites. So this entire container has 100 grams of protein so I'm going to pourabout, equivalent to, between like 30 and 40 grams of protein. Just coat everythingwith egg white. While this is cooking this

will cook very fast, probably will be donein about three or four minutes. Another component to the breakfast, especially if you guys areworkingout in the morning, is I'll microwave a cup of oldfashioned oats; just pure wholegrainoats, and I'll add some cinnamon. Cinnamon is a natural antioxidant really healthyfor you. Also, I'll put in two tablespoons of this flaxseed and chia seed. What thisdoes is that it's really high in Omega3s and it's just really high in natural antioxidants,high in fiber, and it's really just going to help you boost youroverall health. So between the 70 grams of protein in the skillet you have the vegetables,you have the slow digesting carbohydrates,

and you also have your omegas and the reallyhealthy flaxseeds and chia seeds as well as your cinnamon. So you have a complete breakfast.It's going to help you guys increase your overall health, build muscle, energize forthe day, get ready for your workout later in the day and I mean if you guys have thisbreakfast four to five times a week you will be golden. You guys will be muscle buildingmachines; you're going to be high energy and you'll be ready to go for the day. So I'llsee you guys back here in a few minutes when everything is done cooking. Alright guys, I'm done cooking up the highprotein breakfast. As you can see, it kind

of turns into this high protein scrambler we got our egg whites, we got our grilled chicken, we have our broccoli and asparagus you got 70 grams of protein, you have antioxidants from the vegetables, you have healthy fatsfrom the coconut oil. I didn't make the oatmeal, it's actually lunch time for me right now,if you guys don't know how to use a microwave I'm sure you can YouTube it. If you don'tknow how to use a microwave, I actually feel really sorry for you. So you just zap it for2 minutes towards the end of your cooking up the egg white scrambler and you add inyour cinnamon and your flaxseeds and chia seeds and you have a complete breakfast. Anotherthing I did is I added a little bit of this

Good Carbs Vs Bad Carbs Best Carbs To Eat

Hey guys, Sean Nalewanyj of EliteImpactLabs here and in today's tutorial I want to discuss carbohydrates and talk a little bit aboutwhat the best sources of carbs are to include in your muscle building and fat burning diet.So when it all comes down to it, carbs are really just sugar whether you eat a chocolatebar, whether you eat a piece of fruit, or whether you eat a bowl of rice it all getsbroken down into the simple form of glucose one way or another. So in that sense, a carbohydrateis a carbohydrate because the end product is ultimately all the same. The only realdifference here is in how those carbs are “packaged up�. Some carbs are going tobefound in the high fiber, high vitamin, high

mineral and phytonutrient dense foods likefruits and vegetables and whole grains and potatoes and brown rice etcetera and someare going to be found in less nutritionallydense, low fiber foods like cookies and cake andso called junk food. It's not the carbohydrates themselves that are the cause for concernbecause remember, it's ultimately all glucose when it all comes down to it, it's all the“extra stuff� they either do or don't come with. Fiber matters, vitamins matter,minerals matter, phytonutrients matter. You can't sit around eating processed, nutritionallyvoid carb sources all day long and get into your best shape because you're going tomiss out on all of those valuable nutrients

and this is why the bulk of your overall carbohydrateintake should still come from socalled “clean food sources�, in order to make sure thatyour nutritional needs are being met in order to optimize your body composition and yourgym performance. Now some people might be wondering about the issue of “fastactingcarbs� versus “slowacting carbs� but to put it simply this is really irrelevantfrom the perspective of overall fat loss versus fat storage. At the end of the day, your netgains or losses in body fat are going to be dictated by your overall net energy consumptionversus your net energy expenditure, not by the speed of the carbs that you consume. Itreally makes no difference in the big picture

if you consume a fastacting carbohydratethat ends up being stored as fat more quickly than a slowacting carbohydrate that providesa steady stream of energy, because even if that fastacting carb ends up as body fatat a faster rate, since your body can't use all the energy right away, it will stilleventually get broken down and released for energy by your body later on when it is needed.The important thing to remember is that fat loss is not an “onoff� switch. Fat gainand fat loss are happening all the time simultaneously in your body. So whether your carbs get storedfor fat more quickly and are burned later on, or whether they are steadily burned overa longer time as they're released in the

bloodstream ultimately makes no differenceat all. It's the total energy you consume versus the total energy you expend over timethat is going to determine your bottom line fat burning results and besides, when youcombine socalled fastacting carbohydrates along with proteins and fats, their absorptionrates are significantly reduced anyway and because of all of the different possible protein,carb and fat combinations that you'll be consuming throughout the week, um, you really have noway of knowing just how quickly those specific carbs are going to be broken down when theyare consumed as part of a complete meal. So it's really not something to even worry about.Okay, so we've established that number 1,

carbohydrates themselves are all broken downinto basic glucose. Number 2, the only difference between different carbohydrate sources isthe foods that they are “packaged up� in. So taking into account the amount of fiber,the vitamins, the minerals, etcetera. And number 3, the issue of fastacting versusslowacting carbohydrates is ultimately a nonissue when it comes to fat loss becausenet energy consumption versus net energy expenditure is always going to remain constant and becausecarbohydrate speeds are significantly altered when they are combined with proteins and fats.So, given all of this information that we've covered so far, what are the best carbohydratesto eat for maximizing fat loss and muscle

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