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How To Gain Size And Muscle

8 Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever HIT EVERY MUSCLE

What's up guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. We're going to continue our series today ofour 8 Best Exercises. This time covering the 8 Best Bodyweight Exercisesyou can do. And we're going to mix it up guys, it's notjust strength training exercises but conditioning as well. If you want to be an Athlete, you've got totrain like an Athlete. We're going to combine both strength and conditioningto cover each of these 8 exercises. And guess whaté

We're going to cover your whole body too andthe only piece of equipment that you'll need to manipulate your own bodyweight for a fewof the exercises is a single Pullup Bar. Guys if you don't have one already, investin one. 10 to 15 bucks is well worth your development here. So let's get it started. The 8 Best BodyweightExercises you can do. Alright let's kick this list off the rightway, with the old classic Pull Up. There's no way that we can get through an8 Best Exercises list without including this one

because it simply is one of the best thingsyou can do for your upper body and it is a great Bodyweight option. Now let's say you are not getting enough outof a Pull Up. Or you're looking for something more advanced or more difficult, we can involve more muscles in the exerciseby simply switching our grip. And the thing here guys you will see, thecommon theme with all these exercises is there are certainly ways to modify to make these exercises more of a regressionto make them easier or make them a progression

to make them harder. And being able to master that is the key. Because you never want to get stagnant withany of your upper body exercises or any of your Bodyweight exercises period. So here if I switch my grip up to what wecall the Commando Pull Up. Now I've got a Core involvement because mybody wants to twist in one side as soon as you take this over under grip. You can't let that happen.

We're going to let our Core kick in and actuallyhelp us to stay stable while we Pull Up to each side of the bar. Of course a little bit extra Forearm involvementhere, a little bit of Biceps, never a bad thing here when we're trying to Amp Up theintensity of the exercise. Let's stick with that theme though, as wemove to number 2. Let's get those Biceps a little bit more involved. And of course let's get that Core a littlebit more involved too just by flipping the grip all the way over to what we call a ChinUp Knee Up.

And you can see as I do this exercise, it'stwo parts. The first part is getting my head up over that bar through a natural Chin Up. Which we know that positioning will work ourBiceps a lot more than it would in a normal Pull Up positioning. And of course, let's involve those Abs aswell by finishing with the Knee Up. Guys a great way to get more out of your BodyweightExercises and Training is to put more in them. And you can see this exercise gives us thatopportunity. Add a few more muscle groups, make the movementa little bit more complex but you're going


What's up guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. So what do you thinké Is it possible to addnew muscle at the same time that you're pursuing a 6 Packé Now we know that nutrition is certainly oneof the biggest components of getting Abs. But for those that think that following bothgoals at the same time, pursuing more muscle and a lean body at the same time, is impossible, that bulking and cutting is the only wayéWe're going to have some fun today. Start up the fire pit because we're goingto roast some sacred cows.

Bulking and cutting is going to die once againhere today. It is probably the biggest pet peeve, andit's going to be a Jeff Rant Tutorial because I can't stand, every time I hear it. I will tell you flat out right now, and youprobably know the guys that are talking about bulking and cutting. Every single guy that talks about a bulk andcut being necessary, is a fat guy that likes to be fat for half the year. It's a fact, it's the way it is. Guys willtry to make up some excuse to carry excess

fat all year, so that at the end of the day when they windup leaning out they look just a little bit better than they did before. When they were lean the last time. We don't need to do that guys. We can absolutely,100%, get a 6 Pack at the same time that you build new muscle. And for those guys that want picture proof,all I have to do is look to my own guys that follow our program on Team Athlean and showyou that.

And I'm going to do that right now. And we'regoing to look at this as a way to actually acknowledge some of the guys for the greatwork that they have done. At the same time, it should add additionalproof to you that YES, this is possible. The first guy up here is Dan Boilore. Nowthis is your younger guy, obviously was on the thin side. He would be called average. He didn't havemuch muscle, he didn't have much fat. Well look at Dan Boilore now. He's been withATHLEANX now training for a couple of years. But he clearly added a bunch of lean muscle.This isn't like, oh, you can do this but you

can only add about 2 or 3 pounds of lean muscle. Dan has added plenty of lean muscle in thisperiod of time. If we can go further, we've got another guy,Jim Nas here. And I don't know what it is about tattoos but our guys on Team Athleanmust love tattoos. And that's fine, because they can wear themwith pride on these bodies that they're building, as you can see with Jim. Jim is another guy who was skinny. And he'sclearly added a ton of lean muscle now at the same time that he got a 6 Pack.

And before you start saying that, Oh, wellthat's because these guys were skinny, and it wasn't that hard, they're ectomorphs, ok. Let me show some guys who aren't. Here's aguy, Alex Parker, 51 years old, so you can't use the age excuse either, 51 years old that have what you might thinkis the average 51 years old guys body. But now look at Alex. Alex has clearly added muscle. Look at thedifferences in the chest, look at the differences in his shoulders, in his arms.

How many sets and reps to build muscle for size mass strength

How many reps to build muscle gonna go over how many reps it takes tobuild lean muscle building lean muscle is not easy especially for many guys allguys it's fast metabolisms kind of a really hard time putting on muscle sowhen these guys or girls had a pro How many sets and reps for mass, size, and strength muscle we tried to most efficienteffective way kinda like when you're trying to find a match on tender youwant to make it most efficient as keeps wiping right and if you're like me youmatch with you could always unnatural so one really good way to do this is byfinding out how many reps are supposed to do in order to have maximalhypertrophied games hypertrophy just

another word for building muscle so inorder to have maximal muscle gains we're gonna have to do a specific amount ofreps set and there's gotta be certain method to are exercising he gets the jobdone in the most efficient way possible let's talk about rest I'm gonna rockshould we do to build the maximum amount of muscle as a personal trainer I'vebeen certified by couple different organizations some of them say sixtyeight reps some say six to 10 reps some say six to 12 reps for hypertrophy butone thing is common in all these different certifying bottles theyrecommend a bare minimum of six reps and

this is something that I can agree withfrom my own experience anything under six reps does tend to build strength butit's a lot harder to control the way in a way that would help you build a mosquethe National Academy of Sports Medicine which is one of the most wellknownpersonal training certifications recommends that you do anywhere from sixto 12 repetitions and they change this all the time I personally alwayspreferred sixty eight repetitions everybody is if you have to figure outwhat works for you sixty eight reps always worked very very well for me

10 reps might be it for you the amountthat you can list your strength in a list also very much core leagues withthe size of your muscles now I know this isn't always true for all people I'veseen many bodybuilders they used very very lightweight and they're able tocontrol that weight very very slowly and gain muscle size that way most naturalarticle is that I have personally net gain the size of the game have putup some serious few weeks so what i recommend for hypertrophy to put onmuscle is a little thing hope you are as How many sets and reps for mass, size, and strength a nation there's different phases whenyou're doing throughout his Asian so the

first days is going to be three weekslaw for three weeks you gonna do six repetitions three weeks and repetitionsand in the last three weeks I want you to do anywhere from three to fiverepetitions that's it now at the end of those nine weeks you're gonna go back toyour first three weeks you gonna go back How many reps to build muscle to the six repetitions and I bet you'regoing to be blown away at how much more we could live for those six repetitionsand by lifting that heavy load you gonna break down muscle tissue and be moresize as far as sets I recommend anywhere from three to four sets per exercisemore poorly than all of that when you're

trying to build muscle your form to beas close to perfection as possible we want to keep the tension on the musclethat we're working on the whole time you wanna do to maximize muscle gain bygoing really slowly during the east central portion of your contractions sofor example as you're coming down that the east central contract that's theportion of the excess we're breaking the most amount of muscle tissue downremember to go to failure also supersets really helps as well I really like to doa compound movement and then super set up with an isolation movement on themuscle that I'm trying to target for

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