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How To Get Muscles Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorial Get 6 Pack Abs in Photoshop

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How to add MUSCLE with Photoshop 95

Hi folks. Glyn here. Back with another tutorial for you, and thistime I want to show you how you can increase muscle using Photoshop. All right. I've just had a bit of a sort out recentlysince getting back from Photoshop World and I came across this picture on my hard drive. Now this is a picture of a guy.

It's a composite. The guy was a rugby player, obviously. This isn't really the kind of work that Ido nowadays, but when I saw it it reminded me of a technique that I used on him, whichmay be useful for you now. We'll go through it. It might be something that you never use,but it's a bit of fun. It's experimenting and playing around, justseeing what we can do. You might be able to find something else thatyou could use it on.

What I'm going to show you then, let's justdive over to Photoshop, is how this guy here, Sam, we can actually make his back look justa little bit more muscular. You can see here he's got one of those, it'skind of like a shrink wrap top on there. Really compressing him down, and althoughhe did have a muscular back, it wasn't really showing through. Here's what we can do to give him some muscle. Now, it just so happens, over on my hard drive,I've got a picture of this guy here. This is a friend of mine called Nigel St Lewis.

This is from a photo shoot quite sometimeago now. Nowadays Nigel is considerably bigger, butthis here, being the straightforward shot of his back, will work out ideal for whatwe need. Here's what we're going to do. I'm going to get my lasso tool, and I'm justgoing to make a very, very rough selection of his back. Like so. Just get the move tool and then we'll dragit over, hold it over the tab so we can bring

it into this picture of Sam. You can see, obviously, it needs resizing. Let's just zoom out a bit and we'll go Commandor Control T to get the free transform. We'll just resize it quite a bit so far. To help us position it where we need it, let'sjust lower the opacity down just a touch. I'll zoom in now. Hopefully you'll be able to see it. You can just about see the outline of hiswhite top, and we can see where Nigel's back

is now. I'm just going to reposition it just a touch. Around about there, the base of his neck. This little bit down here. This bit on this part is where Nigel's backis. What I'm going to do is, I'm just going toright click within here now and go to warp. Then I'm just going to manipulate it roundjust a little bit. Doesn't need to be exact, but we just wantto line it up to roughly where it would be.

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