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Lean Muscle Mass

Bodyweight Workout Routine BUILD MUSCLE AT HOME

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. How about a bodyweight workout that all dependson the outcome of the Super Bowlé Well, that's what we've got here today. Now whether you're watching this tutorial beforethe Super Bowl, during the Super Bowl or after the Super Bowl, you're going to have your work cut out foryou because your workout is going to depend upon what the score of the game is. Now, the average person that watches the SuperBowl will consume on Super Bowl Sunday 2,400

extra calories. That's a lot of calories. So, you can either try to do this during thegame as I'll show you here, or you do it any day after the game, matter of fact, when the game is over, I will post the scoreright here and you'll know exactly what you're going to have to do for the workout basedon what I'm going to describe to you now. So, basically the old Super Bowl pools thatyou're familiar with, you have all the numbers across, zero through nine, zero through nine,one for each team. In this case, Super Bowl 49, the New EnglandPatriots and the Seattle Seahawks. In these

typical pools, you've filled out a box. The numbers get pooled. You have 2 numbers,the last digit in the score, that's what the number is, that's whether or not you win thepool. Well, in this case, oh, you're going to winall right, but you're going to win some bodyweight exercises that you're going to have to do,50 of each one. For zero, we have Archers. You can see medemonstrating here the Archer. You're going to do 50, ok. That 25 to the right, and 25to the left. The numeral 1 here, Hannibal Push Ups. Toughexercise, but this is not an easy workout.

We've got 50 Hannibal Push Ups. Number 2. Scissor Jack Burpees. A right leg,a left leg, switch down to a Burpee. come back up explosive, hard exercise. Number 3. Stair Jumps. If you're working outat home, and you don't have a bench to jump on, pick 2 steps and jump up on those. If you're really just starting out, try topick on just the bottom step and jump up on that. Next one, Number 4, one of the best bodyweightexercises, Pull Ups. Now, if you don't have

somewhere that you can do Pull Ups in a doorway, you should invest in a bar, but if you don't,you could always Pull Up underneath a countertop or an overhang in your house if you have one. Again, buy a Pull Up Bar, they're like 10bucks. The Next thing, Number 5. Single Leg Landmines. Each leg, 50. Ok, So here, demonstrating what it looks like,an explosive lower body movement, 50 coming up on the right, 50 coming up on the left. Next, Number 6. An ab exercise, Hanging LegRaises. Again, a tough exercise. If you're

just starting out, you might want to lightenup that weight that you have to lift. Pull the knees in and do hanging Knee Raisesinstead, but 50 nonetheless. Number 7. Side Kickthroughs. Here, you'vegot 50 on each leg as I demonstrate again this quickfoot, quicktransitional exerciseon the ground athletic. Aim for 50 to each side. Next up, Number 8. Dragon Thrusts. Anothertough ab exercise focusing on that lower ab strength. You're going to kick up and out. Try to makesure that you don't sag in your low back.

5 Reasons Why Youre Not Building Muscle Fast Enough And How To Make Faster Gains

Yo, what's going on guysé Troy here with WeightGainNetwork and I'm on vacation in Brazil and it is absolutely beautiful here. Check out this amazing viewhere. I wish I could have filmed at the beach and shown you guys some of the beautiful Brazilianwomen but we'd have to censor out a lot of things. So we don't want to have to go throughall that struggle and I want to leave it up to your guys' imagination so you guys aremotivated and hungry to travel here yourself. And the thing about going on vacation andchillin' at the beach is you want to go when you're feeling good about yourself and youwant to go when you're feeling swole and you're feeling jacked. So I want to get into fivedifferent things that I see from almost every

naturally skinny guy that they're doingwrong when they hit that plateau and they're not seeing those strength and those lean musclegains. So let me dive right into this because it is absolutely beautiful here I want toget back to chillin' at the beach, knockin' on these beautiful Brazilian girls so letme dive right into this list. First thing holding me back from lean muscleand strength gains is what I like to call unbalanced training. And this is basicallywhen you put too much emphasis on one muscle group versus the opposing muscle group sothink about this guys so you have your chest and if all you do is develop your chest andyou don't develop those back muscles to support

it, it's going to really hold you back fromincreasing the muscles in your back and increasing your overall strength. So you have to thinkof all these opposing muscle groups and all these different groups in your body workingin cohesion to each other. So that's why you can't just go to the gym and just work onyour biceps every single day for years and years and have these monster huge arms. Youhave to work the body's largest and strongest muscle groups. And I really say emphasizeworking on them equally so a really easy threeday training split is you can do a pushpull day.So you can do like bench incline and decline, and then you can do pull exercises like youdo barbell row, seated row, you can do some

dumbbell onearm row all that good stuff.You know, pushpull you're doing opposing muscle groups and then when you're doing likea leg day make sure you're not putting too much emphasis on your quadriceps versus yourhamstrings. I was actually making this mistake for a long time. And basically what was happeningwas my quadriceps were a lot stronger than my hamstrings so when I was running sprintsand I was doing deadlift and things like that, I noticed I was pulling my hamstring. I didit like once every threefour weeks for a while it was really starting to bother meso I just kind of did my own research and figured out what was wrong. And I just noticedit once I focused on developing the strength

in my hamstrings, everything just kind ofwent together and I started increasing my deadlift I increased my deadlift by about40 to 50 pounds in a month just by focusing on improving the strength of my hamstringsto catch up to my quads. So back to the threeday split you can do a pushpull; a chestbackday. Have a leg day where you put equal emphasis on your quads and your hamstrings. And thenhave an arm day where your bicepstriceps and shoulders. This is a fantastic threedaytraining split that will give you guys that nice balance of all the best exercises soyou're not overemphasizing one muscle group as opposed to another.

The second thing holding you back from strengthand lean muscle gains is training with low muscle glycogen. I actually did an experimenton this myself and I could not believe the difference it had made in my training. SoI used to go on these little lowcarb diet binges where I would go really lowcarb andI'd go in the gym and try and go really heavy on the bench and the squat and the deadlift,so essentially I was training with really low muscle glycogen. So when you eat carbohydrates,your body actually absorbs these carbohydrates to a point it's called your muscle glycogen.So obviously when you eat too many carbohydrates you have a spillover effect where it turnsinto body fat. But you guys being naturally

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