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Massive Muscle Gain Diet

Workout Plan for Skinny Guys Hardgainers THIS BUILDS MUSCLE

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX . I'm talking to the skinny guys today. Nowdon't worry, it's going to be helpful for all, but I'm going to get inside the mindsof the skinny guys because I know what the hell you're thinking. I've been one and Iknow how to get you a lot bigger than you are right now because I know the things thatyou should be focusing on. Today I'm going to tell you exactly what tofocus on in your workouts if you don't want to be skinny anymore. The first thing I'mgoing to tell you to do – shocker – is get your ass to the gym. Now, it's not abouttelling you to start working out. You already

know that. You're probably already doing that.I'm saying get yourself to the gym. Face your fears. Remember I said I was goingto get in your headé I know what you're thinking. You're maybe a little nervous to go to thegym because you're afraid of the ridicule being the skinny guy. You look around, yousee all these guys lifting heavy weights, grunting, groaning, intimidating. You're sittingthere holding 20lb dumbbells in your hand thinking you're not going to measure up tothem. You know what, guysé Screw that and screwthem because anybody at the gym that would ridicule you for the weights that you're liftinghas no bearing on you. It doesn't even deserve

your concern because that's a dick. Nobodywho's been where you've been at – all of us have started somewhere and most guys inthe gym are going to respect your pursuit. They're going to respect the fact that you'rethere despite how thin you might be, doing what you need to do to change that. I cantell you that right away, that 99% of the guys that you maybe think are intimidatingare probably respecting the shit out of you because they know what you're been through.If they've been there themselves they know more than that. The idea is, make yourself accountable andface your fears. Unless you have to work out

at home for a particular reason then get there.I'm telling you, you're going to find more out of getting there because facing your fearsin just that one move of arriving at the gym is going to set the stage for everything else.Now, when you're there, the most important thing to do is simplify. Find one exercise per major muscle group tofocus on. What am I talking abouté Well, major muscle groups are your chest, your back, yourshoulders, your legs, and your arms – your biceps and triceps. Obviously your core isthrown in there as well, but we're not going to worry about that so much. We're tryingto build as much muscle as we can. So of those

six major muscle groups, pick one exercise. I'll give you a head start. I think you shouldfocus on a bench press. Not necessarily with dumbbells because you might not have the coordinationyet to handle the independent dumbbells, but use a bar. Do a bent over row for your back.Do a squat for your legs. If you can't do a squat because you've either got knee problems,or back problems, then maybe try a dead lift. I personally prefer dead lifts more than Iprefer squats for my particular case for my knees. Do an overhead press. Do a barbellcurl and do a lined tricep extension, okayé These are exercises that have two things incommon. One: they're compound. They usually

involve multiple joints. We want to starttrying to build your coordination on these movements and allow you to become stronger,allowing different muscles to work together. The second thing is, they allow you to eventuallyoverload. So let's just look at a case of the arms. A barbell curl is always going tobe the heaviest bicep exercises that you will ultimately be able to do. You're not goingto be able to do more on a concentration curl than you are in a barbell curl. So I wantyou to focus on those bigger exercises, okayé Now, how are we going to break them upé Iwant you to start by simplifying again. I know that people will probably tell youto start doing total body workouts because

Im Getting Stronger But Not Bigger Strength Gains Without Mass

Hey guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of SeanNal and BodyTransformationTruth and today I want to answer a very common question thatpeople ask me all the time which is why am I getting stronger but not bigger. Yes, it'sperfectly possible for you to make noteworthy gains in strength without any real size gainsto go along with it. See, in simple terms, your body can basically produce strength gainsin two primary ways. The first is through muscular hypertrophy, or growth and this refersto an actual increase in the crosssectional area of the muscle itself. And if you'retrying to pack on muscle size, this is obviously the type of gain that you're after. Andthe second is through neural adaptations.

And in this case, your body is basically becomingmore efficient at recruiting motor units and making use of the muscle mass that you alreadyhave. If you've been gaining strength without the size to go along with it then this isthe primary adaptation that you've been experiencing. While it's possible that thisis happening as a result of an improperly structured workout plan, it's not very likelythat this is the case. If you're already in the gym and you're making consistent strengthgains over time then you'd have to be making some pretty basic fundamental errors in yourtraining structure in order for your workout plan to be the root of the problem. So hereare a few possible, but unlikely scenarios.

Number 1, you're mostly performing setsof 3 reps or less. This would primarily result in gains in strength and power rather thanactual hypertrophy. Secondly, you're performing sets primarily of, in excess of 12 reps. Andthis is going to primarily result in increases in endurance again rather than hypertrophy.Another possibility, you're only performing a couple sets per muscle group per workout.This is going to prevent you from creating enough metabolic fatigue in the muscle inorder to produce significant size gains. Another possibility, you're training each musclegroup less than once every 10 days or so. You could still produce size gains in thisway, but it would be a much more gradual process.

And finally you're training or rather you'renot training all of your muscle groups equally. If all you're doing is going into the gymto train your “showy� muscles like your chest or your biceps, or your abs then theoverall changes to your physique are going to be far less noticeable and take a muchlonger period of time. So if you're making any of those basic errors, you're going towant to fix those immediately. You're going to want to make sure that you're stickingto a hypertrophybased rep range anywhere between 5 and 12. You're going to want tomake sure that you're hitting each muscle group at least once per week, that you'reperforming multiple sets per muscle group

during each session and that you're trainingyour entire body with equal focus and intensity. However, assuming that you already have thesebasic training principles in place, which I'm sure most of you do, then your lack ofsize gains likely has nothing to do with your actual training plan at all. Yes, your currentplan could probably be tweaked and improved further but if you're employing all of thoseprinciples that I just mentioned and you're making consistent gains in strength as well,then your workout plan is already structured at least well enough to produce noticeablegains in muscle size. So, what's the real problem hereé Well, it's pretty simple andit's your diet. More specifically, you're

not consuming an adequate calorie intake eachday. Remember, in order for you to build a significant amount of muscle, you have toprovide your body with a calorie surplus each day by consistently consuming more caloriesthan you're burning. Now this is known as the “law of energy balance�, and withoutthis in place, your gains are basically going to be nonexistent. So if you're gainingstrength without the size then the chances are that you're consuming a level of calorieseach day that is either right at or right around your calorie maintenance level. You'retaking in enough for your body to maintain its current weight, but you're not providingthat additional excess that is needed in order

Train Large Jay Cutler Living Large MassBuilding Workouts Training Tips Nutrition Plan Ep 2

You know, you're askingme if I get sick of being a bodybuilder. Never. I mean, I love liftingweights, that's what I do. Let's go, Jay, come on. Come on, come on.

Stack 'em is the show. Come on. Almost every night, seriously,quot;When is he coming iné When's he coming in nextéquot; What do you think peoplethink when they see Jay in the gymé Most of 'em can't believethat they can be that big, to be honest with you.

First time you see him,it's a lot of looks. Everyone goes shakes his hand,interrupts his workouts, takes pictures. That's excellent. Appreciate it, man. But Jay has never turnedone person down ever to take a picture, to do an autograph,to talk to someone. He's always been out of hisway to help everyone out.

When Jay comes in, everyonewants to be like Jay. Not like Mike, everyonewants to be like Jay. The biggest achievement thatI'd never expected was to give the motivation to a lot ofpeople when I was just trying to be motivated myselfto go to the gym. You know, I train in publicbecause I don't want to be surrounded and locked inthe lifestyle to the extreme. I mean, I live init day in, day out.

You know, I'm cooking andtraining and never stepping out of the shoes of being who Iam and that's Jay Cutler, the bodybuilder. So for me, I have my ownsanctuary which is pretty much my office that, you know, here Ilook around at the achievements. I'm surrounded by what mylife from the beginning to now has become. So, for me, it's enough for meand, yes, I have some functioned

equipment in the gym, likecardiovascular and that kind of things, which arenecessary in the morning. I don't want to have to drive tothe gym so that allows me to be able to get in what I need toand, of course, I leave all the weights to the gym. They have the most weights. I like to do variety. You know, I move heavy dumbbellsso, you know, I work anywhere

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