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Muscle Gain Wrist Size

Post Workout Nutrition For Muscle Growth Meal Tips For Bigger Gains

Yo, what's going on guysé Troy here, WeightGainNetwork .We're going to talk about post workout nutrition in this tutorial. I'm going to give you guyssome radical, outsidethebox tips on how you can really speed up your muscle growthat the most important time of the day, that is post workout. You go in the gym and you'rebreaking down, creating all these healthy microtears, hitting those compound exercises,doing that advanced training, doing all that good stuff I know you guys are doing rightnow. If you don't have the proper post workout nutrition, if you don't really maximize thatinsulin spike for a 60 to 90 minute period following your workout, you guys are not goingto grow as fast as you could. This actually

all came from the book, Nutrient Timing. Iknow some of the stuff I'm going to dive into in this tutorial, you guys are going to be like,oh, that's broscience, that shit doesn't work, blah, blah, blah. This is actually scientificallyproven. Everything that I cover in this tutorial has got all hard science from Nutrient Timing.Some of this I actually got from the Encyclopedia of bodybuilding and a little bit, a few ofthese tricks are just from different fitness models and bodybuilders that I brush shoulderswith. This is my routine. If you guys are naturally skinny, this is really going tomaximize your results because insulin, even states it in here, is the most anabolic hormonefollowing a resistance training workout, so

you guys got to spike that insulin. It's goingto help you shuttle all those amino acids into your cells. It's going to shut down yourcortisol production and it's going to be really effective for speedy muscle growth. I've gotsome crazy stuff here on the counter. I'm going to dive into exactly why I have allof these here. What I do here immediately after I work out is most of the time I'llhave a protein shake. I finish my protein shake. Then after that as I'm cooking up mypostworkout meal what I'll actually do here is I'll have some branch chain amino acids.I'll add in a little bit of creatine powder. I will add in some EmergenC, now this oneis really important because cortisol is really

high, especially after a really intense resistancetraining workout, so you want to blunt that cortisol production. You want to have VitaminC. Vitamin C blocks cortisol and then we have DAspartic acid. I'll put about 4 grams ofthis in. This is by far and away the best allnatural testosterone booster. Then whatI will do here is I'll mix it in some Gatorade. Now, Gatorade is really high in potassiumand electrolytes. It's got the simple sugar. You want to have the simple sugars, so yourbody absorbs all these ingredients. The simple sugar is what's going to give you that insulinspike, which is what we want post workout. Now, when I'm really trying to bulk up andgain muscle mass quickly, I will consume about

60% of my daily calories post workout. Anotherlittle trick that I do is, this is my goto right here. Actually I put these in a littlebaggy and I actually bring them to the gym. Why gummy bears. You want a combination oftwo things post workout. You want those speedy carbs and you want highquality protein andyou want hardly any fiber and any dietary fat. Gummy bears are literally pure dextroseand glucose. If you look on the back, we've got corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, dextrose.They have absolutely no fat and they are all simple carbohydrates. I will eat actuallytwo servings of these. That's about 60 grams of carbs, so between the Gatorade and thenbetween my gummy bears, I have about 120 grams

of carbohydrates and literally zero gramsof fat so far. Then I have my natural tea booster. One more thing also, I put 5 gramsof micronized creatine. Creatine is awesome post workout. A lot of guys thinking you'reonly supposed to take creatine before you work out, but it actually takes a day or twoto load creatine into your cells in your body. On top of that, you need some sugar to reallyload that creatine in so that's why when you have an insulin spike, that is the most effectivetime of the day to take creatine. I'll put all these ingredients into this little Gatoradebottle. I'll sip that as I'm cooking my postworkout meal. Then I'll also munch on these fat freegummy bears. Then getting into the actual


What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Here's an ATHLEAN XPRESS Tutorial for you tohelp you build bigger forearms when you are at home and don't have equipment. See, in the gym, a lot of us get our ancillaryforearm work because we're carrying dumbbells or putting plates up on bars, right, we'redoing Farmer's Carry's, direct forearm work. But if you're working out at home and youdon't have access to equipment like dumbbells and things like that, what are you going todoé Well, there's no excuses here with ATHLEANXas you guys know. We have an entire bodyweight

program that will build muscle using literallynothing. We say No bands, No bars, No bench, No bull.We can do it with completely your own bodyweight, or if we're in the house, if you're goingto work out at home, you've got to have some home options too.With just a single chair, you can do your entire forearm work and I'll show you exactlyhow. It really depends on how you hold the chairthat makes all the difference in the world. So, we have here a normal folding chair, thisone right out of the Mets clubhouse, from 2008. So, what we do is, if you're going towant to start to work on the extensors of

your forearms, you want to have the opportunity to make thisharder or easier, and again, it depends on where you grab the chair. If you have a normal folding chair and yougrab the arms of the chair, you're going to shorten up the amount of chair that's directlyexposed to the force of gravity. So when you hold it a little bit closer here,it becomes a little bit easier. So, you grab on here, on the handles, and you tilt up,ok. We're going to work our radial deviation inour forearm extension right through here.

Elbows in to the side, just tilt it up. Ok.You work from here. Now, if you get to start to be a little bitstronger, then you can grab on here at the back of the chair, just grab on to the topof the chair just like this. And from here, again, you're going to tiltup and it's a lot harder, ok. Obviously, I can't even do it myself. I have to shorten it just a little bit moreto be able to get a better mechanical advantage on it. The last thing we can do is flip thechair upside down. So, when we do that, now again, with a typicalfolding chair, you've got a crossbar at the

bottom. So, with the crossbar, you grab on like this.And now, you can work your forearms just by tilting the bottom of the chair away. Again, is this idealé It doesn't matter becauseit's what you got. So, if you're working out at home and you've got only the things aroundyou to use, don't believe that you can't build musclewith them. You certainly can. You've got to create overload. I wouldn't be able to do more than at leasteven 7 of those, initial extensions from the

back of the chair, it's too hard for me. So I know that I can build muscle if I keepoverloading no matter what I'm using. The goal is always to create that mechanicaloverload so we have a reason to grow back bigger and stronger. So, there you have it guys. A home way towork your forearms which is a single chair. And if you don't have a chair and you're talkingabout using a couch, good luck to you. I got no tips for that. In the meantime, if you're looking for a completebodyweight only, zero equipment workout program

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