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Recipes For Muscle Building Diet

Bodyweight Workout Routine BUILD MUSCLE AT HOME

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. How about a bodyweight workout that all dependson the outcome of the Super Bowlé Well, that's what we've got here today. Now whether you're watching this tutorial beforethe Super Bowl, during the Super Bowl or after the Super Bowl, you're going to have your work cut out foryou because your workout is going to depend upon what the score of the game is. Now, the average person that watches the SuperBowl will consume on Super Bowl Sunday 2,400

extra calories. That's a lot of calories. So, you can either try to do this during thegame as I'll show you here, or you do it any day after the game, matter of fact, when the game is over, I will post the scoreright here and you'll know exactly what you're going to have to do for the workout basedon what I'm going to describe to you now. So, basically the old Super Bowl pools thatyou're familiar with, you have all the numbers across, zero through nine, zero through nine,one for each team. In this case, Super Bowl 49, the New EnglandPatriots and the Seattle Seahawks. In these

typical pools, you've filled out a box. The numbers get pooled. You have 2 numbers,the last digit in the score, that's what the number is, that's whether or not you win thepool. Well, in this case, oh, you're going to winall right, but you're going to win some bodyweight exercises that you're going to have to do,50 of each one. For zero, we have Archers. You can see medemonstrating here the Archer. You're going to do 50, ok. That 25 to the right, and 25to the left. The numeral 1 here, Hannibal Push Ups. Toughexercise, but this is not an easy workout.

We've got 50 Hannibal Push Ups. Number 2. Scissor Jack Burpees. A right leg,a left leg, switch down to a Burpee. come back up explosive, hard exercise. Number 3. Stair Jumps. If you're working outat home, and you don't have a bench to jump on, pick 2 steps and jump up on those. If you're really just starting out, try topick on just the bottom step and jump up on that. Next one, Number 4, one of the best bodyweightexercises, Pull Ups. Now, if you don't have

somewhere that you can do Pull Ups in a doorway, you should invest in a bar, but if you don't,you could always Pull Up underneath a countertop or an overhang in your house if you have one. Again, buy a Pull Up Bar, they're like 10bucks. The Next thing, Number 5. Single Leg Landmines. Each leg, 50. Ok, So here, demonstrating what it looks like,an explosive lower body movement, 50 coming up on the right, 50 coming up on the left. Next, Number 6. An ab exercise, Hanging LegRaises. Again, a tough exercise. If you're

just starting out, you might want to lightenup that weight that you have to lift. Pull the knees in and do hanging Knee Raisesinstead, but 50 nonetheless. Number 7. Side Kickthroughs. Here, you'vegot 50 on each leg as I demonstrate again this quickfoot, quicktransitional exerciseon the ground athletic. Aim for 50 to each side. Next up, Number 8. Dragon Thrusts. Anothertough ab exercise focusing on that lower ab strength. You're going to kick up and out. Try to makesure that you don't sag in your low back.

Meal Prep for Bodybuilding Get Easier Muscle Gains By Prepping Your Meals

Yo, what's going on you musclebuilding scallywagséTroy here with Weight Gain Network and in this tutorial I'm going to help you guys savetime, save money, improve your gains, the whole nine yards. We're going to do a completemeal prep for body building. This has been a really common issue that I'm seeing on socialmedia. I'm seeing a ton of guys that enter the coaching program have this question andjust people that I brush shoulders with every single day, they say, quot;How in the world amI supposed to get in all these meals. You know, you talk about eating 3,000 caloriesa day, I have a life. I have school. I have a wife. I have a mistress on the side. I havetwo jobs.quot; Whatever it may be. The point is,

it's really not that hard if you strategicallydo a little meal prepping. What we're going to do in this tutorial is probably the greatestmeal prep in the history of mankind. We are going to cook a bunch of shit in like an hour.As you see I have little prep here. What I did here is I prepped a bunch of sweet potatoes.Sweet potatoes are probably my favorite source of bodybuilding carbs because they're perfectfor post workout. They've got a lot of potassium, a lot of vitamins and nutrients. What I didhere is I just chopped up this equivalent of four sweet potatoes. I chopped them upand I put them in this little baking dish. I put some seasoning on and I put about fourtablespoons of water, just so it doesn't stick

to the bottom and it kind of like steams upand cooks a little faster. Then I'm going to show you guys my two favorite recipes formaking chicken not suck. What I did here is I have a couple pounds of chicken tenderloinsand we're going to dip it in the egg and then one recipe I'm going to crush up these bakedLays. We're going to dip it in the egg. Put the barbecued baked Lays over it. Make somereally healthy fried chicken. The other recipe, we're going to use some panko breadcrumbs,some cayenne pepper seasoning and some garlic powder and I also added some hemp seeds forsome added protein and omega3s. I'm going to show you guys that process, then we'regoing to go, while that's cooking, we're going

to go over to the rice cooker and we're goingto make a couple cups of brown rice. We're going to have three things cooking at once.We're going to have the chicken, we're going to have the brown rice, we're going to havethe sweet potatoes and then if you really wanted to take your meal prep to the nextlevel, you could have a little skillet going at the same time. If you guys happen to liveby a Trader Joe's this is probably the best quality, cheapest protein I've found. Thisis wild caught Alaskan cod. This is 3.99 a pound. This costs me, $5.35 for about 125grams of protein. If you really wanted to, I'm not going to do this part of my meal prep,but if you really wanted to cook like enough

food for five to seven days, you could havea big skillet going right here at the same time and you could be cooking up all thiscod. I'm heading out of town in two days, so I'm not going to do a crazy amount of mealprep, but this will be enough for me for about three or four days. Then, another thing Ido to make my life really easy, one more thing, just thought of it as I'm staring at it, thisis fresh mango salsa, super easy to make. Perfect for putting on chicken and cod becausehonestly, I fucking hate just eating chicken with like hot sauce. I'm so sick of it. Likewhite fish, extremely boring. So all this is is chopped up mango, red bell pepper, jalapenoand a bunch of lime juice, so super easy to

make and what was I going to say. Oh, anotherthing that I do to make my life easier, my other source of protein is I'll just havewild caught salmon in a can. This is a really good source of omega3s, super lean protein.Just overall a really highquality source of protein. This little can here has 20 gramsof protein and it's got pretty much my entire daily serving of omega3s which is reallyimportant for recovery and bodybuilding. These are only like a dollar at WalMart.Then sometimes later in the day, I will have some organic eggs. I'll just fry them up onthe skillet and for my healthy fat sources, it pretty much all comes from the eggs, thesalmon, the almond butter. Sometimes I'll

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