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Supplements Building Muscle Burning Fat

8 Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever HIT EVERY MUSCLE

What's up guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. We're going to continue our series today ofour 8 Best Exercises. This time covering the 8 Best Bodyweight Exercisesyou can do. And we're going to mix it up guys, it's notjust strength training exercises but conditioning as well. If you want to be an Athlete, you've got totrain like an Athlete. We're going to combine both strength and conditioningto cover each of these 8 exercises. And guess whaté

We're going to cover your whole body too andthe only piece of equipment that you'll need to manipulate your own bodyweight for a fewof the exercises is a single Pullup Bar. Guys if you don't have one already, investin one. 10 to 15 bucks is well worth your development here. So let's get it started. The 8 Best BodyweightExercises you can do. Alright let's kick this list off the rightway, with the old classic Pull Up. There's no way that we can get through an8 Best Exercises list without including this one

because it simply is one of the best thingsyou can do for your upper body and it is a great Bodyweight option. Now let's say you are not getting enough outof a Pull Up. Or you're looking for something more advanced or more difficult, we can involve more muscles in the exerciseby simply switching our grip. And the thing here guys you will see, thecommon theme with all these exercises is there are certainly ways to modify to make these exercises more of a regressionto make them easier or make them a progression

to make them harder. And being able to master that is the key. Because you never want to get stagnant withany of your upper body exercises or any of your Bodyweight exercises period. So here if I switch my grip up to what wecall the Commando Pull Up. Now I've got a Core involvement because mybody wants to twist in one side as soon as you take this over under grip. You can't let that happen.

We're going to let our Core kick in and actuallyhelp us to stay stable while we Pull Up to each side of the bar. Of course a little bit extra Forearm involvementhere, a little bit of Biceps, never a bad thing here when we're trying to Amp Up theintensity of the exercise. Let's stick with that theme though, as wemove to number 2. Let's get those Biceps a little bit more involved. And of course let's get that Core a littlebit more involved too just by flipping the grip all the way over to what we call a ChinUp Knee Up.

And you can see as I do this exercise, it'stwo parts. The first part is getting my head up over that bar through a natural Chin Up. Which we know that positioning will work ourBiceps a lot more than it would in a normal Pull Up positioning. And of course, let's involve those Abs aswell by finishing with the Knee Up. Guys a great way to get more out of your BodyweightExercises and Training is to put more in them. And you can see this exercise gives us thatopportunity. Add a few more muscle groups, make the movementa little bit more complex but you're going

5 Reasons to Take Supplements AND WHEN YOU NEVER SHOULD

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, AthleanX . Today I'm going to help you to determine whetheror not supplements are a right fit for you. Supplements are not the right fit for everybody,but you can ask yourself a series of questions and determine whether or not you are a candidate. It starts right here in our quot;yesquot; or quot;noquot;with where you are at in terms of your program. Are you just starting outé Are you a beginneréAre you a really skinny guy who's never really lifted a weight before in your lifeé Guesswho knows somebody that's like thaté I do! That's exactly what I was. As a matter offact, this is my actual, very first dumbbell

that I ever used. You can see it right there;that's my five pounder. This five pounder went on to allow me to start lifting a lotheavier weight, but I started with that. As a matter of fact, my brother told me growingup quot;You have to earn the right, earn the privilege, to be able to start taking supplements.quot; Becauseif you're just starting out with really light weights and you're not really that sophisticatedwith your training yet, supplementation is overkill. You'd be much better off figuring out thebasics and understanding how to start building your body from the ground up. Learning theproper movements, the right way to train,

and how to put it all together before youstart finessing it with supplements. On the other end of the spectrum, and on thesame note, if you're a guy who's allowed yourself to get incredibly out of shape – 40% bodyfat or above because of your absolutely poor nutrition habits – trying to fix them withsupplementation is not the right way to go about it either. So you want to make sure that you're in thatzone where you've dedicated yourself to getting in shape, you've been on that path for a while,and you're looking to take it to the next level. Then you would be a quot;yesquot;. Otherwise,if you're starting with either one of those

extremes you're going to wind up over hereas a quot;noquot;. Here's a scenario that I know a lot of youcan probably relate to, but I'm actually living it and breathing it every single day rightnow. That is high levels of stress. It doesn't have to be bad stress. It could be good stress.In my case it is good stress. We've had twin boys. They came a little bit early. That's stressful, but we're trying to getthem to grow and develop and catch up to where they need to be. That's provided a lot ofstress for my life, but guess whaté I'm still going to train, I'm still going to try toeat as good as I can, but as I covered in

my nutrition tutorial the other day where I showedyou some fast ways that I can create lots of meals at once – I'll actually link thathere if you haven't seen that already – stress is present in my life right now even more. Supplementation can help you to overcome stressbecause it can do two things. Number one: we know how nutrition can be a large componentof providing your body with the fuel it needs to stay healthy even in the face of stress,and we also know that we don't necessarily have the time to prepare it in stressful times. So supplementation would be extremely easyto prepare and allow you to be consistent

with your nutrition. So for me, I've neverbeen more reliant on my supplements than I am right now because I'm not always in a placewhere I can get good nutrition. The cafeteria at the isn't the bestplace for me to get proper nutrition, but if I can mix up a shake, take it with me,and now that I'm going to have optimum nutrition at my fingertips whenever I need it; it becomesthat much more imperative. I will say, if you're in a high stress job,or find yourself in a high stress situation and you don't want to sacrifice on yournutrition and you still want to be able to train and you're applying a lot of stressto your body, make sure at that point that

Best 3 Ways to Burn Fat and Build Muscle without Supplements

Alright! This is John Kohler with okraw .Today we have another exciting episode for you. I have a friend of mine, Robert Cheeke,and the reason why I wanted to have him on the show today is because he has a brand newbook and the book is called “Shred It!� really simple really easy. Now I wanna readyou guys this quote on the book. “Robert Cheeke is the frontiersman in a plant basedbody building convincingly demonstrating you can be the best you can be eating plants andtraining with skillfully applied resistance� Caldwell B. Esselstyn M.D. And at the bottomit says “the Shred It book is your step by step guide to burning fat and buildingmuscle on a whole food plant based diet�

and that's another reason why I wanted tohave him on the show today because he's into a whole food diet which is what I advocate.There are plenty of vegan diets out there that are still eating processed and junk foodsand eating protein supplements. And actually according to Robert you don't even needthat but I'm not even gonna tell you more about that because we're gonna let Robertdo that but before we do, I wanna be sure that you guys get something out of this tutorial.You know and you guys could change your life by watching one of my tutorials. Like I liketo do with all my tutorials is give you guys some information. So first I wanna ask Robertsome other questions on what's 3 simple

ways to burn fat on a whole food plant baseddieté Robert: Well thank you John. First of allthanks for having me appreciate it. Good to be back. John: Thanks. Robert: It's been a year but it's alwaysgood to be here. So here it is really simple. So what you really need to do is get intoan effective fat burning zone. I mean you need to be efficient. So what that means isone of the best ways to effectively burn fat is to exercise first thing in the morningon an empty stomach, therefore you haven't

consumed carbohydrates or any fuel or anycalories over the last 8 or 10 hours depending on how much you slept or when your last mealwas the day before. And the reason why that is is because a little bit of glycogen storesin your muscles because we always have to. We always have to some glycogen. That'sour main energy source. That's our carbohydrate fuel but we don't have a whole lot of itif we haven't eaten in 10 hours. So when you burn through that in the first few minutesof training, your body's gonna call upon fat as fuel. And so when you do exercise firstthing in the morning, and it can be super low key. You can get up, check your emailriding a stationery bike or go for a hike

in the sun or do something for 25 35 40 minutesand that's it. A short investment. It's hard an hour. You're burning calories. You'resweating, you're burning calories and you're calling on fat as your fuel. Another greattime to get into a great effective fat burning zone is after weight lifting. So during weightlifting, you've had maybe you've had a meal right before. Maybe you ate just beforethe workout. Well great. You burn through those glycogen stores, you burn through thosecalories after about an hour an hour and 15 minutes at the gym. I mean how often whenyou're training do you start to feel hungry or a little bit tired in your weight trainingworkout or any workout for that matteré After

a little over an hour, you just you're depletedfrom those glycogen stores and your body's then gonna turn to fat. I spent 10 years asa body builder and that was one of the main approaches that I did. I would either getup first thing in the morning and do some cardiovascular training to get into a fatburning zone and get ripped and shred it. If I didn't feel like that, not necessarilya morning person, then what I would do is hammer through a really powerful workout whereI ate beforehand. So I'm really fueled, really strong, and really nourished, and Iget a great muscle building workout and I follow it up with 25 minutes on the stairstepper, or if it's sunny outside I'd

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