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Ab Workouts Printout


(intense music) ♫ Put your hands up ♫ Put your hands up ♫ Put your hands up ♫ Put put put put your hands up ♫ (upbeat music) Well guys, we are here at the Miami Strength and Fitness Club.

This is the gym where I liketo come to do heavy weights. My goal is always come, push as heavy as (mumbles), as heavy as all the big boys. So, let's see if today Ican push the heavy ones. Let's do it. (grunts) Between sets my rest isgoing from like a minute,

minute and half, but sometimes, when I'm off season, I try torest enough if I feel like I'm ready to go the next set. (grunts) That's my belt. My baby (laughs). Let's be Mutants. Lift to kill.

That is 180 today. (mumbles) (hollers) (grunts) Get 'em! (hollers) (grunts) one more. (grunts) okay.

(breathes heavily) (grunts) That is how a mutant do. So right now, next one we gonna do flat hammer machine. (intense music) (grunts in sync with each repetition) Thankfully because I'm taller, six one,

I can put on moresize without sacrifice my my symmetry, my proportion. So, next show is gonna be really good. (intense music) (grunts in sync with each repetition) After my flight to England, everything becomes to be different. I had a great, great energy

Sleek Slender Abs With Karena Tone It Up Tuesdays

Hey, it's Karena here from Tone It Up, andyou're here on Livestrong Woman. And today, I guess it's just me. It's a beautiful dayhere at the beach and Katrina decided to go take a dip. But that's alright because we'llstill workout together. You guys have been asking for a new ab routine, and I'm goingto share with you some of my favorite moves, right now. Alright, if you want, you can grabyour dumbbells and hold them down by your side, and we're going to warmup our abdominalsjust swaying side to side. We like to call this the Tipsy. I learned this from Katrina.She did it in the Beach Bade DVD. So, side to side, really isolate your abs. A few more.Alright, we're continuing to warmup: Raise

one arm overhead and then we're crossing overand crunching whew bring your knee up. This is hard in the sand. Keep those abs engagedso that you can focus and not fall over. We'll do 10 of these. And onto the other side. We'regetting a little arm workout in here too. Last one. Alright, now you can put your weightsdown if you have them, and we're gonna take it to the ground. Alright, this next movehas to be one of my favorites it's called the Kat Crunch. And that's probably why. SoI'll do it really slow at first and then we'll get into it. You'll come into a plank position,arms are…elbows are over you're wrists, and you're gonna to arch your back as youbring your knee in towards your chin, and

then bring it back. And bring it in, and bringit back. One thing is to remember not to lower your back too much, just keep a neutral spine.Let's do it for 10. And switch sides for 10, and let's do it. Whew! Alright, and now we'regoing to cinch it from side to side. Hip down and alternate hips touching the ground. Afew more. Last one. Whew. Alright, now we come down into a Forearm Plank and hold herefor 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Now raise one foot up and hold. Bring that foot out to the side. Rememberto breathe through all of this. Back to center. And release. Other foot up. Lower. Come downand rest. Stretch out your abs we're gonna do that one more time. Back into the ForearmPlank. Raise one foot up. Down. And up, out,

in and down. Whew! For this next move, grabone of your dumbbells that are off to the side. You can also use a book, you don't necessarilyneed a dumbbell. Come onto your back. Knees come at 90 degrees. Hold on, I'm gonna makesome space in the sand for myself. Alright, knees are at 90 degrees. Now you are goingto crunch up, place the weight on your legs, crunch down, extend your arms. Crunch up,grab the weight, and then full extension. Last one. Whew! I can feel that. Alright.And now, just 10 basic Crunches. Let's go. And last one. Alright, now we get to sit upand you're going to get into a V sit position. You're actually going to straighten your legs,lean back a little. I like to call this the

Butterfly. Whew! If you want, you can havea slight bend sometimes I do, my hip flexors are a little tight. And arms are straight,and flutter. A few more. Whew! Alright, and let's roll it back over and stretch out yourabs. And you're done. Whew, that was an awesome workout! Make sure you pair this one withsome of the other routines here at Livestrong Woman. And we'll see you at the next workout.

Love Your Abs Routine With Katrina Tone It Up Love Your Body Series

Hi everyone, it's Katrina, and this is youLove Your Body series. Now today, we are going to Love Our Abs, so follow along. I'm goingto just grab dumbbells. I have 8 pounds. And I just want you to tip from side to side,warming up your waistline. And slide the dumbbells down. And 4, 3, 2 and 1. Now we're gonna putone dumbbell down for your Love Triangle. So you're going to put your left foot outto the side, and your right foot is facing straight forward. And then your right armgoes in the air, and roll your left arm right down your leg, and then come up. Working thatwaistline right here. So we're toning that whole side. Okay, go down and then come up.It helps to look at the dumbbell and make

sure you're going straight down with it, andthen right above you. Good. Okay, three more 3, 2 and 1. Other side, switch. Two more.Last one. Good. Now put that dumbbell down. We are going to go to the end of our mat.I want you to bend over. Come down into a plank on your hands. Good. Stay right there.We are going to cinch from side to side. So you go this way and then go this way 4,3, 2, last one. Now I want you to flip to your side. Dip down. Come up, plank. Flipto the side. Dip down, up. There you go. Stay with me. Two more. Last one. Good. Now I wantyou to go down into Downward Facing Dog, and lift one leg up. Come to your elbow, one legup. Into the middle. Lift up and do the opposite.

Great job. And last one. Good. Now stay righthere. Take a deep breath. Left leg in the air to your elbow. Middle. To the side. Andlast one. Good. Now I want you to turn over onto your back. We're gonna work the lowerabs again. Hands underneath your bum. Bring your legs here. Now I want you to draw a heart,and then come up a little bit. Heart and then come up. Heart, come up. And heart. Good.Now go down. And back up. Okay, four more 4, 3. All the way down 2 and 1. Good.Now hands behind your head. We're going to crunch up to the middle, to the side, andto the side. Good. Now I want you to bring your leg up when you come up to the side,middle, and side. Good. Just lift those shoulder

blades off the ground, and you'll feel thatall throughout your upper abs. Great job. Last set. To the side, to the middle, andto the side. Good. Reach for the sky. And roll up. Alright, we want you to pair thatwith your Cupid's Cardio. And remember, your printable routine is at the link below. Andcheckin with us on Facebook, Twitter. And leave a comment below with if you did theworkout, if you loved it, and especially that you love your body. See you next time.

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