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Aerobics Queens Park

Jim Stoppanis SixWeek Shortcut To Shred Workout Training Overview Bodybuilding

♪♪♪ The quot;Shortcut to Shredquot;training program has the main goal of fat loss. However, because the program isdesigned with microcycles that use a periodized scheme, it alsois great for building mass and for gaining a lot of strengthwhile you're losing body fat. So who's it foré It's really for anyone,regardless of what your goal is.

Obviously, the lower you arecurrently in body fat, the more extreme you can get your fatlevels down with this program. But for those of you who areover 20% fat, this is also a great program to get you downcloser to that 10% mark, which is an impressive markfor anyone to be at. So really, this program is foranyone, regardless of where your starting point is and what yourend goal is, but the main goal of this program is dropping morebody fat while you're building

muscle and getting stronger. The most critical aspect tothe quot;Shortcut to Shredquot; program is cardio acceleration. That's the real keyto dropping body fat. With cardio acceleration,you're gonna be doing cardio in between every single set. Now, cardio does not mean yougotta run across the gym, jump on a treadmill,jump on a stationary bike.

It can be as simpleas running in place right next to the bench. Whatever it is, it's gonna keepyou moving, whether it's jump roping, jumping jacks, dumbbellcleans, kettle bell swings. Whatever it is, you'regonna be moving for a minute. And what that does is keepsyour heart rate elevated for the entire workout. Keeping your heart rate elevatedmeans you're gonna burn more

calories during the workout,but the more critical aspect is what's gonna happenwhen the workout's over. Because of the cardioacceleration, it's allowing your metabolic rate to stay higherfor longer while you're doing nothing, and this is where thereal calorie burning adds up the rest of the day. So by doing cardio accelerationin between your weight training workouts, you not only burn morecalories during the workout,

but you burn more calorieslong after the workout's over. Now, I recommend doing abouta minute of cardio acceleration in between your sets duringthe quot;Shortcut to Shredquot; program. Those of you who are justgetting into training, you can still performcardio acceleration, just go at a slower pace. And for those of you who find isthat a minute is just too long, you can start at 30 seconds,with the goal, obviously,

Its My Park Socrates Sculpture Park Outdoor International Film Festival

Every summer, two of New York's renowned arts institutions host a free, outdoor, international film festival in their Queens neighborhood. The American Museum of the Moving Image that curates a weekly program of foreign films from countries reflect the cultures cohabitating in the neighborhood. Shown at Socrates Sculpture Park, performers and caterers are booked to complement the cultural theme of each screening. Our international film series that we run in July and August attracts about 1,200 people a night to see the screenings. There's so many different countries represented around us in this neighborhoods in Queens, so many populations And the whole theme of the festival is to celebrate the ethnic diversity of Queens, so we pick different countries and match up food and music from each country.

Socrates and Museum of the Moving Image do a great job, and so I've never seen a movie here that I haven't really, really, really liked. The whole idea is to have a movie, music, meal, and a wonderful view of the Manhattan skyline. I come here every once in a while because I know that there's always a performance and food related to the movie and, you know, if there's dancing I like to dance so I figured I'd stand up and learn something. Earlier in the summer they had some Brazilianthemed music with samba dancing. Today's from Turkey, and you have some sort of documentary on the musical scene in Turkey. I was invited for the Turkish film as a belly dancer just to kind of introduce the culture a little bit. Belly

dance is traditionally in Turkey, as well as other countries in the Middle East, but it makes for great festivities and entertainment. Your energy is feeding off of each other, so we'll usually get people up to dance with us or show them a few moves. This is Malawueta of the many in Astoria, and so I'm going to get some of this fine food and I've also got my girlfriend on line over there. We're going to get some Turkish food as well tonight. I'm a chef at the restaurant Malaquetta, and my food is Brazilian cuisine and we have an influence of Africa, India, and Portugal, and combining this food gives good flavor, color, and good taste.

It's delicious, very good. Mmmmm It's sort of a full night. People participate in the prescreening entertainment, they're very lively, and they get involved. But once it's time for the screening, they really sit back and settle in, and it gets very silent. We show films that a lot of people might not have heard of. They're somewhat obscure films and they're from all around the world and the audience just comes and tries out what we show. I grew up in New York, and it's one of the things I love about New York, that there's so many different cultures, and every culture welcomes every other culture.

think it's one of the best features New York has to offer, the free activities on on great summer nights and a lot of different neighborhoods throughout the city. My name is Sira, and Socrates Sculpture Park is my park.

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