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Anabolic Steroids Liver


(intense music) ♫ Put your hands up ♫ Put your hands up ♫ Put your hands up ♫ Put put put put your hands up ♫ (upbeat music) Well guys, we are here at the Miami Strength and Fitness Club.

This is the gym where I liketo come to do heavy weights. My goal is always come, push as heavy as (mumbles), as heavy as all the big boys. So, let's see if today Ican push the heavy ones. Let's do it. (grunts) Between sets my rest isgoing from like a minute,

minute and half, but sometimes, when I'm off season, I try torest enough if I feel like I'm ready to go the next set. (grunts) That's my belt. My baby (laughs). Let's be Mutants. Lift to kill.

That is 180 today. (mumbles) (hollers) (grunts) Get 'em! (hollers) (grunts) one more. (grunts) okay.

(breathes heavily) (grunts) That is how a mutant do. So right now, next one we gonna do flat hammer machine. (intense music) (grunts in sync with each repetition) Thankfully because I'm taller, six one,

I can put on moresize without sacrifice my my symmetry, my proportion. So, next show is gonna be really good. (intense music) (grunts in sync with each repetition) After my flight to England, everything becomes to be different. I had a great, great energy

Are Steroids Really Bad for Your Health Maybe Not says Steven Kotler

I had no interest whatsoever in steroids.I got involved in this because an editor who is a friend of mine called me up and saidJose Canseco just wrote this crazy book where he said steroids are the wonder drug of tomorrow.And I said look man, I am not much of a baseball fan. It kind of bores me and everybody knowssteroids are terrible for you. Canseco's out of his mind. There's no way – likeyou're wasting my time. And he said, you know, it was very, very convincing. He saidI'll pay you to do the research. I was like absolutely I'm in. So I started lookingat it and I just started I said okay, I'm just going to read – I'm going to go backten years and read the articles in major journals

– The New England Journal of Medicine, Science,Nature – that kind of thing. I'm not even going to go that deep. Very very quickly whatI started to discover is every single thing I thought I knew about steroids was wrong.Every crazy disease these drugs had been linked to have nothing to do with it. I'll giveyou a phenomenal example. Steroids were linked to liver cancer, liver problems, right. Ithad nothing to do with the steroid. It has to do with the coating they put around thesteroid so it could pass through the stomach and get into your bloodstream. That was whatwas causing the problems. That coating has obviously since been replaced. But Nick Evanswho's at UCLA is the only person literally

in history whose ever done longterm steroidstudies, right. Long term abusers. Body builders, double and triple stacking steroids for 10,20 years at a time. None of the things we've been told aboutare real. The only danger he found is since the heart is a muscle there is a certain pointif you're taking massive massive doses over long periods of time it can expand it, itcan grow, right and grow bigger than the blood vessels and the ventricles and what not whichwould be a problem. And this doesn't mean, by the way, when teenagers use steroids, right,when you're still producing lots of these substances it's an absolute disaster, right.That's bad news. But in adults everything

we've been told tends to be wrong and someof what we've been told costs millions of lives, right. It turns out steroids are phenomenal,phenomenal in fighting back AIDS. They're really, really, really good. Nobody wantedto talk about it. When s started treating AIDS patients with it the guy who starteddoing this was a guy named Walter Jekot. The government jumped in and put him in jail forfive years. He scared the hell out of a ton of s and the result of this kind ofus trying to keep sports pure and, you know, preserve the competitive advantage has beenmillions of people died as a result. So not only is everything you've been told aboutsteroids wrong, but there were a lot of consequences.

The people who have been at the forefrontof this and kind of pushing it forward is the life extension community, right. Our hormonesdecline as we age so the idea here is we can replace them. And they've been working onthis stuff for 10, 15 years at this point with some success. It is now one of five orsix different ways people are attacking aging, right, and fighting back death. But one thingseems to be sure. Since Google's in the antideath game, right, Peter Diamandis, mypartner, in Bold and Abundance has human longevity incorporated there in the life extension game.There are big companies, massive amounts of resources getting involved and steroids area piece of this puzzle. And I think we're

going to have to as a country rethink ourposition on these drugs and antiaging stuff is going to force us to do it.

Are Anabolic Steroids Dangerous to Take

for thank you let's move on desperatelyevidence by officials nationwide Americans when drugs are concernedreally choose logic when they can opt for hysteria case in point recent Gopalpur steroids the lie to the media access the publicpronouncements and the willing in washington one would assume that the scientificevidence establishing the health risks of steroids

is overwhelming but it's not on thecountry when it comes to steroid use among adultmales the evidence reveals virtually no fighter despite all the smoke as I want to 10reports the science of steroids or the absenceof suggest some conclusions that few people want to hear more on ourtop story steroids in Major League Baseball unless you've been living on anotherplanet you've probably heard the

drumbeat getting louder and louder bythe day this is an epidemic in America fromlocal news to national news they can cause a wholehost the problems some people have died from steroid abuseall the way up to capitol hill work congress is held hearing afterhearing after hearing on leveling the playingfield and saving the children in even thepresident has spoken out the usual a performanceenhancing drugslike steroids

in baseball football and other sports is dangerous and it sends the wrongmessage anabolic steroids it seems have suddenlybecome public health enemy number one it's enough to make you wonder whybefore we really get started here let's be clear on the couple a main issues yes anabolic steroids can create anunlevel playing field and yes they are dangerous for kids butwhat about healthy adult men what are the longterm affects for themwanna know how many scientific studies

definitively link the use of anabolicsteroids to death or even serious health risks one 15 20 nope try 0 where the bodies where are thebodies 44yearold John Romano is on the otherside of the steroid spectra the side you almost never hear romano was the senior editor of musculardevelopment magazine in a long time user of anabolic steroidssynthetic derivatives

above the male hormone testosterone howlong you taking anabolic steroids on and off since I was22 so from more than twenty years 23 years yeah any health problems none heartproblems no liver problems no I'm Romano wholives in Fort Lauderdale Florida says he knows hundreds of guys just like him not necessarily pro or even competitiveathletes just people using anabolic steroids ispart of the workout regimen

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