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Terry Crews Expendables Training Bodybuilding

Whaté Hey, everybody. It's Terry Crews from the newmovie, the best action movie of the summer, quot;The Expendablesquot;with Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Randy Couture,Mickey Rourke, myself. It's gonna be great, and youmight know me from the Old Spice commercials, and I'm glad tobe here with Bodybuilding .

Let me tell you something. You will never, ever, ever seea cast like this, ever in movie history. It's the Halley'sComet of action movies. I'm trying to say that yourtestosterone level will jump when you get in the theater. gunshots and grunting I play a guy, a guy bythe name of Hale Caesar.

Best movie name of all time,okay, who's a longbarrel weapons specialist. I'm passionate about my weapons. I have a gun that I literallycall my girlfriend, you know what I meané But that's my character. My specialty has always beenmy guns.you know what I meané It's kind of like,that's my deal.

And this is one reason why Slyput me in, is that he knew that I had the look, youknow what I meané It was like, the guy holding thegun, and a lot of military guys were like, quot;Wait a minute,he wouldn't wear anything sleeveless,quot; but I was like,quot;Hey, man, this is a movie.quot; Check that out. That's the gun show, baby. I'm here to show you an exercisethat I do to get ready for most

of my films and TVshows and projects, especially quot;The Expendables.quot; It's called 24's, and basicallyit's 4 different exercises with 6 reps each, and I'm tellingyou, this thing will work your core. It works your shoulders. It works your lower body. You are totally done, andbecause you do so many reps,

it's almost likea cardio workout. Let me show you. The first exercise in the setof 24's is an upright row. I'm gonna show you how todo it.grip the weight. Make sure your gripis close together. Bend your knees, come up intoit, sit in it, make sure you have your balance,and here we go.

How To Gain Muscle Fast Crazy Anabolic Workout For Skinny Guys

Hey what's up guysé Troy here with WeightGainNetwork If you guys want to gain muscle fast, you guys came to the right spot because I'm goingto take you guys through my crazy anabolic workout today and this is a workout that I'lldo myself like once every 12 weeks just to illicit the maximum anabolic hormone releaseand just to put the most overload on my body's largest and strongest muscle groups. So this is a highly effective musclebuildinganabolic regiment. I'm going to walk you through it. I tried filming it at my local gym. Unfortunatelythe manager kicked me out after about ten minutes and I have a few choice words forhim but I won't say it. But anyways I'm just

going to walk you guys through the workout.These are all basic compound exercises you should be able to lookup all these differentexercises if you're unfamiliar with any of them. And also a really important thing todo on this crazy anabolic workout is to incorporate a carbohydrate refeed day. So these carbohydraterefeed days are highly anabolic because they're going to give you that maximum insulin spike.I'm going to do another tutorial on how to do a refeed day breakdown all the basics ofit but essentially how it goes is you're going to drop your protein intake a tiny bit maybeby 20 percent; you're going to lower your fat intake maybe 15 to 20 grams so veryminimal fat intake and you're going to double

your carbohydrate intake. So if you normallyconsume 200 grams of carbohydrates per day, you're going to wrap it all the way up to400. So this is going to be highly anabolic when we hit these compound exercises and whenwe're putting all this overload on our bodies so make sure you time this workout on a highcarbohydrate refeed day. So my workout is very simple to do. I'm not going to say simpleto do but it doesn't have a lot of rocket science behind it. So I do seven differentcompound exercises and these are my seven favorite musclebuilding compound exercises.I'll go really heavy on every single set. I'll try to keep my rep range between sixand eight on every single exercise. I'll try

not to rest more than 90 seconds between anyof my sets. So this is going to really force the maximum amount of overload on our muscles you're going to notice you're going to be a little bit sore if you've never done thiskind of workout before. This is a highly anabolic workout a whole body workout between yourlower body and your upper body. You're going to build up your quads, your hamstrings, yourback, your chest, your arms, your shoulders, your traps. This is going to be truly a fullbody workout with these seven different exercises. So the seven exercises are: Barbell BenchPress, Dead Lift, Squat, Barbell Row, WideGrip PullUp, Dip and the Barbell Shrug. And ifyou guys are really strong, make sure you

incorporate Weighted WideGrip PullUps andWeighted Dips. So I'm at a point where I can fortunately built up a really good base soI can do Weighted WideGrip PullUps up to about 45 lbs. and I can do Weighted Dips witha couple different weight plates. Make sure you challenge yourself and it's really importantto track your progress on these anabolic days and make sure you're getting stronger on allthese exercises. So there's going to be 21 sets total to theworkout. You're going to do three sets for every single exercise. You're going to tryto keep your rep range between six and eight repetitions that's six to eight reps inabsolute muscle failure. You shouldn't just

be like effortlessly doing six reps and rackingit. You need to push yourself and you need to go really heavy on every single one ofthese compound lifts. This is going to illicit the maximum anabolic hormone release it'sgoing to give you guys tremendous results when you incorporate all seven of these compoundexercises in 100 percent maximum intensity on top of a carbohydrate refeed day. So ifyou guys these naturally superhard gainer kind of people, this is the most powerfulthing you can do to pack out rock solid lean muscle mass and you get those really quickgains. I know you guys want gains and you want them fast so try this crazy anabolicworkout on top of a carbohydrate refeed day

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