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Dry Practice Dry Fire App Not Your Fathers Shot Timer Google Hangout

Ready! Hi, I'm Richard Carlton. This is another oneof our live events here in Google hangout with the team from Drypractice and alsosome of our testers who have been testing the software and giving us feedback. We'vebeen getting some questions about why we created the app, and I want to jump out real quickto Zach, Zach and Jeff. I know you both have been fielding questions from some of our testers.I mean, what are they asking about thisé A question that keeps coming up is, why didyou create the appé Yeah, the app was primarily created to providea compelling training tool for dry practice.

People go to Front Sight they spend a lotof money going to Front Sight. It's not inexpensive to go there, ammunition costs are very highright now even getting the ammunition can be a challenge and so the idea was thatyou would go to Front Sight, you would get this great training, but then you need a wayof maintaining your skill set and your muscle memory after you've left Front Sight, beforeyour next trip back out there. So the idea with the Dry Practice App, it's actually beenon the cooker for a while, you know, on the stove, where we're thinking about this idea,but we could never quite make it work, because the critical piece of the Dry Practice Appis the voice activation. It's one of the questions

that Jeff had. Jeff, you had a question aboutthe shot timer idea, you know, isn't the Dry Practice App just some sort of fancy, expensiveshot timer, righté That's right, there's a lot of people thathave been wondering if it's just a fancy shot timer, or what is ité What does it doéYeah, and you know the typical shot timer is one of these boxes like this, and it givesyou your times, and it beeps, and it goes off, and, you know, the whole idea is thatthis tells you maybe when you're going to pull your weapon, it'll tell you maybe, ifyou're firing live ammunition, how long it took you to fire. But it gives you your startand stop times on a drill. And the problem

is, you know, if you're actually going tolearn and do Dry Practice, you have to sit and program all the times; you have to knowhow far you are from the targets; and it doesn't really interact with you. All it does is itsits and complains. It beeps. And so people say, quot;Well, it's a shot timer!quot;Well yeah, this is a shot timer. What the app that we have is an interactive, virtualinstructor, and it actually talk to you, speaks to you, gives you range commands, so as you'resitting and you're going through the drills, you're actually getting the commands.The range is clear, present to the ready, righté So you're going to present to the ready,you're going to check for an unloaded weapon,

you're going to say quot;Oh, I have a magazinein here.quot; You're going to pocket the magazine, you're going to confirm your weapon is unloaded,you're going to be ready to go. It actually verbally instructs you and walks you throughDry Practice. It coaches you through the Dry Practice it's not a beeper. Now, there arebeeps in it, but the beeps are really secondary. The primary impact of the app is one thatverbally instructs you, it gives you guidance, it walks you through the same range commandsyou're going to have at Front Sight. And so that's the value of the Dry Practice App.Now, what made the Dry Practice App practical like I said, we've been talking about itfor a long time was the voice control. Getting

the programming set so we could actually yellat, or speak to, the app so that as you do a drill, you are pointed in finger on thetrigger, ready, click, you know. You do your three meter drill, and then when you're done,you do it at your own speed, righté So some people are going to be slower, some peopleare going to come out of the holster and they're going to be, you know click! And it's goingto be very quick. And so, the problem was to make an app that would interact and giveeach person both the slow people and the fast people a rich experience, and thisvoiceactivated app does that. So it sits there, it actually waits for you to finishthe drill, and then you say quot;ready,quot; or quot;next,quot;

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