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Arnold Back Workout Plan

XXL Leg Workout Lawrence Ballenger

Hey, everybody. This is Lawrence Ballenger,Team Bodybuilding , a Team Dymatize athlete. Today, we're here to show youguys a great leg workout that really helps to promotegrowth in your quads or hamstrings and your glutes, and the great thing aboutthis workout is that you can use this precontest orany time throughout the year

to really help gain sizeand definition in your thighs. This workout is more focusedon your actual hamstring, calves and glutes,more than just your quads. 'Cause usually when youdo any other leg workout, you're mostly focusing on yourquads and you kind of leave your whole back side alone. So this is a great wayto actually incorporate your hamstring and glutes

so you can actually makeyour squats stronger, your lunges stronger, and get a moredeveloped physique. The great thing aboutall this exercise is we'll be ranging from supersets topreexhausting to heavy weights so you'll be able to incorporatealmost every different type of training insidethis workout. So it'll be really hard,really strenuous,

and it should bea great time for you. Today's workout is designedfor anybody from the beginners all the way tothe advanced level, people that have beenworking out for years. This workout's really great justbecause you add the weight and incorporate your resttime depending on how long you actually been working out. If you're a beginner, you mightneed a little bit more rest time

so 60 seconds is greatbut if you're a expert, you up the weight, cut the breaktime down to 45 seconds and then that'll help youprefatigue your muscles and really getyour blood flowing. You'll really get the growththat you're looking for. So we're gonna getstarted with a warmup. It's really, really simple. We're gonna start withthe Stairmaster today,

just somethinga little bit different. You can start onTreadmill or Elliptical, whatever works for you. We want to go at a slowto a moderate pace and just want to getyour blood flowing. You really want to focuson squeezing your glutes, squeezing your hamstrings andreally contracting those because that'sa lot of the focusis gonna be on your glutes

Best Workout Rep Range CLASSIC MISTAKE

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Let's talk about rep ranges today. What isthe best rep rangeé Well you have to define your goals first and foremost. And I have to clarify one very big, importantthing that most people screw up when it comes to rep ranges. First of all, when it comes to goals, if you'retraining in a lower rep range, our 15 reps, we're generally associating that with a focuson strength, heavier lifts. One rep max, 3 rep max, we're trying to buildand develop strength. When we get into what

I call the mid reps, mid reps are 610, in the 610 range you're sort of blendingthe benefits of the lower rep ranges which is strength and that of the higher rep range,next one up 1012, and that is more hypertrophy. The magic behind the 1012 rep range and whywe favor it a lot here with our ATHLEANX Training, is that you're basically looking at time undertension, total time under tension. And at 12 reps, let's just say at 12 reps,if you're spending 2 seconds up and 2 seconds down on a lift, therefore controlling theeccentric, and we talk about it all the time, don't letthe weight control you. You should be in control

of the weight but you've got to push yourself. If we have a 2 second up, 2 second down, thenwe're going to look at about 4 seconds of rep, 48 seconds. That's a 48 second time under tension whichputs us at a longer period of time than we will be down here in this lower rep range. So if we're hypertrophy we're getting goodstimulus to do that mid rep range gets a little bit of the benefit of both. There's a timewhen you want to do all 3 of these. And I'll talk about that in one second also.And of course we have higher rep ranges, too,

15 and up which could be as high as 40, 50,even up to 100 reps and that's great. All of these should find a way into your training.And no matter where you are right now in your training phases, you might be doing one ofthese. However, I'll tell you this, the big mistakethat people make and what I wanted to make sure I emphasized in this tutorial is if you'regoing to train in one of these rep ranges, train in THAT rep range. What do I meané Imean, actually do the rep range that's intended. If you're training in the 610 rep range andyou do 8 reps, if you do 8 reps but you could have gone 12,you need to train in this range. Just because

you did 8 reps doesn't mean that you actuallydid 8 reps. It means that you stopped at 8 reps when youcould have done 12. The same thing here. If you're not doing heavy ass single reps, singleone rep maxes mean that that is the best you can do, if you're going to do a 1 rep max, if you'reworking on 1 singles or doubles or whatever, at the low end of that range, if that's not your absolute, balls out besteffort you can possibly muster at that 1 rep and 2 rep max, then you're not doing it.

If you could do 5 but you did 2, you're nottraining the right way so you're not going to see the benefits that that range provides. If you want to see some more of the specificbenefits that you get from training with heavy weights, or that you get from training withlight weights, because there are benefits to both and youshould be doing all of them, you should watch the 2 tutorials that I posted about each topic. I've got one here up on training with lightweights, and I've got one here training with heavy weights, but the idea here is guys,TRAIN.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Workout Tips 5 THINGS I LEARNED

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Very few people are recognizable by theirfirst names only, but if I say the name Arnold, you and I pretty much know exactly who I'mtalking about. Arnold Schwarzenegger. I got a gift for Christmasthe other day, and I didn't recognize it at first, but I should have just by how heavythis thing was. I didn't recognize it because of the blackand gray cover, but this is a reprint, an update of the modern Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding. Arnold Schwarzenegger's 'Bible of Bodybuilding,'pretty much. A 796page book that I actually

already own 2 copies of. Now I own the one that you guys probably manyof you watch and would relate to, that yellowish color, right. You could probably see it. Ihave 2 copies already on my shelves. One that my brother had and one that I hadthat when my brother moved I took it from him. So I have 3 copies now officially of thisbook, but it brought to mind, sort of brought me back to my day of, why I was so inspiredby him in the first place. Arnold was the action hero of the day alongwith Sylvester Stallone, both of which inspired

me to take what was a hobby at that time intoa lifelong passion and now a career. And I wanted to sort of pay homage to himin the form of a tutorial where I showcase 5 of the things I specifically learned fromArnold that I now apply even in our ATHLEANX Training. 3 THINGS I DIDN'T LEARN That being said, I think it's fair to startoff with the fact that Arnold and I obviously don't agree on everything. During his pursuit of his Mr. Olympia titles,it's been well documented that he himself

has admitted he used anabolic steroids inthat pursuit. Now, it was a time when people didn't knowas much about the dangers of anabolic steroids as they do now. So I think having channelslike this, we can actually educate you towards what those are and steer you downalternative paths that will allow you to still make impressive gains and really change yourphysique but to do so in a much healthier way. Secondly, there are obviously exercises inthis bodybuilding bible encyclopedia that I don't necessarily think are the best exercisesyou can do.

I've gone on record and made tutorials about5 of the worst exercises I think you can do, which I'll link for you up here, that yeahthey appear in that encyclopedia. Does that mean that they're bad exercises,or that they're not effective exercisesé No. But guys, my responsibility as a professionalathlete and strength coach and physical therapist is to choose exercises based on a riskrewardratio that help you to get the results. We can't compromise the results they'll get you, but we have to make sure that we get themby staying safe and healthy at the same time

because the athletes' careers depend uponthose decisions. And again, lots of you guys out there haveexperienced injuries from those same 5 exercises that I show you in that tutorial. And Arnold himself with his very favoriteFly's exercise did an interview in 1977 where he talked about tearing his pec twice whiledoing Fly's. So, we have to take all that in considerationand finally, his training workouts were legendary, 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours at a time. He couldgo and do that a day and then come back the next day and come backthe next day. But again, you've got to look

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