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Bar Brothers Meal Plan


Goodmorning everyone This time a different tutorial then normal. We record what we going to do today. It's 11 AM. Just woke up. Going to make breakfast. I will show you what I eat. It's a good day. We going to do the lazar challenge today. With our group.

Let's start with my breakfast. Wait need to hold it steady. I will show you what I eat. What do I put in my blenderé Banana, Chia seeds, Honey, Oats and maca. And I will add some milk. And I will boil three eggs.

The eggs are boiling. Meanwhile I drink my oats shake. 2:30 PM we will do the challenge. Before that I will eat one extra meal. And I will eat also before working out. We arrived at the park. We going to do the Lazar Challenge. 15 dips, 15 push ups, 10 diamond push ups.

10 rounds. (But first we going to warmup) Yes, first we going to warmup. You are member of bar brothersé You put everything on me. You are the introman. I AM the introman. I have done so many intro's.

***** No you are the introman. (broken english) Oke start Houssine, Tony. Yes, 15 dips. First round. Abu is still doing abs Hey, abu still doing abs.

Round six. Wtf man. U mad broé I have finished 8 of the 10 rounds. Houssine is still going. Tony did also 8 rounds. (focking beast) We are done with our training.

Day In The Life Chris Nielsen Calisthenics Unity

Hey guys, it's pretty late right now, I'mon my way to bed. I decided to record a dayinthelife tutorial tomorrow since alot of you guys asked for it. For me it's hard to understand why anyone wouldfind a day in my life very interesting lol For me it's just another day of workingout and eating, but I guess that's actually what you guys want to see it'swhat i eat, how I do with my workouts and all that, and to be honest,vlogging isn't really my thing. This is my cat. Her name is Tiger.Anyways Vlogging isn't really my thing, but I justthought let's try to do something different.

I don't even know how good I am at this.I guess we'll find out! Say bye to the camera. See you guystomorrow. Good morning guys just woke up and as always, my hair is on point 😉 i'm going totake you through my whole day today, The first thing I do when I wake up is Idrink a few glasses of water because you have been sleeping for a long time andyour body's pretty dehydrated so I'd advise you to do the same. Cheers! And now, let's go makesomething to eat so tired

Okay so since i'm going to work out inaround two hours, Ok let me pause the tutorial real quick! Soin the last tutorial I saw some of you guys writing some nice comments about myfront tooth and that's not really any of your business, but i will tell you how itwent down anyways, so when I was little I got intothis huge fight and that's accidentally how I lost some of my front tooth. I was just walking along the street,minding my own business, and 3 huge guys just suddenly jump me out ofnowhere, and I fought them off.

It was an epic fight! Chris. that's notwhat happened. You fell into a lamppost at grandma's garden when you were like9 rememberé You were playing soccer! Anyways guys! As you can tell it's beenfixed I've been to the dentist now let's getback to the tutorial. I'll make like a big breakfast that I can eat over time. I'llmake like two meals. I'll make a normal danish recipe for oatmeal's then i'll make somehealthy pancakes made of banana egg on

the side Alright let's go. So what do we need tomake cooked oat mealsé You need milk, apple this one and oatmeal's of course. So we add3 deciliters of oatmeals 3 deci liters of milk, and three decilitersof water. Then we'll turn up medium heat and for the healthy pancake recipe, youjust need bananas and eggs. You need eggs! It's not all of these pancakes that are fornow. I always make like double or triple portions so I have something for later.

That's where I got the rise from, that's fromlike yesterday's meal, so I'll just make the pancakes, the rise and add somepeanut butter and that's really delicious. It tastes really goodand it's really healthy. Really great before working out as well. So here wehave the final product. This is my breakfast today. We have the cookedoatmeal's with the apples, and we have the rise peanut butter and thehealthy pancakes. And then we have a cup of coffee it's not necessary, I just like to enjoya cup of coffee every morning, and we

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