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Jim Stoppanis SixWeek Shortcut To Shred Workout Training Overview Bodybuilding

♪♪♪ The quot;Shortcut to Shredquot;training program has the main goal of fat loss. However, because the program isdesigned with microcycles that use a periodized scheme, it alsois great for building mass and for gaining a lot of strengthwhile you're losing body fat. So who's it foré It's really for anyone,regardless of what your goal is.

Obviously, the lower you arecurrently in body fat, the more extreme you can get your fatlevels down with this program. But for those of you who areover 20% fat, this is also a great program to get you downcloser to that 10% mark, which is an impressive markfor anyone to be at. So really, this program is foranyone, regardless of where your starting point is and what yourend goal is, but the main goal of this program is dropping morebody fat while you're building

muscle and getting stronger. The most critical aspect tothe quot;Shortcut to Shredquot; program is cardio acceleration. That's the real keyto dropping body fat. With cardio acceleration,you're gonna be doing cardio in between every single set. Now, cardio does not mean yougotta run across the gym, jump on a treadmill,jump on a stationary bike.

It can be as simpleas running in place right next to the bench. Whatever it is, it's gonna keepyou moving, whether it's jump roping, jumping jacks, dumbbellcleans, kettle bell swings. Whatever it is, you'regonna be moving for a minute. And what that does is keepsyour heart rate elevated for the entire workout. Keeping your heart rate elevatedmeans you're gonna burn more

calories during the workout,but the more critical aspect is what's gonna happenwhen the workout's over. Because of the cardioacceleration, it's allowing your metabolic rate to stay higherfor longer while you're doing nothing, and this is where thereal calorie burning adds up the rest of the day. So by doing cardio accelerationin between your weight training workouts, you not only burn morecalories during the workout,

but you burn more calorieslong after the workout's over. Now, I recommend doing abouta minute of cardio acceleration in between your sets duringthe quot;Shortcut to Shredquot; program. Those of you who are justgetting into training, you can still performcardio acceleration, just go at a slower pace. And for those of you who find isthat a minute is just too long, you can start at 30 seconds,with the goal, obviously,


Caller: Helloé Hey, Jeff! Jeff: What's going oné Caller: It's summer and I'm just trying toget myself ready. I know you've got a bunch of tutorials and stuff, but I just haven't reallybeen watching them and I'm wondering – but I love your channel though – what am I supposedto do here to get ready for summer in two weeksé Jeffé Broé Broba Fetté Broé BrosephéJeffé What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX . You didn't do it again, did youé Did you forgetto get ready for summeré Have you been hibernating

all winter long and now you just rememberedbecause it's starting to get warm outside that you have to do something actually toget yourself readyé Well, I'll tell you this: I will give you a game plan, but you've gotto promise me one thing. You've got to promise me that you don't put yourself in the sameposition again next year, okayé All right, so here's what we have to do. Iknow this might scare some of you, but it starts and ends, always, with nutrition. Especiallyif you're talking about trying to make fast changes. Now I don't care whether your goalis to try to add muscle here in this short period of time to get ready, or if you'retrying to lose body fat. Both of them are

going to need to be supported by proper nutrition. When I talk about proper nutrition you'vegot to promise me that doesn't mean that you're going to run out and do some sort of starvationdiet, or forget to eat at all, or you're going to do some kind of a cleanse; something radical.Guys, you don't need to do that. As a matter of fact, leading into my next point here,you'd better be fueling your body with the right types of food. And I mean, actuallyfueling your body. You'd better not be avoiding carbohydrates,you'd better not be avoiding healthy fats, you'd better not be avoiding protein. You'vegot to get this in if you're going to build

lean muscle. The fact of the matter is, you'regoing to be training your ass off over the next four weeks because nothing worth havingever comes easy. If you want to get something worth having then you're going to have toput the work and the sweat in to do it. I promise you, if you do that over the nextfew weeks you are going to see some changes. Now here's what you have to do. You've gotto start increasing the volume of your training. Let's face it, you only have four weeks toget something done. If you only have four weeks, if you're doing targeted muscle grouptraining you're only to get one muscle group in per week if you stick to that plan.

You've got to increase the frequency so youcan hit each area at least twice a week. But you don't just run and do everything haphazardly.You want to have a plan that allows you to train each muscle group heavy. Overload. Ashard as you can one time, and then go for the real dedicated, isolated tension on thatmuscles group. We can do it here in one example with our side lateral raise. I'm showing youthe difference here. The first thing I'm doing is a cheat lateral.Yeah, there's a lot of cheat involved in a cheat lateral. It got its name for a reason,but what I'm trying to do is take a weight that I don't normally lift in a concentrated,really selective way, but I add some momentum

to it so that can overload the eccentric andI could allow my muscles to sustain a load that they're not used to. That's going tospark the stimulus for new growth. We need it. We need it especially if we'retrying to make fast changes. On the other end of the spectrum, we're going to have tocome back and hit that muscle with real dedicated, concentrated tension. So I can do that witha 1.5 rep style on the same side lateral raise. We're actually allowing the muscle to feelevery single inch of the contraction as we did – a little of the opposite of what wedid here with the heavy cheat lateral. But both ways, we're sustaining differenttypes of load. Enough to cause the stimulus

Tabata fatburning training anywhere Training program

TellyFit Hi everybody! You are on TellyFit channel and today we will show you a wonderful Tabata training that can be done anywhere: at home, in the gym, on vacation

just anywhere! Watch and exercise together with our channel! What exactly is Tabata trainingé Tabata training is interval training where the main intensive work is performed for 30 seconds, then comes a 10 second rest and then a repeat of the intensive work This way, a few exercises are carried out in a single cycle. There could be several cycles.

In between them, a 1 minute rest. Today we'll be working in a similar style. Well, let's not dally: Off to the gym! Of course, we'll start the training with a warmup, which will consist of two exercises. The first exercise a Jumping Jack. We do it for 30 seconds.

Before the next exercise, rest for 10 seconds. Now perform squats. Try to move elbows between the knees so they don't touch each other. Do this exercise for 30 seconds and rest for 10. Now to the main training. The first part of the main exercise that we are going to perform is squatting. We do it 30 seconds. Squat as low as possible,

making sure the knee moves towards the toe and the feet firmly stand in the sand. Rest 10 seconds. Now it is important to get together and do the following exercise, because it is the hardest part of our training double jumps. In carrying out this exercise, be sure to touch your hands with your knees. When they do not touch,

the repetition isn't counted Restore breathing and rest 10 seconds. Next: load the leg muscles again, doing alternating lunges. Now your legs are getting tired, as the front of the thigh starts acidifying. Perform each exercise very carefully! Well done, we've exercised for 30 seconds and taken our deserved 10 second rest.

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