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Best Apps To Exercise Mind

Jim Stoppanis SixWeek Shortcut To Shred Workout Supplement Overview Bodybuilding

♪♪♪ Supplements are important othe Shortcut to Shred program for numerous reasons. Obviously, you want to maximizethe amount of fat loss that you get while you're maximizingthe amount of muscle growth and strength gains. Plus, you also want toenhance your performance during the workout.

The greater your workout performis, the more intensity you can put into your training,that's gonna result in greater benefits, more musclegrowth, more strength and even better fat loss. ♪♪♪ First I'll break downeach supplement and their specific benefits. And these supplements have beenselected, have been proven in

the lab to work in numerousresearch studies, but I've also shown that they workin the real world. ♪♪♪ Whey protein. Whey protein is a criticalsupplement on the Shortcut to Shred program fornumerous reasons. Most of you already know it's asuperior protein when it comes to muscle growth and strengthgains so, obviously, that's a

key to why it'sincluded in the program. It's gonna enhance your recoveryafter the workout and it's important to get some inbefore the workout to boost your performance and yourenergy levels, decrease muscle breakdown and furtherenhance muscle growth. But few people realize that wheyprotein can also aid fat loss. One of the major ways it doesthis is by decreasing appetite. Research shows that whey proteinis a great protein to help you

feel more satiated and todecrease how much food you eat. So it makes you feel fuller thanother protein sources and whey protein is important because itincreases the release of certain hormones that let the brainknow you're full and it also increases a peptide that alsohelps the body know that you've had enough to eat and it's gonnahelp you stick on your diet and eat less food, meaning you'regonna burn more calories with the workouts, consuming fewercalories, as I spoke of before,

that's gonna be criticalfor your fat loss efforts. Casein protein. Casein protein is primarilyincluded in the Shortcut to Shred program for itsmusclebuilding benefits. We know that whey isa superior protein. Now, we used to think thatcasein was sort of sub par protein 'cause it's so slowdigesting, that it really doesn't provide anybenefit around workout.

Do Brain Training Games Like Lumosity Really Work

Hey, guys. I'm just playing games on my phone,playing games to improve my memory. It's great. It'd be great if it worked. It doesn�t work,and I'm going to prove it. So, brain training. A lot of companies outthere these days will tell you that if you'll just play tutorial games on your cell phone oron your computer, these games will help you improve your memory, help you improve youroverall intellect or your ability to focus. And that would be great if it was true, butscientific studies and research is telling us over and over again this is not true. They'refun, but you're just getting better at the game with no memory improvement.

There are a lot of companies out there today Cogmed, Fit Brains, and Lumosity and they have these games, that if you play thegames, with the promise that you'll improve your memory and your ability to focus. Thisall started when Torel Klingberg did a series of studies where he gave students tests andhe increased the difficulty and increasing sounds like the test by giving them moreinformation to remember. At the conclusion of his severalweek test, he determined thatquot;students were able to improve their memory by playing these gamesquot; and thus he foundedthe company, Cogmed, which teaches you how to do that. Since then, more research hasbeen done. And a pair of scientists gathered

all the best information, 23 investigationsof memory training by teams around the world, and they employed a standard statistical techniquecalled metaanalysis to settle this controversial issue. Their conclusioné quot;The games may yieldimprovements in the narrow tasks being trained, but this is not transferred to broader skillslike ability to read or do arithmetic or to other measures of intelligence.quot; In otherwords, playing games may make you better at that specific game, but you're not going toget better at anything that's important to you in life. In the meantime, a paper writtenby Georgia Tech scientists looking specifically at Cogmed, they found, and they wrote, quot;Theclaims made by Cogmed are largely unsubstantiated.quot;

Recently a coalition of over 70 researchersspoke out against companies like Lumostiy and they posted a research paper at the StanfordLongevity Center, and they lambasted Lumosity and these companies for making claims thatwere simply not provable. As the Stanford letter made clear, quot;Thereis no scientific consensus that programs like Lumosity work. In fact there's been a widevariety of people noting again and again that they don't.quot; In 2009 a consumer group in theUK asked a panel of scientists to look into braintraining games, including Lumosity.These scientists explicitly debunked Lumosity's claims, and they are not alone. Over and overagain, scientists and researchers are telling

us that these aren't true. And instinctively,you know it. If your 11yearold was to study for a history test, would you tell them togo play their Sega Genesis for four hours and play their Batman game to improve theirmemoryé Or would you tell them to go study their historyé Instinctively you know your11 or 12yearold is not getting better at improving their memory by playing tutorial games.Yet we as adults want to believe that if we play these simple games over and over we�regoing to improve our memory, because it's fun, it's easy and quick. And that's the societywe live in. But the truth is, and research has proven over and over again, that whilethese games may be fun, they are not having

any lasting effects. You're simply gettingbetter at that game. A few months ago I was getting all workedup about this, and I was talking to a friend, telling him how I believe these games don'twork. And he stopped me and he said, quot;Ron, don't you understand, in marketing, the illusionof improvement is just as good as improvement.quot; And he was right. It is the illusion of improvementand unfortunately, their ability to make money is just as good as improvement. So what's the harmé Can playing these tutorialgames really hurt youé No, it's not going to hurt you. But here's the harm: If you spendten hours a week on these braintraining games

How to Take Notes in Class The 5 Best Methods College Info Geek

What is the best system for taking notes inclassé Luckily for you, I did the research and it turns out that there are five differentnote taking systems that are generally accepted to be pretty darn good. Of course, I willbe representing these note taking systems with Street Fighter characters because, whynot. The five note taking systems I'm going togo over in this tutorial include the outline method, the Cornell method, the mind map method,the flow method and the write on the slides method.The first note taking system on my list is the outline method. I chose Ryu to representit because the outline method is straightforward,

based on hierarchy, disciplined and overallvery simple. In fact, you couldn't get more simple than the outline method unless youwere just straight up writing paragraph notes down. If you think that's going to be agood note taking method, well, things are not going to work out for you.The outline method is a note taking system that's based on bullet points and hierarchy.Basically, to take outline style notes you simply create top level bullet points of allof the main points in the lecture. Then you make lower level bullet points to fill outall the details. If you're taking outline notes on paper,it's a good idea to either space out your

main bullet points or summarize them at thetop if your professor goes through them. Then, make new bullet points that are more detaileddown the line. However, if you're taking these notes ona computer like I always did in a program like Evernote or Byword or another word processor,you can easily go back, add new bullet points and format things without having to mess upthe structure of your document too much. Honestly, for the outline method I think usinga computer is a perfect approach. The second note taking method on my list is the Cornellmethod. I've chosen ChunLi to represent it because she's got multiple kicks and it'sgot multiple sections.

The Cornell method was developed by WalterPauk back in the 1950s and it still holds up pretty well today. When you take your notesin the Cornell style, you divide your paper into three distinct sections. On the top ofyour paper you'll two different columns, the left one being the cue column and theright one being the note taking column. Underneath those two columns you add anotherbox for the summary. During class, you use the note taking column on the right to writenotes in a normal style. However, this is where the Cornell method deviates from othernote taking systems. As soon as you can after class, you write down questions or cues inthe cue column. These are meant to help you

review later.You also write down a summary of the lecture in the summary column. These two sectionsof the Cornell method, the summary and the cue column, they're both designed to helpyou build reviewable notes the first time you write them. That way you don't haveto go back and rework your notes so much. Note taking system number three is the mindmap method. It's been said that your mind is a map of the territory that is reality.Maybe by that logic the mind map system is the perfect note taking system. Actually,that doesn't make any sense at all. Either way, I chose Dhalsim to represent the mindmapping system because he's a meditator

and he's always focused on improving hismind. To begin a mind map, you simply take a blankpiece of paper, draw a circle in the middle of it and add the main topic of the lecturethere. Then you'll start branching off little trees and adding sub topics. Eventually you'llhave lots of little branches and you'll create a mind map.I never actually used mind maps for my class notes but I have used them for blog post topicsbefore. When I'm wanting to write a blog post on all the ways you could save moneyin college I wanted to make sure I could cover all my bases. I created a mind map. I putsaving money in college in the middle and

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