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Best Supplement For Muscle Growth


(intense music) ♫ Put your hands up ♫ Put your hands up ♫ Put your hands up ♫ Put put put put your hands up ♫ (upbeat music) Well guys, we are here at the Miami Strength and Fitness Club.

This is the gym where I liketo come to do heavy weights. My goal is always come, push as heavy as (mumbles), as heavy as all the big boys. So, let's see if today Ican push the heavy ones. Let's do it. (grunts) Between sets my rest isgoing from like a minute,

minute and half, but sometimes, when I'm off season, I try torest enough if I feel like I'm ready to go the next set. (grunts) That's my belt. My baby (laughs). Let's be Mutants. Lift to kill.

That is 180 today. (mumbles) (hollers) (grunts) Get 'em! (hollers) (grunts) one more. (grunts) okay.

(breathes heavily) (grunts) That is how a mutant do. So right now, next one we gonna do flat hammer machine. (intense music) (grunts in sync with each repetition) Thankfully because I'm taller, six one,

I can put on moresize without sacrifice my my symmetry, my proportion. So, next show is gonna be really good. (intense music) (grunts in sync with each repetition) After my flight to England, everything becomes to be different. I had a great, great energy

best supplements to gain muscle in india

Hey Guys my name is Karan Asthana and welcometo my Channel Indian Bodybuilding Formulas and in this tutorial I will tell you about thebest supplements to build muscles in India So, the very first supplement that I recommendis Creatine Monohydrate the good thing about this product that is is affordable,it costsaround 400 to 700 rupees based on different brands and another good thing about this productthat it last for 60 servings that means it will last for 2 months, so the average costper month will be around from 200 rupees to 350 rupees which is very affordable as faras results are concerned with this product,results are very good because it increases your musclemass and it allows your muscles to hold more

water which will eventually turn into musclemass and it also increase the strength of your for lifting for heavier it increasesyour muscle volume it helps you to get those extra reps which were not possible before,sothis is why it is a really helpful supplement.Another supplement that I recommend is a whey proteinsupplement.Not going any brand specific you can go for any whey protein brand and a wheyprotein is not necessary if you are able to complete your daily protein requirements byyour diet I Recommend whey protein to vegetarians and especially pure vegetarians who don'thave lean protein sources like Egg or NonVeg.That's it for this tutorial and if you have any queryI please do let me know in the comment section

down below.Make sure you subscribe becauseI am going to make tutorials on how to use these supplements and are there any side effectsof these supplements very soon, so Stay tuned to the Channel guys!Iwill see you in the nexttutorial.

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