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Jim Stoppanis SixWeek Shortcut To Shred Workout Training Overview Bodybuilding

♪♪♪ The quot;Shortcut to Shredquot;training program has the main goal of fat loss. However, because the program isdesigned with microcycles that use a periodized scheme, it alsois great for building mass and for gaining a lot of strengthwhile you're losing body fat. So who's it foré It's really for anyone,regardless of what your goal is.

Obviously, the lower you arecurrently in body fat, the more extreme you can get your fatlevels down with this program. But for those of you who areover 20% fat, this is also a great program to get you downcloser to that 10% mark, which is an impressive markfor anyone to be at. So really, this program is foranyone, regardless of where your starting point is and what yourend goal is, but the main goal of this program is dropping morebody fat while you're building

muscle and getting stronger. The most critical aspect tothe quot;Shortcut to Shredquot; program is cardio acceleration. That's the real keyto dropping body fat. With cardio acceleration,you're gonna be doing cardio in between every single set. Now, cardio does not mean yougotta run across the gym, jump on a treadmill,jump on a stationary bike.

It can be as simpleas running in place right next to the bench. Whatever it is, it's gonna keepyou moving, whether it's jump roping, jumping jacks, dumbbellcleans, kettle bell swings. Whatever it is, you'regonna be moving for a minute. And what that does is keepsyour heart rate elevated for the entire workout. Keeping your heart rate elevatedmeans you're gonna burn more

calories during the workout,but the more critical aspect is what's gonna happenwhen the workout's over. Because of the cardioacceleration, it's allowing your metabolic rate to stay higherfor longer while you're doing nothing, and this is where thereal calorie burning adds up the rest of the day. So by doing cardio accelerationin between your weight training workouts, you not only burn morecalories during the workout,

but you burn more calorieslong after the workout's over. Now, I recommend doing abouta minute of cardio acceleration in between your sets duringthe quot;Shortcut to Shredquot; program. Those of you who are justgetting into training, you can still performcardio acceleration, just go at a slower pace. And for those of you who find isthat a minute is just too long, you can start at 30 seconds,with the goal, obviously,


I got a simple simple simple question for you.Here is the question Do you believe that one day you are not going live in the world that was given to you that's right but you are going toactually live in the world you dream of. You gotta make every single second count.You gotta go in the future and see it baby. And than you gotta come come back in the present. And you gotta take that big goal, that big dream, that big reality. You gotta take that big reality. And you gotta take small steps to make it managable. To make it so your dreams become a reality.

Think BIG, Dream BIG but start small. That's right START SMALL remember what Itold start where you are. with what you have, because what you haveis plenty. But the biggest enemy you have to deal with is yourself. There is an old african proverb that says: If there's no enemy within. the enemy outside can do us no harm. You don't have to personally be perfect. Do you hear meé There are those of you right now

you should've cut a CD, you should've wrotea book, you should have gotten in school and get that degree. You should've started your own business. There are so many things you should've done. You should've done. But you didn't do it because you are. SCARED. You say scared of whaté I ain't scared. You are scared. You are scared of failure, you are scared to make a mistake. You are scared. that you are not perfect. And I'm telling you today you ain't gotta beperfect. Do you hear.

what am I sayingé You don't have to be perfect to get what you want. to do what you want, to have what youwant, to be what you want. You don't have to be perfect. It's a LIE There will never be a point in your life. where's the right time. to do a great thing. If you are waiting for that perfect perfectmoment. That perfect timing. is not going to happen. You know what you have to doé

You have to create the perfect time and theperfect opportunity. and the perfect situation So a lot of people become comfortable. They stop growing, They stop wantinganything. They become satisfied. People getting ready to go to jobs thatthey don't like, jobs that are making them SICK.

You see when you are not pursuing yourgoal you are literally. committing spiritual suicide. When youhave some goal out here that you are stretching for. reaching for that takes you out of yourcomfort zone.You'll find out some talents and abilities you have. That you didn't know you had. When themessenger of misery visits youé What are you going to doé What will keepyou in the game. There are things that you think you'llnever need to know

The Perfect Body

Love you Cassey! Please, please come to DC! You have tons of POPsters here! You're such an inspiration to a lot of people! You shouldn't give advice when you're so fat traineré reallyé Tone up the belly fat and love handles Why do all trainers have asix pack but not youé Would you like to make changesé Why do all trainers have asix pack but not youé

No offense but youhave no butt take your career seriouslyand lose some weight you should suck it in more her body is so pudgy.try doing some crunches Why do all trainers have asix pack but not youé No offense but youhave no butt take your career seriouslyand lose some weight you should suck it in more

her body is so pudgy.try doing some crunches What would you changeé.

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