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Bodyweight Leverage Training

Mastering the Front Lever JUST 6 STEPS

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, AthleanX . The front lever is definitely one of the moredifficult body weight exercises, but it has some great rewards and you can do it. Even if you can't do one right now becausemost often I see people try to do this exercise and they don't use the right muscles to getit done. If you learn how to use the proper musclesI'm going to tell you, you can start doing this thing and I'm going to take you throughstep by step. So here's the setup. I've got myself in a squat rack in an invertedrow setup. So I've got the bar at about hip

height and I'm going to get on underneathit. Now, the first thing you want to try to do is position a bench out in front of youthat allows you to put your feet up on it. So you can unweight some of your body weight,righté You can't do a front lever, obviously you're not going to be able to jump rightinto this thing and do it with full body weight. So if unweight your legs, the first thingI want you get in the habit of is learning how to engage the right muscles right fromthe start. This is nothing more than the suspended versionof a straight arm push down. If you see me from here, a straight arm push down is whatéIt's not a tricep exercise, it's a lat exercise.

It's basically like a pullover, except donestanding and now we're going to go inverted and suspend ourselves and tha't what we'regoing to try to do. So the first thing you want to learn how todo is initiate the upward movement of your body with your lats. Not in a pull up position,but really in a push down position. So you could do that with this first variation thatI'm showing you. Good. You got thaté Simple. Now we're going to make it a little bit harder.So now, keep those legs out there, keep them together, nice and straight up on the bench.Now what we're going to do is initiate as high as you can go until your body is in fullextension, until your hips are in full extension

and then from there, let's get a little bitstronger. Let's give your back a little bit more responsibilityby going into a pullup. So instead of a pull up not really done to the upper chest, butreally done a little bit more towards mid chest, or even lower if you can. What youwant to teach yourself is the ability to counterbalance your body. So as I pull up eventually with the lever,I want to be able to shoot my upper body from here back behind the bar to counterbalancethe weight of my legs. A lever is really a balancing act. Can you balance out your upperbody with all that weight of your lower body

that you're holding upé You can if you get yourself to slide backso it's not just up, but it's up and back, like that. So now we get in that position,get in the habit of building more strength by doing this inverted row into a pullup.So, good. Now that we're there, now I have to teachyou how to sort of suspend yourself on the bar. The easiest way to do this is in a ball,righté This reverse curl position. There's not a lot of weight of your legs out in frontof you for gravity o push down on and make it more challenging.

You're kind of getting in this nice, tight,ball position. It should be very doable for those that are just starting out. From thereyou want to be able to slowly increase the amount of weight that your body's going tohave to handle by exposing more to the force of gravity. So you can do that by just slightly shiftingyour thighs a little bit forward and see if you could hold this position now, for 30 seconds.Build up your isometric strength to do the movement. So have yourself in this positionuntil you can master that for 30 seconds. From there extend one leg out, righté We'regradually exposing more to the force of gravity.

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