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How Many Reps to Build Muscle BODYWEIGHT EXERCISES

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, AHTLEAN.COM. What is the perfect number for a bodyweightexercise for you to do to get the best results from ité That's a good question here, guys. It's atricky question. Actually, I'm setting you up because that answer should be, 'It depends,quot;and it's going to depend on a lot of things. When you're working bodyweight exercises intoprogramming, you have to take into account a lot of different things, namely, the strength level of the person you'reprogramming it for. And secondly, their body

weight because the body weight is acting asa resistance. But there's so many times, there's so manyprograms that I come across where I see specific numbers being laid out there for you to doon a bodyweight exercise, and it's doing 1 of 2 things. We know it'sdoing a disservice to you, but it's doing it in 1 of 2 ways. Either it's setting the bar too low becauseif it's recommending 20 Pull Ups and you can do 30, guess whaté You're not really getting pushed hard enoughto cause an adaptive response. If it's saying

20 Pull Ups and you can only do 3, guess whaté You're being set up for failure, right, tofail in a bad way. So, what we want to do is, I wanted to kind of dip in to some ofour programming tactics here. One of the ones we use throughout a lot ofour NXT Programs which are our advanced monthly program that we have a lot of our guys havealready graduated from AX1 and AX2. And also, a lot of the foundation of whatwe do with the ATHLEAN XERO PROGRAM which has allowed it to help guys build muscle, much more than any other bodyweight programout there. So, it's this tactic that we have

here basically it's a multiplier effect. So, the way you want to really do this, andthis is kind of cool because you can actually take a bodyweight exercise by the time thistutorial is done, challenge a buddy, and see who does a betterjob on getting to this number. I'll show you how we calculate it. So, you take your bodyweight exercise, thefirst thing you want to do is, you want to do that exercise to failure. So, whether we're talking about Push Ups,or whether we're talking about a Pull Ups

or talking about Dips, you want to do yourfirst set, give it your best effort that you've got. Now, the cool thing again is, it may varyfrom day to day. We know that some days we show up to the gym feeling great, being ableto give us your best effort, and other days, not so much. So, we want tomake sure that we're talking apples to apples. We want to make sure that on the day thatyou've got your best, that we're going to get the best out of you.So, you take your first set, you do it to failure. Warm up really, really quickly. Youdo your first set to failure.

Once we've got that number, let's say it'sPush Ups, and I get 50 out, ok. That's my number. Now, how do we get a workout off of thatéWell, we look for 3 different stages, or 4. We've basically got a solid effort. A solid effort for me is basically a C+. Youknow, a C+ and B, C+, B probably. We've got 150. So, if you do 150 Push Ups for thatworkout, and again, the parameter of rest time is importanttoo. And I always say, let's keep this in a minute and a half or under.

Weight Lifting Routines To Get Huge Fast German Volume Training Routine

Yo. What's going oné Troy here with MuscleTactics. And I wanna dive into German volume training. So, five reasons why you need toimplement German volume training into your lifestyle right away. Number one: It is perfect for those winterbulking season gains. I mean, this is the best advanced training strategy if you reallywanna maximize your results in the bulking season. Number two: It is an incredible plateau buster.Experienced lifters who have been lifting for 5, 10, 12 years have been seeing leanmuscle gains of ten pounds in eight weeks.

So, it is an incredible plateau buster. Number three is I think it's the best advancedtraining strategy if you're trying to build a maximum amount of muscle in the shortestamount of time. So, you just, you know take where you're at now and take where you wannabe in eight weeks I think this will get you there faster than any other training philosophy. Number four: David Hasselhoff. Now, DavidHasselhoff is obviously German, and probably the greatest entertainer in the history ofmankind. The dude is just incredible, makes millions of dollars, has like 19 girlfriends,star of Baywatch the guy completely does

get on. I'm pretty sure he does some Germanvolume training, you know, he's so sick of life he doesn't even have to, but for us,you know, mere mortals, who aren't David Hasselhoff, if we wanna get jacked, we definitely needto follow some German volume training. And number five: Dirk Nowitzki, the GermanLarry Bird won an NBA championship, took down LeBron with a singlehanded onefootfadeaway jump shot incredible basketball player, he's got some cool hair. He does Germanvolume training via basketball training. I'm sure he does a little bit of weight liftingtoo, but he's a highrep dude, you know, the dude just has it going on.

So, those are five incredible reasons youneed to implement German volume training right away. Let's dive into what the hell exactly Germanvolume training is. So, German volume training like I said it's a very advanced trainingphilosophy, and basically, what German volume training allows you to do is put the maximumamount of overload on your muscle, put the most amount of metabolic stress. So, you know,any new training philosophy is gonna help you build lean muscle mass if your body hasn'tdone it before. So, German volume training I'm assuming you guys haven't done any formof German volume training, cause it is so

incredibly intense, it's not very mainstream,but what it is it's you're gonna be doing 10 sets of a specific exercise sticking inthe 8 to 10 rep range with only 60 seconds rest in between sets. So, you have low, youknow, low rest periods between your sets, and you wanna pick a weight that's about 60%of your one drop max. So, if your maximum bench press, say, is 300 pounds, you wannabe doing 180 pounds with your German volume training. Now, a lot of people thought youknow, a lot of bodybuilders, when they first do their couple of sets, they're like quot;Well,this isn't heavy enough. This isn't putting enough overload on my muscles.quot; But keep inmind by that, you know, fifth, sixth, seventh

set, you are going to feel exhausted. I actuallydid German volume training, the incline bench press today, and the flat bench dumbbell andI was shocked at just how fatigued, how drained I was. So, this puts so much metabolic stresson your muscle. Keep in mind how you grow, how you build muscle is putting your bodythrough exertion, and through different, you know, overloads that it's not accustomed to.Your body's only gonna grow your body is so fucking stubborn it's only gonna growif you put new forms of overload on it, if you train in a way where your body's not usedto. This is There's basically forces it to respond and grow back bigger and stronger.So, this is exactly what German volume training

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