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Brain Exercise Apps Ipad

The Worlds First Table Tennis Brain Training App

Welcome to this demonstration of the World's first table tennis brain training experience. Download this app on Android or IOS and you'll instantly be able to practice your service return. There are 6 different serves. Train against the Pendulum serve from multiple players The Reverse serve,The Punch serve, BackspinNospin,Tomahawk And Backhand.Games are up to 11 and there are bonus points for how quickly and accurately you make your decisions.

You can choose to have the slowmo replay function on or off. If you decide to have it on and you a mistake, you'll get an instant replay. If you find the serves too be difficult, watch them passively through the Observe Mode function. Watch each serve in either Slowmotion or at real speed. You can toggle between different speeds as you go. Let's take a look at the Multiball section.You can train against various shots from different players toggling either lefthand or righthand.Anticipate the direction of the opponent's shots as quickly and accurately as possible to train your brain's reaction speed.

Early responses will give you bonus points, so tap the screen the moment you see the cues!!! Our research shows that training for 15 minutes per day over 2 weeks can significantly improve your reaction time. One of the hidden benefits of the app, is you'll be training against players who have good technique. Subconsciously you'll start to imitate theplayers which will rewire your brain because of mirror neuron activation. Over time, you'll have no choice but to improve your own technique.

Brain Trainer Special Pro Amazon Free App of The Day Oct 22

Brain Trainer is a very simple but effectiveway how to keep your brain jogging. The game features 30 unique modes, some ofwhich are difficult, some rather easy. I have tried all the game modes and, to behonest, some of them are very, very hard and will certainly make you think a lotthus training your brain in a lot of ways! Also, the game will automatically save yourprogress, so you can always check what your results are like. As the developers say,Brain is like a muscle and the more you train it, the better results you get in everydaylife.

And I could not agree more with this becauseif you don't take care of your mind, for example, by not reading books your mental strengthswill lessen. If you feel like your memory is not up tothe level you would like it to be, this game is what you're looking for!Not only will it improve your memory, but your focusing skills will raise, too! Besides,it's a lot of fun!.

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