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Building Your Abs Muscle

Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Calum Von MogerFitness and Bodybuilding Motivation 2016Aesthetic

legend Arnold Schwarzenegger Calum Von Moger legend Arnold Schwarzenegger Calum Von Moger is a dedicated young bodybuilder whose goal is to look like the golden era bodybuilders by his looks he looks very similar to the legend Arnold Schwarzenegger. legend Arnold Schwarzenegger Chest Calum Von Moger Back workout on gym Calum Von Moger Back workout

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Calum Von Moger arms and byshape workout on gym Arnold Schwarzenegger back and chest work out on gym Calum Von Moger fitness model Great Actors Arnold was nice back like cobra Calum Von Moger has aesthetic body Arnold Schwarzenegger was a aesthetic bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger has beautiful body Arnold Schwarzenegger is great actor in this world.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is, was , will legend Calum Von Moger is fitness model 2016 Calum Von Moger is arnold 2 Calum Von Moger Arnold Schwarzenegger was mr olympia.

How Strong Are Your Abs TAKE THIS TEST

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Let me ask you a question. How strong areyour absé And I mean, really, how strong are your absé Not measured by the fact that you can makeit through a hard ab workout or that you can maybe do an ab exercise that a lot of otherpeople can't because that's not truly determining whetheryour abs are strong. It might be that you have strong hip flexors and that your absare actually being dominated by that and are still weak.

So, I wanted to show you a quick test thatyou can do today without anything, no equipment, right here on the floor that you can do rightnow and see where you're at. It's really simple. You have to lay on the ground. You're goingto do a double leg lowering test. You're going to lay on your back here, and establish aflat back. By doing the flat back position and keepingand maintaining it, you're activating your abs, right. To do a posterior tilt, we haveto activate and engage our abs. Well, a stronger, more dominant hip flexorswill try to pull us into anterior rotation, and especially, we can hold our hip flexorsstatic here by holding our legs out,

and that might mean we have strong hip flexors,but if we're able to still hold a posterior tilt to counteract the weight of our legs,well then we know we also have strong abs too. So that's what this test is going to measure.You flatten your back, you take your thumbs like this and you try to point them into yourback. You try to connect them underneath your back.The only way they'll be able to connect is if you go into an anterior tilt. So, if I demonstrate right here, I go to anteriortilt. There's space. I could actually get

this whole hand over to the side. So we don't want any space at all. We wantto have a completely flat back to make sure those abs are engaged the whole time. So, you point your fingers into your sidesin your low back. You raise your legs up at 90 degrees. From here, you want to see asyou progressively lower your legs down, can you withstand the weight, the increasingweight of your legs against gravity by maintaining that posterior pelvic tilt because of thestrength of your absé So, I'm up here at 90 degrees. Most peopleshould be able to do this really easy. I lower

down slowly to about 75 degrees. If you find that you cave here, you get thatanterior tilt, or that drop of the pelvis, you might have some problems. That would bea pretty weak set of abs if you already lose it at 75 degrees. You then move down to 45 degrees. This isabout a basic score if you can keep and maintain your posture to this point, but at this pointyou fall, then you fail, well, that's a decent score, k. Then we come down even lower, down to about30 degrees. It's a better score. It's not

perfect, k. It gets harder to talk too. Then from here we go down just above the floor.Now we've got the weight of our legs against the full force of gravity pretty much. And again, I have yet to be able to breakthat pelvic posterior tilt into interior tilt so I'm still doing good, but here's the truetest. From here, after you've held it for about5 seconds, can you reverse the directioné So now I go back up to 30 without allowingmy pelvis to break into an anterior tilt. And from here can I go up to 45é And thenfrom here back up to about 70.

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