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Hi I'm Lisa Jones on behalf of Expert Village.In this segment we will be choosing a supplement. Please feel free to visit my website at healthwisewithlisajones .When choosing a supplement, you want to make sure you know where your supplement came from.You want to make sure that you are taking reasonable amounts of multivitamins and mineralsupplements to prevent any deficiencies that you may have. The supplements may also providehealth benefits beyond just preventing deficiencies as well. You must also make sure that youare purchasing a supplement with a USP lettering on it. That is very important. Make sure thatyou look for supplements that have designation on it. You want to make sure that you arechecking the expiration dates on the bottle.

For example, this product “glycemic balance�which is a nail replacement protein supplement. If you look at the bottom, you can usuallyfind an expiration date at the bottom. Most times they are the bottom but sometimes theyhave them on the side and other times they have it on the label top. Wherever you purchasedfrom will also have the expiration date. So for example this one says 102006. You wantto make sure that you are using it before the expiration dates and sometimes they dostock products in the place where you buy the vitamins that will have expiration dateson them. Make sure that you are looking on that and if they don't, ask your sales representative.

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