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Cardio Exercise Jumping Jacks


(intense music) ♫ Put your hands up ♫ Put your hands up ♫ Put your hands up ♫ Put put put put your hands up ♫ (upbeat music) Well guys, we are here at the Miami Strength and Fitness Club.

This is the gym where I liketo come to do heavy weights. My goal is always come, push as heavy as (mumbles), as heavy as all the big boys. So, let's see if today Ican push the heavy ones. Let's do it. (grunts) Between sets my rest isgoing from like a minute,

minute and half, but sometimes, when I'm off season, I try torest enough if I feel like I'm ready to go the next set. (grunts) That's my belt. My baby (laughs). Let's be Mutants. Lift to kill.

That is 180 today. (mumbles) (hollers) (grunts) Get 'em! (hollers) (grunts) one more. (grunts) okay.

(breathes heavily) (grunts) That is how a mutant do. So right now, next one we gonna do flat hammer machine. (intense music) (grunts in sync with each repetition) Thankfully because I'm taller, six one,

I can put on moresize without sacrifice my my symmetry, my proportion. So, next show is gonna be really good. (intense music) (grunts in sync with each repetition) After my flight to England, everything becomes to be different. I had a great, great energy

Jumping Jack Weight Loss Workout 2 Lose 5 pounds THIS WEEK

Okay, get ready because in ten seconds we'reabout to do a kick ass jumping jack work out. I want you to start doing jumpingjacks as fast as you can, starting in three seconds, get ready, goingas fast as you can, and go. Come on, doing jumping jacks as fast as youcan. Remember, we're not doing a casual jumpingjack work out, right now you're going as fast as you can. You're going allout for me. Come on, keep going as fast as you can. Pick it up, faster andfast. Keep going, about 8 more seconds. Keep going as fast as you can. Rememberreal intense right now,

going as fast as you can, going all out. Comeon three more seconds, going all out, and stop. All right keep moving, keep moving. That'sright keep that heart rate up, keep going, keep moving. All right, in threeseconds I want the same intensity, the same activity. Get ready, go.Same intensity, going as fast as you can. Keep going. Come on, pick it up,pick it up, match that intensity that you did the first one. Keepgoing. Keep going. Go as fast as you can. Going all out right here. Come on,five more seconds, give me all

you got. Give it all you got. Three more seconds.Get ready and stop. All right, keep moving, keep moving. Comeon, this is going to be a real short workout so hang in there with me. Comeon get ready, three more seconds and go. Come on fast as you can. Nowlook, if you got bad knees or this is too hard for you right now, sit inthe chair. Do it sitting down. There is no excuse for you not to do thisworkout. No excuses. You should not be sitting there watching thisworkout. This is not a movie. You should be moving right now. Like I said,this is not a movie, this is a

workout. So get up and move. Stop. All right,keep going. Keep those legs moving. Remember and again, if this is toohard for you right now just stand in place. Just don't quit. Do not quit. Go, go on right back to it. Remember, lookin the lower left hand corner, if this is too hard for you, have a seat.Just don't stop. I don't want any excuses and like I said and I'm going to sayit again, this is not a movie. It's not a TV show. You should be up off yourbut moving right now. Don't look at it, if you're just going to look atit, look at something else, but

you should be working right now. And stop. That's right. Keep moving. Keep moving. Allright, in four seconds going right back to it. Keeping that same intensity,go. Same intensity. Now look at the corner again, if you're lazy you cando this laying on the floor, you can lay down on your back, like I said,no excuses, no excuses for you not to do this. Come on, you got to do thiswork out. Remember, think about the way you look, give it all you got. Remember,going to lose weight all over your body. Going to lose that belly fat,arm fat, everything. Stop.

Like I said if you're a little bit tired rightnow, just stand in place, get a quick ten second break, stand in place.If not, just keep moving. Get ready, go right back to it. Come on, sameintensity, same intensity for you people out there who have excuses, lay downon the floor and do it. Just don't sit down and look at, keep moving. Now look if my voice is annoying to you oryou don't like to hear me talk, hit the mute button. I just don't want youquitting this workout. Just hang in there with me, stick in there. All right,stop.

InHome Cardio Workouts How to Do Jumping Jacks

Hi I'm Kyle Brayer and your first cardio workoutwill be jumping jacks. It's a traditional movement used by the military still todayand many other athletic departments. You are going to start out with your feet nice andclose together and have your arms by your side. And there's two variations you can jumpup and pull your arms all the way up or you can kind of do the bent arm variation if youhave shoulder problems. I'll be showing you the bent arm variation today. So you are justgoing to hop out here and then back together. So a little bit quicker, just like this. Youwant to control your breathing so your breathing in through your nose and out through yourmouth. And I'll turn to the side. And the

jumping jack is great because it works yourcalves, your hamstrings, your quads, your glutes all your abdominal region, your shoulders,it's a great warm up movement and it's really good to get that heart rate up. So at firstyou might want to perform this exercise for about three to five minutes and as you developand your heart rate and your cardio gets in better shape then you can perform it for longerthan that. For this workout we are going to have you perform it for three minutes. Andthat will conclude your jumping jack workout.

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