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Full Body Workout Using Barbell

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Barbell Workout for Women UPPER LOWER BODY

Welcome to ATHLEANXX for Women! Today we'regoing to be doing my barbell workout. Okay, you guys! All you're going to need today,really, is just a barbell, maybe a mat, a bench – or you could use the floor. We aregoing to do five different exercises. We're going to start with what's called a YatesRow. So you're going to do a reverse grip. So we're just going to hold here. As far asweight, just go however much weight you want to use. If you're looking to body build go a littleheavier, if you're looking to tone go a little lighter. So what we're going to do is, we'rejust going to have a slight bend at our waist.

We're just going to hinge at the waist a littlebit, and then we're just going to drive our elbows back, bringing our shoulder bladestogether so we're hitting that back. So if you're going a little lighter, you cando anywhere from 12 to 15 to 20. If you're going heavier you could do maybe eight, to10, to 12. So really think about pulling that scapular, that back area together. Okay, nextwe're going to do chest press leg raise. So let me get positioned on the bench so youguys can see me. Okay, so you're just going to get on your bench. Okay. Should have found somewhere to rest.Okay, so what we're going to do is we're going

to hit our chest and core at the same time.So as the barbell is up, my legs are going to be up. I'm just going to lower and raiseat the same time. And raise. And raise. So it's nice because you're kind of doing twothings at once. Kind of hitting our chest and core at the same time. Okay, next we're going to do overhead situps.I'm going to drop to the ground. So we've gone from that, to chest, a little bit ofcore, and now we're really going to hit our core. So you're just going to take your barbell.You're going to sit back, knees are going to be bent, you're going to straighten ourarms, and we're just going to think about

rolling our abs up. I'm going to push this out toward the ceiling,and then I'm rolling my abs back. So it's all about controlling and rolling the absup, rolling it back. And back. Think about keeping your elbows as locked out as possible.This is a great ab builder. If you're looking to build your abs out, this is a really goodone. Okay, so now we've hit our abs straight on. Now we're going to do a reverse curl to overheadpress. We're going to hit biceps and shoulders a little bit. So we're going to do a reversecurl. So we're just going to hold it here.

I do everything on one leg. You don't haveto, it's just my thing that I do. So we're going to reverse curl to the bicep, we'regoing to go right into an overhead press above the shoulders, and back down. Curl, overhead press, and down. And press,and down. Super great toning, or building exercises. All right, good job you guys! Okay,last exercise: now we're going to hit the legs. So, we've really kind of done a fullbody with almost just one piece of equipment, which is nice. Okay. So now we're just goingto put the bar behind our head. You can put your arms out a little bit farther for yourgrip.

We're going to do an alternating front lunge.So we're just going to lunge down, explosively come back up to the top. And down. Think aboutdropping that knee as close to the ground as you possibly can. It's all about gettinga nice, deep range of motion. And down. So if you're going heavier it might be a littletougher. You're going to go a little slower. If it's lighter, maybe add a little speedin. Put a little bit of metabolic going toward the end. All right. Okay, guys! I hope youenjoyed that barbell workout. If you normally don't work with one and you see them inthe gym, these are six great exercises that are going to hit your full body. They're notscary. They're pretty easy exercises to do.

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