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Arm Yourself for Battle Spartacus War Of The Damned Arm Workout Bodybuilding

Our numbers have grown beyondwildest expectation, yet winter is nearly upon us. Only a city could hold us now. Let us honor the fallenwith future victories, and the bloodof Marcus Crassus. We'll make finalstand against Rome. Many of us will fall, sothat all may live free.

Whatever happens to my people, it happens becausewe choose for it. We decide our fate. Hey, Bodybuilding ,it's Liam McIntyre from quot;Spartacus:War of the Damned,quot; here to tell you about theguy that changed my life, changed my training,changed my shape. This is Tyrone Bell.

Tell 'em a littlebit about yourself. I am the official quot;Spartacusquot;trainer and I'm the man responsible forwhat you see here. When Liam got picked for thelead role, he was what they considered absolute, supertalent in front of the camera. They weren't 100% happy wherehis body was, and neither was he.

So they brought me in early,what we call preproduction, and we started training with himprobably about 6 weeks out. And that was a massbuilding phase. I didn't care about cuttingup, anything like that. We had to pack mass on himas much as possible in that 6 weeks. Because after that 6 weeks, hehad to go through what we call boot camp.

It's fighting, it's gymnastics,it's getting him up to fight speed, and that basically cuthim up, and then we had to start the hypertrophy phase againthroughout the season. We fit workouts in where we can. Production tries to schedule asmuch as possible, but it may be thrown. You know, they might finish ascene early, and then it's like, quot;Tyrone, you got half an hour,quot;and that's where I guess we had

to develop efficient workoutsthat would fit into time slots, and that's where I cameup with a specific thing. The average workout we had was20 minutes long, so I developed these 19minute workouts, andheavily hypertrophybased, 'cause the guys had to look big. We're gonna blow up arms today. This arm workout comprisesof a number of supersets.


What's up guys, Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. So training at home is either one of the biggestluxuries or necessities, depending upon where you're coming from. See some people have to train at home becausethey either can't afford a gym membership or can't get to one, or some people like to train at home and they'veactually gone out and created a little bit of a home gym and it provides with them a lot more convenienceto be able to make sure that they can stay

consistent with their workouts. But either way, regardless of what situationyou're in, if you are working out at home, there's 5 things you better start doing, and I'm going to cover them here today. See some people think that training at homemeans that you can't build muscle and that's the biggest bunch of bull I've ever heard. Matter of fact, I devoted an entire program,the ATHLEAN XERO Program, that requires no bands, no bars, no bench, zero equipment atall

and it's main focus is to help you build muscle. So today I'm going to show you, pulling someof those principles from that program to this tutorial, how you can actually start buildingsome serious muscle training at home but you better start doing these 5 things.So let's kick it off. The first thing you have to do is you haveto start looking around at your surroundings. There are so many things here that will provideyou with the options for equipment, that you never thought you had in the firstplace. Check out just some of the ways that you can utilize some of the very things inyour house to help you to start getting more

exercise options I'm using a countertop here to actually toBicep exercises and this is a difficult exercise. There's no difference between doing it hereon the edge of a counter and doing it with a bar. The exercise stays the same, the benefitsstay the same. Or the counter here, I'm using the cornerof a kitchen counter to do things like Captain's Chair Ab work. Or Dips, we can certainly build our body witha Dip, we know what an effective upper body

building exercise that is. Who cares whether we're using Dip bars orin the corner of a counter. Or I can use furniture here to do bodyweight Tricep extensions. Or more advanced variations of Push Ups. Oreven this very piece of furniture in front of me that I can use to do Step Ups and otherthings. So guys, stop putting the blinders on. There'sso many things around you that will allow you to get more exercises in that arsenalfor your home workouts and therefore make your workouts better.

The next thing you're going to want to dois make your exercises hard at every opportunity. Look, I can do lots of Push Ups. And doinga lot of Push Ups can definitely give me a workout but is it going to give me the overloadI need to start building muscleé Likely not, especially if you're used to doinga lot of Push Ups. So let's start finding some harder variations of Push Ups. This is a great example. I use the corner,just a wall here, what we call a One Arm Posted Push Up. Now you can overload on that one arm, at onetime and make sure that it's doing a lot more

Best Home Workout Routine GET YOUR BEST BODY

Hey, you guys! I'm Melissa Ioja for ATHLEANXX for Women,and today's workout is designed to get you to your best body. Let's go! Today's workout is a pyramid workout. If you've heard me say that before and youknow what it is, then you know about the tough brutality you're about to endure. So, ahead of time, I'm sorry.

Not really sorry. Come on, let's go! Exercise number one: we're going to do a crosseyedpushup. You're going to give me one rep. before Igo on to number two I'm going to tell you the format. So you're going to complete a rep of everyworkout, one through eight. Then you're going to go back to number one– which is the crosseyed pushups – and you're going to do two reps of each.

You're going to go all the way until you completeeight reps of each exercise. So let's go through this. I will go through one round with you. Exercise number one is a crosseyed pushup. So you're going to put your hands on the groundand you're going to give me a pushup. Here's the crosseyed part. You're going to jump, twist your body, andback. That's not one.

That's one rep. Two pushups is going to equal one rep. thesecan also be done from your knees, okayé Then you can do the feet. Number two: a box jump with a forward andbackward jump. So have your box, or chair, or something that'sreally sturdy for you to jump up onto. Jump up and do a squat, sit down, back, forward. That's one rep. Number three, you're going to be in the pushupposition and you're going to go down, up,

plank jack. That's one rep. down, up, plank jack. That's two reps. Number four, we're going to do a rollbackwith a pushup. This is fun. I like these. So you're going to make sure there's nothingbehind you you're going to hit, you're going to go down into a squat, and let your bumjust hit the floor.

Go forward, get to your feet, hands down,and push up. You're going to jump forward to do it again,okayé Every time you do a pushup, that's one rep. Then we're going to do heel grabs. So you're going to squat down, grab your heelsback into a squat. That's one rep. then you're going to do astar crunch. So feet are going to be out, hands are goingto be out, looking like a big star, and you're going to come up and meet in the middle.

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