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Muscle Building

Jim Stoppanis SixWeek Shortcut To Shred Workout Supplement Overview Bodybuilding

♪♪♪ Supplements are important othe Shortcut to Shred program for numerous reasons. Obviously, you want to maximizethe amount of fat loss that you get while you're maximizingthe amount of muscle growth and strength gains. Plus, you also want toenhance your performance during the workout.

The greater your workout performis, the more intensity you can put into your training,that's gonna result in greater benefits, more musclegrowth, more strength and even better fat loss. ♪♪♪ First I'll break downeach supplement and their specific benefits. And these supplements have beenselected, have been proven in

the lab to work in numerousresearch studies, but I've also shown that they workin the real world. ♪♪♪ Whey protein. Whey protein is a criticalsupplement on the Shortcut to Shred program fornumerous reasons. Most of you already know it's asuperior protein when it comes to muscle growth and strengthgains so, obviously, that's a

key to why it'sincluded in the program. It's gonna enhance your recoveryafter the workout and it's important to get some inbefore the workout to boost your performance and yourenergy levels, decrease muscle breakdown and furtherenhance muscle growth. But few people realize that wheyprotein can also aid fat loss. One of the major ways it doesthis is by decreasing appetite. Research shows that whey proteinis a great protein to help you

feel more satiated and todecrease how much food you eat. So it makes you feel fuller thanother protein sources and whey protein is important because itincreases the release of certain hormones that let the brainknow you're full and it also increases a peptide that alsohelps the body know that you've had enough to eat and it's gonnahelp you stick on your diet and eat less food, meaning you'regonna burn more calories with the workouts, consuming fewercalories, as I spoke of before,

that's gonna be criticalfor your fat loss efforts. Casein protein. Casein protein is primarilyincluded in the Shortcut to Shred program for itsmusclebuilding benefits. We know that whey isa superior protein. Now, we used to think thatcasein was sort of sub par protein 'cause it's so slowdigesting, that it really doesn't provide anybenefit around workout.

How Important is Sleep for Building Muscle

You go to the gym and do the most awesomebestest workout possible, meal prep all your bland broccoli and chicken breast, and takeall the overpriced supplements you found on a fitness Instagram, yet even though you seemto be doing everything right, your buddy, who started getting in shape about the sametime as you, is still getting better results. And he or she does the same workouts but hardlymeal preps while eating the occasional pizza and ice cream, and the only supplement he'staken is a protein shake he found on sale in the bargain bin. So how is this possibleé

Well, what you didn't realize is that yourfriend is doing better at the number one most important thing outside of exercising thanyou are. While you're bingewatching on the new hotTV series, or playing your favorite tutorialgame for hours, or even just staying up doing…whatever you might be doing on the internet, your buddy is hard at work… sleeping. If you're the nocturnal type that gets hardlyany sleep with the occasional 8 hour sleep, chances are you're holding yourself backfrom getting the best results possible. We already know how important sleep is justfor the sake of survival, after all, all animals

have to sleep some time. When it comes to increasing your gains, sleepingis pretty darn important. Let's start off with the most obvious effectof not sleeping enough, and that's the negative impact on performance. If you ever go to the gym feeling tired andsleepy, chances are you won't be doing half as much work as you normally would. Studies on sleep found that subjects chronicallylacking sleep had significantly slower reaction times on the psychomotor vigilance test.

Slower alertness means both lower mental andmotor capacity. Plus, studies found sleep deprivation increasesthe amount of mistakes people make, leading to a possible increase in injuries. And we all know, if you're hurt, you ain'tworking out to begin with. As far as actual performance, sleep deprivationdoesn't really affect your peak capabilities, meaning you still can push heavy weights orperform at a high intensity, but. you'll get tired quicker. Researchers believe this is because when sleepdeprived, people tend to have trouble metabolizing

glucose. Since glucose is important for energy, notbeing able to break glucose down means your energy levels will be breaking down instead. Outside of performance, sleep plays the evercrucial role of balancing hormones. When we sleep, your body releases high amountsof anabolic hormones such as testosterone and IGF1. You've probably heard of testosterone beforeand its close relationship with building muscle. When sleep is disrupted, however, especiallywhen disrupting the first cycle of REM sleep,

the release of these everimportant hormonestake much longer. This can disrupt the body's ability to repairand build muscle during sleep, and even worse, a study found that subjects suffering fromsleep apnea had lower levels of overall testosterone. A combination that for sure will reduce yourgainz. And the effect on hormones doesn't stopthere. One thing that sleep is also good for is bringingdown the levels of musclequot;breakingquot; hormones, aka catabolism. Cortisol, the main culprit of these hormones,remain elevated whenever you don't get a good


Hi, my name's Julian, I'm 26 years old and currently a student. My whole life I've had problems gaining weight, maintaining my bodyweight or gaining muscle in general. I've always been very skinny but also always had the dream of gaining weight, being stronger and having a good physique. I went to the gym for a while, quite regularly. But this didn't change anything and left me pretty frustrated. About half a year ago I went travelling around the world.

During this time I realized how out of shape my body got from not doing any sports or exercising. This showed in how super skinny and gaunt I became. Freeletics Gym is a free app that creates you a personalized training plan every week. It guides you through every training session and teaches you all the movements. This was perfect for me as I didn't have any experience with barbell training. It adapts to your goals and experience and programs the training accordingly. Check the description for a free link.

I've been training with Freeletics Gym for the last 18 weeks now. The first couple of weeks I focused on learning the exercises but soon after I was able to increase my weights on a weekly basis. I have become stronger than I ever could have imagined especially since I went to the gym for years before and never saw a real change. Don't forget to like and share the tutorial :).

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