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Natural Body Weight Training

Arm Yourself for Battle Spartacus War Of The Damned Arm Workout Bodybuilding

Our numbers have grown beyondwildest expectation, yet winter is nearly upon us. Only a city could hold us now. Let us honor the fallenwith future victories, and the bloodof Marcus Crassus. We'll make finalstand against Rome. Many of us will fall, sothat all may live free.

Whatever happens to my people, it happens becausewe choose for it. We decide our fate. Hey, Bodybuilding ,it's Liam McIntyre from quot;Spartacus:War of the Damned,quot; here to tell you about theguy that changed my life, changed my training,changed my shape. This is Tyrone Bell.

Tell 'em a littlebit about yourself. I am the official quot;Spartacusquot;trainer and I'm the man responsible forwhat you see here. When Liam got picked for thelead role, he was what they considered absolute, supertalent in front of the camera. They weren't 100% happy wherehis body was, and neither was he.

So they brought me in early,what we call preproduction, and we started training with himprobably about 6 weeks out. And that was a massbuilding phase. I didn't care about cuttingup, anything like that. We had to pack mass on himas much as possible in that 6 weeks. Because after that 6 weeks, hehad to go through what we call boot camp.

It's fighting, it's gymnastics,it's getting him up to fight speed, and that basically cuthim up, and then we had to start the hypertrophy phase againthroughout the season. We fit workouts in where we can. Production tries to schedule asmuch as possible, but it may be thrown. You know, they might finish ascene early, and then it's like, quot;Tyrone, you got half an hour,quot;and that's where I guess we had

to develop efficient workoutsthat would fit into time slots, and that's where I cameup with a specific thing. The average workout we had was20 minutes long, so I developed these 19minute workouts, andheavily hypertrophybased, 'cause the guys had to look big. We're gonna blow up arms today. This arm workout comprisesof a number of supersets.

Natural Bodybuilding What You NEED To Know About Bodyweight Exercises

Bruh, why are you doing a bodyweight exerciseéYou ain't gonna get gains! Alright so sorry, you need to see my introduction because my introduction is cool, my introduction is awesome. I'm gonna have to force you to watch it. Anyway,now let's talk about the topic. Let's explain every aspect of why bodyweight exercises areokay to do. Okay so let's say you really wanna tone your muscle, you really wanna build thatdense and thick muscle. What do you doé If you just started exercising and you know you'redoing bodyweight exercises to tone your muscle, to build your muscle uh that's fine. Okayso let me just give you an example to understand what i'm trying to get at here. So you'regonna start off doing push ups, let's say

you can only do 6 reps. So you know, 6 pushups. And two weeks after, you could do 11 reps. Now at some point, you're gonna hit20, maybe 30, maybe 40 reps. Push ups are gonna become very easy. At some point, yourmuscles will get used to your bodyweight. Push ups will become so easy that you won'treach a complete hypertrophy. You won't properly get your muscles to grow, to get stronger.So what would you do in that caseé Well you'd have to switch to bench press or dumbbellpress, or any sort of exercise that's gonna challenge your pecs, that's gonna challengeyour babies. The thing about building muscles is that you're always gonna have to keep challengingyourself, pushing yourself. You can't be doing

the same weight in a certain exercise forlike 10 weeks. You need to increase your strength, you need to challenge your muscles, you needto be able to do more weight gradually. Same thing with pull ups, I mean you probably.whenI started doing pull ups I couldn't even do 4 reps. Now i'm doing weighted pull ups, Idon't even do normal pull ups because they just became easy to me. So what' i'm tryingto say is that you're always gonna have to force your muscle, you know challenge yourmuscle in order for it to grow, in order for you to hit a complete hypertrophy and gainmuscles. What you also need to put in your head is that bodyweight exercises are greatdon't get me wrong. I still do push ups without

any weight, but instead of starting off withjust push ups and making that my priority. I would jump to bench press, I would do heavyweight, I would do all these isolation exercises and compound exercises. And at the end ofmy workout, I would do push ups. Whyé because I can only do like 810 reps after my workoutbecause my pecs are exhausted. So if you wanna start off toning your muscle, growing yourmuscle, building that thick and dense muscle, I would suggest you should just jump rightinto compounds, jump right into weight lifting I'm a fan of that. But if you don't wantto, if you're not comfortable with it, if you have no experience whatsoever, you don'tknow how to perform any exercises. start

off doing bodyweight. Let your muscles getused to the exercises, the motion. Let your nerves get used to it and then once you becomestronger, once it becomes easier for you go to the next step. Challenge your muscles even more.

Bodyweight Training The Ripped Chest Abs Workout For Men

Hi, what's going oné Troy here with WeightGainNetwork .And I got an awesome bodyweight workout to get a ripped chest and ripped abs. It'sbodyweight. You don't need any equipment. And the reason that this actually builds musclewith just bodyweight exercises is we're going to be working out the muscles in threedifferent ways. We're going to be doing the eccentric part, where we're focusingon lengthening the muscle. We're also going to be doing some slowmotion bodyweight exercises.We're going to be doing concentric, that's what you guys are probably used to, when you'reactually flexing and tensing the muscle. And then we're going to do isometric where we'reactually going to be like tensing and holding

our chest muscle after we do a prefatigue,so this is an awesome bodyweight workout. You guys can do it anywhere. It's goingto get you guys ripped chests and ripped abs. So let me demonstrate how to do it. Firstsuperset is we're going to go right into slow motion pushups, and the slower you cango on these, the better. This is going to really emphasize the eccentric portion ofthe lift. So slow, and all the way through. And the slower you can go down, the better.And I'm not going to go all the way to failure on this because probably do like 45 – 50of these. But make sure you guys go to a failure. Get that really deep burn in your chest. Andthis is so much harder than doing pushups

at regular speed. And we're going to supersetthis. We're going to get our abdominals and our obliques. You're going to go anklebiters until failure. So what you're going to do, put your feet a little wider than shoulderwidth apart. Going to keep your abs under tension. Reach back and forth. That's howthat looks. Next up, now we're going to focus on our upper chest. We're going todo decline diamond pushups. So we're going to really hit this upper chest region. Theslowmotion pushups are kind of the middle part of your chest, so you guys are workingout with your benchpress. But now we really want to sculpt our upper chest. So I'd sayfind something, and this is I'd say 8 to

10 inches high. The higher the incline themore it's going to emphasize the upper chest. Put your hands together in a diamond. Andwe can go regular pace on this. And that's how that works. Now we're going to transition.We're going to go pushup position. We're going to go opposite knee to opposite elbow.We're going to emphasize our core, hit our obliques as well. So pushup position. You'regoing to drive your opposite knee to your opposite elbow. It's a great lower ab exerciseas well. And that's how that looks. Next up we are going to blast our chest. We aregoing to do clapper pushups. Focus on the concentric the explosiveness of our chest.Helps us increase our strength. Right into

an isometric chest flex. And you literally,you just want to flex your chest. You want to hold this position for as long as you can.It's going to be a different kind of burn you guys have ever experienced. Breathe deep.That's a, that's a killer chest exercise guys. So those are our three super sets thatyou guys can do to get a ripped chest and ripped sixpack muscles.

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