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Starting A Personal Training Business

Hey, Bedros Keuilian here, I'm a fitnessmarketing expert, which pretty much means I help personal trainers grow theirbusinesses, make more money, and get more clients. Infact, I've been doing this for well over a decade and started off with my own multiplepersonal training facilities and did pretty well for myself. Now, what I want to talk about today is specifically starting a personaltraining business Because we all start off in a big boxgym,

at some point we have migrated to trainingclients at home, but when you really start taking thatnext step into entrepreneurship, and you want to open up your own boot camp orpersonal training center, or even a small community gym; where doyou start, righté Well, I can tell you this: you don'thave to worry about street visibility. Number one, you just don't have to worryabout street visibility. We're not Starbucks, we're not Subway, in that people are not gonna impulsepurchase

personal training, bootcamp, or amembership, righté What they're going to do, is there gonna seek you out througheither wordofmouth or through some online or offline marketing strategythat you've done. If you have clients already they might refer their friends, family, or coworkers to you. But Iwant you to rest assure that you don't have to worry about payingridiculous amount of dollars per square footage because you don't need acommercial strip mall. Now, having said that, if you are lookingat a light industrial or an industrial

place that is kinda over around the corner,behind the bend, and and the price is pretty fair, and you have a commercial storefront with the same square footage forthe same dollars per square foot; listen, take the commercial spot, rightéBecause, hey, we'll take some street traffic. Butotherwise we don't really need that. So thing number one is: look forlight industrial or an industrial building that you cango in to. Thing number two is,

and and this is something that Ilearned through working with a reality TV show, actually on the SpikeNetwork, which, sadly, a lot of gym owners thatwe were trying to help on this reality TV show which we can'ttalk about just yet, ran into the problems they werehaving when they outgrew their first location too quickly. In other words, some went from 2,000 squarefeet to 12,000 square feet, others went from 4,000 squarefeet to 20,000 square feet.

And so the first thing I can tell you is:start small. You know, there's nothing wrong withbursting at the seams, righté You want to have that that appearance in your studio or boot camp, where everybody wants to go to that placethat's happening, that's packed, everybody wants to go to that placethat's happening, that's packed, that's hard to get a table in. That's theplace you want your training center to be like, righté

Top ACE Personal Training Certification Exam Tips

Greetings, and welcome to the ACE exam page!The American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer Exam, otherwise known asthe ACE personal trainer exam, is a certification exam offered by ACE, the world's largestnonprofit health and fitness certification organization. The exam can be taken in a computerbasedformat or in the standard paperandpencil exam. Applicants must meet a few criteriain order to be eligible to take the exam; potential testers must be at least 18 yearsold, have a governmentissued photo I.D., and be CPRAED certified at the time the examis given. The test itself is divided into 4 different domains of content. They are:Client Interviews and Assessments, which accounts

for 31% of the total questions on the exam;Program Design and Implementation, which makes up 33% of the exam; Progression and Modifications,which is 19% of the material; and Professional Conduct, Safety, and Risk Management whichaccounts for the remaining 17% of the questions. A tester's knowledge of these topics istested through the exam's 150 multiplechoice questions, 125 of which are scored with theother 25 being experimental questions; only the 125 scored items will count toward a tester'sfinal score. If you are interested in discovering moreabout the ACE Personal Trainer Exam, or if you are curious to learn how you can be asprepared as possible come test day, head on

over to mometrix . Their website has tonsof resources just for you, from flashcards to practice tests and study guides. You canalso find links to these great resources in the tutorial description below, or by doing asimple Google search for “Mometrix ACE.� Thanks for dropping by, and good luck on yourACE Personal Trainer Exam!.

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