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Train Large Jay Cutler Living Large MassBuilding Workouts Training Tips Nutrition Plan Ep 2

You know, you're askingme if I get sick of being a bodybuilder. Never. I mean, I love liftingweights, that's what I do. Let's go, Jay, come on. Come on, come on.

Stack 'em is the show. Come on. Almost every night, seriously,quot;When is he coming iné When's he coming in nextéquot; What do you think peoplethink when they see Jay in the gymé Most of 'em can't believethat they can be that big, to be honest with you.

First time you see him,it's a lot of looks. Everyone goes shakes his hand,interrupts his workouts, takes pictures. That's excellent. Appreciate it, man. But Jay has never turnedone person down ever to take a picture, to do an autograph,to talk to someone. He's always been out of hisway to help everyone out.

When Jay comes in, everyonewants to be like Jay. Not like Mike, everyonewants to be like Jay. The biggest achievement thatI'd never expected was to give the motivation to a lot ofpeople when I was just trying to be motivated myselfto go to the gym. You know, I train in publicbecause I don't want to be surrounded and locked inthe lifestyle to the extreme. I mean, I live init day in, day out.

You know, I'm cooking andtraining and never stepping out of the shoes of being who Iam and that's Jay Cutler, the bodybuilder. So for me, I have my ownsanctuary which is pretty much my office that, you know, here Ilook around at the achievements. I'm surrounded by what mylife from the beginning to now has become. So, for me, it's enough for meand, yes, I have some functioned

equipment in the gym, likecardiovascular and that kind of things, which arenecessary in the morning. I don't want to have to drive tothe gym so that allows me to be able to get in what I need toand, of course, I leave all the weights to the gym. They have the most weights. I like to do variety. You know, I move heavy dumbbellsso, you know, I work anywhere

What is Protein How Much Protein to Build Muscle

You've probably heard it before how importantit is to consume enough protein if you want to build muscle. But how does it is actuallyworké Protein is one of three energy sources ofyour body known as macronutrients, the other two being carbohydrates and fats. It is madeup of little organic compounds known as amino acids. Besides water, 75% of your body ismade up of amino acids. Want healthy brain functioné You'll need amino acids. Build muscleéAmino acids. Maintain immune systemé Amino acids. Healthy heart, regulate stress, preventcertain diseases, produce cells. Amino acids. Ehh, you probably get the point. Amino acidsare pretty important.

There are over 500 different types of aminoacids, but the human body only uses 21 known as proteinogenic amino acids. Of the 21, thebody can create 12 of them by restructuring other amino acids. The other 9, known as essentialamino acids, can only come from food you eat, specifically from protein. And unlike fatsand carbs, your body cannot store these essential amino acids away.When it comes to building muscle, providing the body with enough leucine, isoleucine andvaline, which are essential amino acids, is pretty important. These 3 are known as branchedchainamino acids, or BCAAs for short. And of these 3 BCAAs, by the far the most important isleucine. It's directly linked to the activation

of mTOR, which activates multiple enzymesin the body that promotes muscle protein synthesis. Wonder how muscles become strongeré When yourmuscle fiber proteins actin and myosin act on one another, muscle contraction is produced.The more actin and myosin protein filaments you have, the stronger the muscle becomes.And this is where getting enough protein in your diet becomes important to not only maintainingor building muscle, but also preventing your body from breaking muscle down.But how much is enoughé It's typically recommended to get about .8 grams of protein per kilogramof bodyweight per day. That's roughly 65 grams for men and 50 grams for women. If you'rean athlete, add about 20 grams more. Take

this with a grain of salt, though, since there'sno absolute consensus on the right amount of protein intake.But regardless of the actual amount, it doesn't take away the importance of having proteinin your diet. And continuing with macronutrients, the following tutorial will be covering anothervital energy source, carbohydrates. Have lingering fitness questions you wantansweredé Please leave a comment below! If you enjoyed this tutorial, please click thelike button to help support Picture Fit and click subscribe if you want to check out moretutorials in the future.

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