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Workout Supplement and Vitamins Jeff Cavalieres Exact Plan

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. I'm going to take you behind the scenes today.We've done it a few times before. One of the questions is, 'Jeff, what do youtake for your supplementationé What are you exactly taking from morning until nighté' Well, I figured, I'll open up my cabinetsfor you, and I'm going to show you why that's important in just a second. We'll come backand point to that. But I actually take my vitamins and i'm goingto tell you where I take them throughout the day and why.

And then I have my workout supplementationas well. A lot of you guys will probably have something that looks somewhat similar to this,and that's a lot of bottles. Now, I take a lot of these things for a lotof different reasons some of which are insurance policy because I can tell you guys that even though I eat extremely healthy and admittedly,I am one of the healthiest eaters out there, I still feel there's certain things that I'mnot getting enough of, and if I can take them in supplemental form,they act as an insurance policy for me. Now that being said, there's certain things thatI don't think,

especially when it comes to workout nutrition,that you're going to get the workout benefits from them unless you're supplementing. You're simply not going to get enough creatinein your diet from eating foods alone especially not on a consistent basis. So, there's certainly some workout ingredientsthat will be much more beneficial to you in supplemental form. But let's start off on this end over here.I kind of have my fatty acids. And again, I take omega6 fatty acids in the form ofevening primrose oil.

And I take my high grade omega3 fatty acids.Now, the omega6, some guys would say, Jeff why would you even bother taking omega6é We know that in large amounts, omega6's canactually be inflammatory as opposed to antiinflammatory. Well, if you had a diet that was the typicaldiet based on high sources of vegetable oil or from highly processed foods using vegetableoil, that might be the case. I don't eat any of that crap. I eat such alow processedfood diet that I don't really have a high amount of omega6's floating around. And also, omega6's are highly stored in bodyfat. Again, I don't have a lot of body fat

as we speak. So, I tend to need a little bit of supplementalomega6's, and of course I balance that out, because the ratio is very important, withmy omega3's. And I take 3 a day of the omega3's and thisis a pharmaceutical grade omega3. This is my father's own C's omega3's fatty acid. These are the ones that we sell at ATHLEANX.COM.I sell these because I have more experience with this, as you can imagine, than any inmy life. I've taken this for the last 20 years. Myfather is a physician for those of you guys

that don't know. He produced a pharmaceutical grade EPADHAconcentration of omega3 fatty acids and this is exactly what I take. I believe in it so much obviously that I actuallyeven give it to my dogs. I have it lined up usually right over there next to their foodwhich by the way anybody, since this is behind the scenes tutorial, who'salways asked about what that vegan formula is there, that is my dog, Darla's. She's avegan. Go figure. Well, that's the idea. Again, I recommendto you and my family only the things that

Collagen Supplement

Hey, guys, Axe here. I'm so excited toshare with you a new, cuttingedge product we have and one of the supplements that Ipersonally use the most and its collagen protein. And collagen protein is actually the aminoacids that you would find in something like bone broth today, which we know to be oneof the top healing foods in the entire world. Collagen really has four unique benefits andas I go through this tutorial, by the way, I also want to go through who needs to be takingthis and how it can benefit your health. But really, four main benefits. One, this really improves leaky gut or itreally supports your digestive tract. So collagen

really supports digestion. Also, it helpswith joint health and even things like any sort of joint discomfort. The other thing it can help with is helpingtone and tighten your skin. So it's used in a lot of skin products, collagen is. Lastbut not least, collagen is also used to support a healthy metabolism for things like fatburning,weight loss overall, even building muscle. But collagen is important for, really, allof those things. So what collagen is, again, its amino acidsand amino acids are the building blocks of protein. So, number one, if you are tryingto increase your metabolism or get more protein

in your diet, supplementing with collagenis fantastic and it works for so many people because collagen is dairyfree, it's glutenfreeand it's easily digested. So even a lot of people in things like the GAPS diet or peopleout there who are looking to really support and heal their gut, they use collagen insteadof protein powder. Or a lot of people like myself do protein powder and collagen, maybeeven some green superfood powder there in my morning smoothie. But again, collagen is really for anybodywho are looking for those four distinct ways to support their body and benefit their bodyand number one is joints. Collagen works because

collagen is the building blocks of your tissues.So if you're an athlete or you have any sort of joint pain or discomfort or you're a runneror any sort of stress on your joints or if you experience joint discomfort on a regularbasis, collagen is the building blocks of supporting your body and your body creatingnew and healthy tissues. That's why it's so great for your joints, whether it be issueswith your knees or hips or shoulders or risks or back or any of those joint areas, it'sfantastic. Collagen is a great thing you want to be supplementing with on a daily basis. Also, as I mentioned earlier, it's great foryour skin. Collagen is made up of two amino

acids primarily called proline and glycine.Proline is that amino acid that helps tighten your skin. So you're going to find collagensupplements are found in a lot of skincare products. It's even used by some people tohelp reduce issues like cellulite. But we know collagen is great because collagen helpsfirm, tone and tighten your skin. One of the things that happens as we startto age is your own skin and body starts producing less collagen. So you need to be getting morecollagen in your diet on a regular basis and so doing a little bit of collagen powder inyour morning smoothie or throughout the day is a great way to really support and toneand tighten your skin naturally.

Also, collagen is vitally important for helpingheal your gut. Now, collagen can be used or it's very similar to gelatin and collagenis what helps make up gelatin and those amino acids, proline and glycine. But your gut,we know issues like leaky gut. Your gut kind of works as a net and you can get holes inyour gut. Gluten can leak through and that's essentially what leaky gut is or digestiveissues. It's when things like gluten or casein or toxins leak through your gut, get intoyour bloodstream and cause systemwide inflammation which can then affect your joints. It caneven lead to things like autoimmune disease over time or skin issues or thyroid issuesor any sort of inflammatory reaction.

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